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Regine Chassagne is BACK looking hotter than evr in "Sprawl II" video


"Sprawl II (Mountains Beyond Mountains)" was the most controversial song on Arcade Fire's "The Suburbs" because Regine Chassagne sings on it. Every1 is all like 'she's a terrible singer' and 'she should be kicked out of the band so Win Butler can sing every song', but Win is her husband and that will probably never happen. Plus, somebros consider her to be 'the hottest BB in indie'. This video has to be a reactionary shot to the emergence of Lana Del Rey. The video prominently showcases Regine just bein' Regine, showing off her moves, her vocal stylings, and most importantly, her bangin indie bod.

Is Regine BACK and BTTR THN EVR?

I wonder if Regine Chassagne grew up in the suburbs of Haiti.

I wish the girls in my version of suburbia were as hot as Regine :-(

I want 2 buy her nice things at a strip mall.

I want to kiss Regine behind Costco. I want to go inside and buy her Kirkland Farms frozen yogurt.

I wat to go back to a time where my peen could get 'rock hard' under the bleachers as a teen/tween. Now I am a cool dad without confidence, relying on Cialis and Viagra cocktails to get me 'rock hard.' :-(

Regine Chassagne always has layers of cutesy clothes on

I dream of going on a d8 with her, sitting across from her in her trashbag-wave outfit.

I wonder if Regine knows how 2 play soccer. Maybe she got in2 'women's world cup' fever.

I wanna dance in the rain with Regine [via wet tshirt contest vibes]

Do u feel like they just 'ripped off' the Backstreet Boys music video 4 'Quit Playing Games with my Heart" [via dancing in the rain at the end]?


Does Regine Chassagne look better than evr?
Has she taken the indie throne back from Lana Del Rey?
Will Regine and her dance moves always have a place in ur <3?
Remember when The Suburbs was 'the #1 album of the year' according 2 mainstreamers in 2k10?
Is this song 'amazing' or just mainstreamer indie bait?


Can Regine Chassagne of the Arcade Fire become ‘the next female indie sex icon’?

Regine Chassagne

Alternative Celebrity

Regine Chassagne is wife of Win Butler. Many say she should be kicked out of the Arcade Fire because she has a terrible voice.

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Arcade Fire


The Arcade Fire is a 2k0s indie band that went mainstream because their songs sound like meaningful anthems. They pretend to be Canadian but Win Butler (lead singer) is actually from Houston, TX.

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Lana Del Rey shows off her BANGIN, BLOODY bod in lamestream new music video


Lana Del Rey is 2k11's #1 human meme, widely regarded as indie's #1 whore maven who is using her voice, but more importantly, her body in order to turn heads and get all eyes on her. Her new video "Born To Die" is meme fuel that could start any meme fire, complete with tigers, blood, nudity, an alt dude with a face tat, murder, rape, barely legal sex, and a tiger-on-human beastiality sex scene. I'm not sure if all of those are actually in there, but u have to assume that Lana Del Rey would do anything 4 the hits.

The video starts with some sort of metaphor abt America and how in the future, we will all be impregnated by dudes with face tats and our babies will come out with face tats pre-loaded on their head [via Punnett Squares].

Then we learn that Lana Del Rey actually isn't human. She lives in some sort of virtual cathedral with fake tigers.

We learn that she is 'going steady' with face tat bro. She is wearing a frilly jacket and some super HOT cut off shorts that showcase one of her best assets: the #1 a$$ in indie?

Sweet Sassy Molassy! What a bod!

She makes me feel like I'm living a teenage dream... [via getting fingerbanged in public places]

I wonder if Lana Del Rey will eventually have fresh flowers surgically applied 2 her skull.

In one of the most emotional moments of the video, she pleads with her boyfriend to 'stop playing yooo VEEEHDEEOOHHHHGHAAAMESSS.'

Lana Del Rey is attempting to break free from mainstream 'bitches who have a quirky voice' by singing about adult themes, such as sex, drugs, and dudes with face tattoos fingerbanging you in the vicinity of your parents' car.

Of course, Lana Del Rey is so obsessed with 'creating the meme' even if it doesn't have an artistic link to her content. This means that the face tat dude eventually holds a bloodied, dead Lana Del Rey.

I guess they had to 'rip off' the gore of the M.I.A. ginger genocide video in order to fully execute 'sex + violence'.

Did this video 'rip off' Katy Perry's "Teenage Dream"?


The video seems like a less ambitious iteration of this 'relationship lives and dies while driving in a car' video.


Does Lana Del Rey have our attn?
Does she have it 4 the right/wrong reasons?
Does she look BANGIN in the video?
Were we all born 2 die?
Is this the greatest music video of the year?
Is she the greatest artist evr?
R u hornie 4 Lana?
Did u lose ur virginity in/on a car
What piece of her do u want? [via fried chicken metaphors]

Is the new Jared Leto video the 'biggest piece of poop' ever created as 'art' in the history of the world?

30 Seconds to Mars is Jared Leto's alt rock band. He is an alternative actor, but he likes to focus on his music career. There are 2 other dudes in his band and one of them is his brother Shannon. I am not sure 'why' people like his music because they only have 1 catchy alt rock song from like 5 years ago, but now they just make all of these rlly stupid music videos that us 'amazing' imagery and tell 'wonderful stories.'

Anyways, their new video "Hurricane" is 'effing terrible.' Trying rlly hard to be 'beautiful', 'amazing', 'artsy', 'cutting edge', and 'more than just a music video.' Feel really bad 4 the band for spending so much time making such a big piece of poop. Has 2 be embarrassing. Feels like some1 shoulda told them "damn bros... this shit looks kinda ghey.'

Really feels like if u gave a group of high school freshmen a 'huge budget' and told them to 'make something beautiful', this is what they would have pooped out.

Do yall know what the eff happens in this video? Trying 2 find some sort of meaning in it.

1st Jared Leto wakes up

Then some dude in a mask comes 2 kill him [via 8MM Machine]

Then Jared Leto jumps out of the window of a skyscraper 2 escape

Then he lands on his feet bc he is a magic man

Then his brother Shannon does some weird shit and plays tribal drums

Then some naked broads come out in bondage

Then the forgettable dude in their band plays a violin 2 prove he is rlly deep

Then there is a metaphor abt America/the War with Iraq

Then Jared Leto gets a bunch of 'deep' prison tattoos

Then he 'gets his Fight Club' on

Honestly not even sure wtf this video is trying to do/say. Really confused. Think those dudes are 'mad insane' or something. Maybe they should go 2 college 2 learn how to take more responsibility for the images that they present, and understand that if ur 'making art', ur words/ideas/images have to 'mean something.' Honestly would have rather watched a 'toilet cam' of runny poop exiting Jared Leto's anus than this video.

Feel bad for Jared Leto. According 2 wikipedia, "Bartholomew Cubbins" is his pseudonym for his music video directing career:

He is the lead vocalist, rhythm guitarist and main songwriter for the American rock band 30 Seconds to Mars and has directed music videos under the pseudonym Bartholomew Cubbins (a name borrowed from Dr. Seuss' The 500 Hats of Bartholomew Cubbins).

Not sure if Barth is gonna be getting many more directing gigs after this log of poop.

Wonder if this video is 'deeper' than Inception/more conceptual than Lady Gaga.
Wonder 'wtf' is wrong with Jared Leto.
Wonder who takes this band srsly.
Wonder if this is 'the greatest video ever made.'
Wonder if this video will get a 10.0 because it is a beautiful dark, twisted fantasy.

Do u <3 Jared Leto?
Is 30 Seconds from Mars the 'lamest dudes' on the planet?
Is this supposed to appeal to people who are in2 anime or something?
Is this video 'srsly rlly mindblowingly lame'?
Is Jared Leto about to reach 'Lady Gaga status', being 'respected' as a pop icon 'and as an artist'?
Do u think Jared Leto is gonna lose movie roles bc ppl are gonna be like 'that dude is rlly, rlly, rlly dumb--did u see his cheesy ass music video? No way do I let that insane dude in my movie'?
Is Jared Leto 'hot'?

Is the new Ratatat video the most boring/brilliant music video of the past 50 years?


Ratatat's new music video for "Party With Children" is one of the most important music videos ever created in the post-internet music era, where music videos exist for the sake of 'generating blog buzz and conversation.' Everything must be controversial. Everything must be a meme. Bands can't just make good music, they have to create either 'visually stunning' videos, or they have to just do something shocking involving violence and nudity. Seems like your music video can't be 'worth shit' if it costs less than $10,000 to make.

In Ratatat's video for "Party With Children", we are introduced to a bird bro, who I will call RattyTat. RattyTat isn't asked to do much, they basically tell him 'Do your bird thang.' There are no trippy visuals, and no ginger genocides. There is no over the top violence, and no sexuality. There are no free spirited, alt-looking kids roaming around a relevant part of town getting in to trouble + making out with one another.

It is just RattyTat, being a bird. Existing. Not understanding technology. Just wanting to survive, live life like an animal who isn't even a part of a collective. It seems like bands are in a tough place these days when they make music videos, like they have to try to make it seem like they are 'aware of the modern world' or something. Sorta just want music videos that aren't meant to get the attention of mainstreamers who are 'just passin by' on the internet.

Just want to be a bird
Being free
without a computer
not understanding what music is
sounds are just sounds
no music
no internet
no 'labels' assigned 2 sounds, 'good' or 'bad' don't exist
just eating bird seed
flying around

For a while, I was kinda 'pissed' at Ratatat, because their new song sounded the same as their old song, but now maybe I 'get' it. They are trying to use animals to represent the animalistic existence of buzzbands. All buzzbands are in some sort of alternate ecosystem where they are fighting against natural selection to 'stay relevant.' Their previous song WILDCAT represented the beast inside of them, clawing for survival in an everchanging world.

Now their evolution to house-pet bird serves as a metaphor for the insulated life of an accepted band with a brand. We expect great things from buzzbands, but ultimately, they are just 'being gawked at' while they are inside of a cage, being asked to repeat the same sounds over and over again.

Sorta feel like all buzzbands are 'prisoners' / 'domesticated animals'. Some sort of relationship has formed where we feed them, and they 'do whatever we ask of them.' Seems like there is a lot of pressure on them, or else they won't metaphorically get fed with album sales/youtube views/concert tickets/etc. Wonder if buzzbands who have evolved beyond their first album get pissed about consumer expectations, and how commerce can hold back ur art.

Does n e 1 know what kind of bird is in the Ratatat music video? I sorta want to say he is a parrot, but maybe that is because I only have 'mainstream knowledge' of birds. I did some google image searches, and feel like it might be a cockatoo.

Is it the tanimbar cockatoo?

Maybe it is the Little Corella (aka the Little Cockatoo)?

I feel like this cockatoo is 'too alt' to be featured in a video, since his crown of feathers is sorta a 'look-at-me' type of bird meme

What kind of bird is RattyTat?

Should I get a 'mascot' for my blog, to sorta represent how we are all fighting for survival?
Are 'birds' the new 'bears'?

Is RattyTat the Bird one of the most important alternative celebrities of 2k10?
Will Ratatat bring their cockatoo on tour with them?
Will it fly around the venue, interacting with Ratatat fans in order to strengthen their brand?
Are music videos still 'relevant' / 'artistic', or are they just marketed bullshit?
Should Ratatat change their name to R@@@ in order to fit in with the post-twitter world?

Are Las Robertas the new Best Coast? Is BlissWave the new Chillwave?

Las Robertas Street Feelings

(via Gorilla Vs Bear)
(Download free EP @ bandcamp)

The post-chillwave era make me feel kind of lost. I am not sure what I am searching for after this era of 'chilling authentically with a group of bros', listening to nostalgic music that reminds me of my youth. I'd give anything to go back to my youth, back when I didn't have to worry about anything, and I just got to be a little bro. Back before 'bro' was a complex social term / way of life. Tired of being a post-altbro. I've gone from indie, to electro, to conceptual core, to chillwave... now what?

I feel like now it might be time for the current 'popular indie music zeitgeist' to manifest itself in our desire for something most serious than just nightly chill sessions with our bros. We want to enter a relationship that is semi-serious, and enter into a happy, naive phase of our lives' which may or may not be 'fleeting' / doomed to fail.

Just heard Las Robertas, and I feel like they might be 'the final piece' in commodifying the genre of 'female garage rock bands.' Even though Best Coast, Vivian Girls, and Dum Dum Girls already exist, this type of compelling band from a Latin American Country finally gives us a sample group from which to analyze these bands, and select which ones we want to be the most successful / authentic.


Sorta just want to move to Costa Rica and get into a 2 year relationship with of of Las Robertas girls. She would sing me fuzzy tunes on her guitar, and we would make out late into the night. Do u think Las Robertas are 'hot' in a way that gives them a huge advantage over uglier female garage-ish bands? Could Las Robertas capitalize on 'press' about how 'cool' it is that the internet 'created them' even though they are just 4 teen girls from Central America?

After 'debuting' on Gorilla Vs Bear, will they be flown to America for their first American debut in New York City within 2 months?
Do they remind u of a 'hot, Latin American version of Best Coast?

Even though Best Coast has 'been around a while', it seems like she is only 'just now' hitting her stride, both musically and commercially. Seems like Bethany Consentino has 'a huge opportunity' to become one of the most important important females in indie rock as long as she 'continues to release listenable mp3s', and possibly puts together an album that is conceptually coherent. Her Pitchfork ceiling is probably some where around a 9.5.

Best Coast Our Deal
Best Coast Far Away

A lot of people compare Best Coast to the Vivian Girls, but I feel like that might 'be an insult' to her, because her personal brand is more approachable than the Vivian Girls + her music is 'way better.' I think when you have a band that consists of all girls, it is difficult to take the band seriously on a critical or even on just a buzzworthy level, because you are basically just saying 'hey, look at these alt girls making some blogworthy music.' Hard 2 tell what is truly blogworthy, and what is just sorta covered for the sake of Joanna Newsom/Zooey Deschanel where you kinda get the vibe that bros just want to look at hot indie chicks. The male-dominated blogosphere can sometimes blog with their 'erect penises.' U need to strike a 'happy medium' of sex appeal and relevancy/quality product, possibly like Au Revoir Simone and the Dirty Projectors.

I feel like this new 'it', post-chillwave genre is not only about exploiting bros who want to go to a concert and 'romanticize' females in indie music, but also realizing that 'girls need bands, too.' Girls can be into Regina Spektor, Fiona Apple, and crap like that, but sometimes they need something more 'buzzworthy' and 'underground.' Something earnest, something alt. Many major labels are 'quick to scoop up' female independent artists, since they are easier to market/ generate coverage + money from. Bands full of bros with stupid haircuts are a more difficult sell in such a saturated alt rock market.

All of these artists need to 'unify' into a coherent market group, and have a genre name that is more bloggable than just people writing stuff like 'reverby', 'beach jams', 'garage pop' and other stuff like that. Here are some potential genre names for this 'movement'/'genre':

  • fuzzy buzzy
  • buzz garage
  • reverb wave
  • beach wave
  • beach sluts
  • cutesie indie girls with guitars
  • blisscore
  • fuzz garage
  • garage skank
  • cutesy guitar broad
  • beachy fun
  • beach reverb
  • chill fuzz
  • relationshipwave
  • blisswave

Ultimately, I think 'blisswave' might be the best name for this genre, in order for them to ride in the wake of the chillwave. In addition, the keyword 'bliss' is an important brand buzzword. After the chillwave, there will be a 'huge backlash' against the positive vibes of that era. Many bands will try to go 'hardcore' (kinda like Crystal Castles & M.I.A.), trying to kill the vibes of the chillwave. The blisswave will go in an entirely different direction. The blisswave represents going thru an era after hanging out with ur bros for a year where you get into a two year relationship with a desirable alt girl that feels very real and vulnerable. Just want to get in a blisswave relationship with an authentic post-indie girl.

It seems like women are the best blisswave artists. Their vocals sound the most 'earnest' over the blisswave sounds/aesthetic. Even though bros are 'pretty good' at this sound, I think the sound of these bands might be 'forgettable' in the long run / they don't have as big of an opportunity to carve out a niche sound.

Think that I enjoy the bro band Beach Fossils, but I feel like I might like them more if they had a cutesy female singer, singing honest ass lyrics about relationships + 'getting serious' + 'taking a relationship to the next level.'

Beach Fossils Wide Awake
Beach Fossils Youth

Wonder if Pearl Harbor is the most authentic blisswave group because it is two sisters, and one of them is 13 years old. Wonder what it is like to be 13 years old and play relevant SXSW showcases.

Photo by GVB

Pearl Harbor Luv Goon

How r u going to evolve past chillwave?
R u gonna go 'hardcore' and seek out unchill vibes?
R u gonna search for something 'earnest' and go for an era of bliss [via blisswave]?
R u gonna go mainstream psychedelic and listen to a lot of MGMT?
Do u want to get into a serious relationship with an earnest girl who plays fuzzy guitars?
Is the blisswave female cliche the new indie female cliche for the next 1-3 years?
Should I move to Costa Rica and date some authentic blisswave girls?
Is this a 'coverable' genre, or is it mainly for older bros who want 'guitars' + females in their music?
Is Best Coast obviously the most talented performer in the blisswave genre?
Can Best Coast be bigger than Feist / Karen O / Lisa Loeb / Lady Gaga?
Is Best Coast a just 1 girl, or a 'band'?
Will blisswave artists become the 'kewl' topic for generic, voiceless tastemaking blogs and magazines to 'cover' for the mainstream alt music fans?
Who is ur fave blisswave artist?

What is the future of the music video? Do they 'help' internet-centric indie artists?


I just watched this music video for Grizzly Bear's "Ready, Able", and it felt very conceptual. Like a genuine video artist bro made it. I wonder if Grizzly Bear videos could be considered more/less conceptual than AnCo's videos. Both seem to have visual brands of being 'pretty out there.' Just see a lot of melting and stuff. Might be a metaphor.

Wondering what the future of music videos will be in 2k10. Do people 'really care' about watching a lil video on a tiny portion of their computer screen? Will indie labels still 'bankroll' 'that shit', or will they say 'we encourage you to find a friend/group of hopeful college students who will do this video for free'? Do people really care about music videos by new bands, or do music videos only really 'work' for already-established bands?

I just watched the video for Girls - Lust For Life Hardcore XXX Edit, and it seemed to maybe shed some light on 'what we can expect in the future' when it comes to music videos within the indiesphere. 'NSFW'

This video is 'pornography', I think. Feel like it is supposed to 'shock' outlets into blogging about it, but there might also be another agenda. Maybe the Girlsbros are trying to say 'indie rock fans are fggts' since they utilized two homosexual males 'rollin around bein HarveyMilky 2 gether.' Feeling a little bit sad that they created this video gimmick not for the betterment of the indie scene, but because they wanted to create a 'search engine optimized meme' that got a ton of porn traffic. </embed>

In 2k10, will we see Animal College - "Song Title" Lesbian XXX Cum on Tits Scissoring Edit?
Will we see the Arcade Fire - "Song title" Twink Hardcore Gay Sex Bear Anal Dirty Sanchez XXX Edit?
Will we see Vampire Weekend - "Horchata" bukake milf big titted whore 3some XXX edit?
Will we see Washed Out - "Song Title" Real Amateur Barely Legal Fucking XXX edit?
What porn-themed music video do u think is most likely to be made in 2k10?

Wondering if 2k10 is going to be all about 'cock microphones.' Will all indie bands utilize a penis as a microphone, or will they stick with traditional microphone technologies?

Do u think that female indie stars will utilize pee pee mics?
Do u think that 'being into indie' means that ur a lil bit ghey?
Do u ever wish that u just had a sun tan/pizza/bottle of wine/miscellaneous lil gifts described in lyrics by GIRLS?
Do u have a lust 4 life/blogs/indiebands/______?
What will be the purpose of music videos in the year 2k12?



Girls is a buzzband from the San Francisco Bay area that writes fuzzy buzzy pop songs abt how girls broke their hearts.

Read more>>>>

Catching up on Meaningful Music Videos

This post is a 'recap' of some of the most bloggable music videos of the past several blog months.

Video: Grizzly Bear - While You Wait for the Others


Analysis: I really feel like Grizzly Bear 'dropped the ball' on this video. I didn't really watch it, even though it might be 'good.' Since Grizzly Bear 'charted' at #6, I feel like they need to do more gimmicks that will help them 'crossover' even more. I believe that the best strategy with this song, would have been to do a 'very generic' video where they look like a 'band who is trying to look kewl', sort of like what the Kings of Leon did to 'make the jump.' Feel like they should try to brand themselves as a 'kewl looking buzz band' to more mainstream audiences by having a lame video where they are on some rooftop at night being filmed from a helichopper. There could also be some sort of 'keut girl' in their video, sort of like some1 like 'Jessica Alba/Courtney Cox b4 she got famous.' Conceptual videos that represents ur song are 'kewl' if ur a buzzband doing ur first debut on, but if u wanna 'win a VMA', ur gonna have to do something a lot gheyer/more honky for mainstream fans.

Video: Fever Ray - Seven


Analysis: I was informed by an industry insider that this is a 'sideproject by the broad from THE KNIFE.' You might remember the Knife from the pre-bloghouse indielectronic-ish movement. This means that Fever Ray has a bunch of electronic xylophone sounds in her music. It is apparently supposed to be a 'goth project.' I hope that she ends up on the Twilight soundtrack to reach 'consumer goths', sometimes known as 'vampires.' Not sure if I am supposed to 'fear death' in this video, or 'get turned on by cougar milf porn.'

Video: The Phenomenal Handclap Band - 15 to 20


Analysis: I mainly wanted to blog about this song. It sort of reminds me of the bloghouse era. Like a song that is 'upbeat' and would have received a ton of attention based on catchiness/chorus structure/girl singing with attitude. Whatever happened to 'the Go! Team'? Remember they had that one catchy song? Wonder if this song would be 'bigger' if they sold it to CSS. Sad that there are less accepting ears for songs like this. Miss u 2k5-2k7.

Video: Acid Girls - The Numbers Song


Analysis: This video is a 'period piece' about doing 'a shit load of blow' during the BlogHouse Era.

Video: Tokio Hotel - Automatic


Analysis: A kewl video by the bad ass German tween crossover hit band Tokio Hotel. Seems like they are really 'growing into' more than just a foreign teen sensation, like they have finally started to learn 'the English Language' and are trying to explain emotions that all humans can relate to. There are some weird shots in this video of robots 'eyeball fucking' one another. The lead singer still seems like an anime bro. Might build a time machine and move to Germany and try to get into this band.

Video: Health - Die Slow


Analysis: Health is indie's only 'hardXcore' band with 'credibility/coverability.' I remember when I was a bloghouse blog, searching for remixes to post every day, Health was sort of like something to blog about to 'make ur blog seem different, like u appreciated all music.' It seems like one day I might go to a Health concert. From what I can tell, they seem 'serious' about music, like they know what they are doing. I think that this video is about killing women. This video seems artsy. I want to meet some1 who says 'Health is my favourite band', because then I feel like I would better understand Health. I think this video is about date rape/murder since all of the women end up getting 'chopped the fuck up.'

Video: Dan Deacon - Paddling Ghost


Analysis: Dan Deacon has a zany lil brand, which is why he turned to the 'puppet aesthetic.' Basically, most of Dan Deacons fans 'live in a fucking dream world' and would actually enjoy this 'puppet bullshit.' It seems like you really have to identify with a brand in order to accept the puppetification of a band, otherwise it just seems to bring out an intensified version of your feelings for the band. Wonder if Dan Deacon dolls would 'sell well' or if buildabear would be a more chill place to buy a gift for a kid.

Have u seen any kewl music videos lately?

Not sure which ‘cover’ of ‘This must be the Place’ is the most authentic.

I started listening 2 a lot of Talking Heads, because I want to get more in touch with the roots of conceptual pop music. Feel like I'll appreciate modern indie music if I travel back in time and listen to 'what was once cool'/'cutting edge'/'progressive.' Seems like things from the past influence things in the present, and the present becomes the past, influencing things in the future.

I recently saw a meme where some bro 'covered' the hit song "This Must Be the Place." I think that he might be 'trying to go viral' by 'ripping off' the American Psycho Club movie.


Not sure what attracts people to the 'Patrick Bateman' aesthetic. It seems like people just want to 'be rich' and 'kill sluts' or something. He might represent 'perfection', and we all think that 1 day we are going to move 2 NYC and 'be rich.' Not sure what AmPsychy has to do with the song though. Seems like a gimmick meme/something that mainstream film bros did to 'feel creative.'

Might decide to listen 2 more MGMT. If I were a tween indie kid, I would say that this is my fave cover of 'This Must Be the Place.' Saw this video of them when they were just a 'zany college campus band.' Sorta wish they were still 'this organic', instead of some sort of over-marketed, post-OfMontreal bloghouse indie jam band who will 'go hard' on the festival circuit for the next 15 years.


Kinda weird 2 see altcelebs before they were 'alt famous.' Can't believe these were the bros who wrote the transcendental masterpiece "KIDS." Can't believe they knew about the song 'This Must Be The Place' even though they were so young. Maybe their altParents made them listen 2 it in the car. Sorta wish I lived in the dormitory behind them, so I could say 'the MGMT played at my dorm.'

Think it might be the 'most authentic' to say that u prefer 'the original' version of the song, which is the Talking Heads 'covering' themselves. As u can see, they are a very conceptual band. It seems like they want the performance to be 'art' and not just 'some band playing a ditty.'


I'm not sure what the significance of this song is. Seems like it has some sort of lyrical relevance, but also might just be 'some babbling bro' with a 'simply structured pop song' underneath. Not sure if the Talking Heads are even 'that good.' I just know they have that one song about questioning your life, but I had always thought they were just some 'lame 80s band.' Sorta like how u thought Devo was 'just that band that sang WHIP IT' but then people are like 'those bros are really influential' or something.

Not sure if I like music. Feel like the music that is supposed to define me still hasn't been made yet. Will probably happen in 10-15 years.

Meaningful Music Videos Recap for 2day.

This post is intended to be a 'recap' of meaningful music videos of the past blog month, and perform analysis on the portrayal of the artists.

Video: Julian Casablancas - PHRAZES FOR THE YOUNG (PREVIEW)


Analysis: This is a new project by the lead singer of the Strokes bro. Wonder what it is going to sound like. Seems sort of 'deep' but will possibly become 'over commercialized.' I think he has collabed on some other crap, and it 'sounded good' possibly. I feel like I will decide not to listen to it, because it will become a topic that people who aren't connected to the music memesphere will talk about, like 'dude man, did you hear Julian has a new album coming out?' and they will probably actually go out and 'physically purchase it.' Will probably not listen to it, and might 'resent' the first video.

The music sort of sounds like a mix of 'the Strokes' with a little bit of 'guy who makes music that was obviously produced in GarageBand.' Feel bad for the Strokes. Not sure if they will ever be able to break free of 'what they represented' when they first came out, in terms of The Strokes being 'so cool' or something.


Music Video: Miike Snow - Burial


Analysis: I think that after the success of 'Slumdog Millionaire', this video aesthetic is trying to take us to some 'brown part of the world' where life is more simple. In the video, the whole town rallies around this little trophy of the Miike Snow logo, and I think it represents some sort of deity. Like they are 'worshiping God' as a bro parades the trophy through the streets. Life seems hard in this video, like there are no cafes with wifi in a nearby area. Think that the song is 'good' and could possibly be utilized in meaningful indie soundtracks. Like when a bro is finding himself, or possibly 'losing' a keut girl and staring into the camera.

Music Video: The Dead Weather - Treat Me Like Your Mother


Analysis: I first heard about the Dead Weather when they advertised on my favourite website. I 'googled' them and found out that Jack White was in their band. I think that this video is supposed to be 'hardXcore.' I feel weird about Jack White. Not sure if I know any one who 'likes the white stripes', but I think that he seems like a good musician--like a guy who knows how to guitar solo. I think every one heard that one song that was like 'dun, dun dun dun, dun dun, dun', but I'm not sure if I could name another Jack White song.

This video seems like it is supposed to be Xtreme, and possibly 'reference' a now socially unacceptable era of film. The video seems 'angry' or something. The music seems 'good,' but like not sure if I would listen to it while doing a 'normal activity in my daily life.' Feel like there might be a huge market of 'regular people' who would listen to it while they were socially drinking and barbeque-ing, possibly. They might also listen to Queens of the Stone Age, or Foo Fighters or something. Those bans sell 'tons of records.'

This video is important to me because it was filmed in the vacant lot behind my suburban childhood neighborhood. Kinda sad that they are about to start constructing apartments there now. Might bring down the property value if too many 'poors' move in.


Music Video: Calvin Harris - Ready for the Weekend


Analysis: I remember when Calvin Harris first came out, he seemed 'very blog house' to me. But then I think his new album is the sort of album that 'people in Europe get really into.' Like if you went there, this would be the song that gets people pumped up for a soccer game, and every one knows the lyrics, but you're like 'I don't 'get' why this is good.' Think that things are 'very different' in Europe, and they value different aesthetics, but artists can make 'a shit ton' of money if they 'get big' in the UK, and then find success in other pop-oriented Euro countries.

This music video is supposed to be 'artistic.' Seems like tons of stuff must have been done 'in post production.' The song seems 'catchy' but not entirely 'listenable', more like a song in a Target commercial or something.

Music Video: VITALIC - Your Disco Song


Analysis: I think Vitalic made electro techno music before there were computers. I think that their music is supposed to be 'absurd' or something. Have only heard them on the Party Monster soundtrack, back when I was trying to 'learn what it would be like to move to NYC and become part of a relevant party scene.' This song seems like it is intended to sound 'self-aware.' There is a broad who has a disco ball surgically attached to her skull. Think she 'lives to party' and she just wants to 'disco so fucking hard.' Then she eventually goes to a surgeon and gets 'disco tits.'

Seems like a solid commitment to 'a scene.'


Music Video: Rye Rye (ft M.I.A.) - Bang


Analysis: I think that this video is supposed to look like it is part of 'black culture' but intended for 'white people simulating their interest in black culture to seem cultured.' M.I.A. is in this video. I don't think that the song is 'good.' It sounds too much like 'black culture' for me to get into, so I feel like they possibly achieved their aesthetic. I'm not sure if I really enjoy pure African American culture, or if I prefer to be friends/partake in African Americans who 'don't seem as black.' What types of black people do you prefer?

Have yall seen n e good music videos lately?

The Most Meaningful Music Vids of the past blog quarter....


Video: Dirty Projectors - Stillness is the Move


Analysis: I feel pressured to blog about this because they are apparently 'relevant' even though I don't really 'get' why. Feel like I don't 'trust' people who 'ooze praise' for the Dirty Projecties. I am not sure what this video is 'trying to be.' Think it is trying to be conceptual/artsy, but then also trying to be 'normal.' Probably like trying to trick mainstreamers into thinking that the Dirty Projector is 'the next Feist.' Feel like this video 'looks worse than Bat for Lashes' in terms of 'forced conceptuality.'

I feel like the girls in the Dirty Projectors are 'high level altbaguettes' who u have a 'very strong personal brand' in your local scene. Ur not really sure why they are 'desired' or 'respected', but then you find out that they are 'in some crappy band' and their roles within the band are 'questionable'. like you 'went to a show where one of them just played the tambourine' or something. You and your friends 'share their myspace page' as a 'very funny inside joke' because you think their songs/pictures/listed_influences are 'very funnie/terrible.' Then the next thing u know, they are 'being blogged about+praised for 'amazing pop sensibilities'' and u feel like u 'might as well off urself.'

Sort of just want to go to a Dirty Projjies show just to 'hear this song' and watch people 'overtly acknowledge' that this is 'the single' by 'doing slinky dances' to this song.


Video: Wavves - No Hope Kids


Analysis: This video was made from 'meaningful footage' as a filmmaker bro followed Wavves across his European tour. Wonder if it was sort of like 'Almost Famous' with an indie musician. Not sure if there was a scoop. From what I have read, Wavves is 'shatted upon' by other artists in his genre. Think that they think he is 'faking his gimmick' or something, while they 'actually live the lifestyle.' Think that this video is 'sweet' because they do things like 'smoke bowls of marijuana.' Hope that Wavves' brand is still 'marketable' after this video/his 'meltdown.'

Another great thing about this video is that it really captures the essence of 'going to a concert in your local venue' and feeling like the other members of the audience 'seriously crawled up from the sewer' to 'mosh around.' Feels weird to go to 'sewer people' shows, but also sort of 'authentic.'

Are yall 'going 2 get a summer Wavves haircut'?


Video: Coconut Records - Any Fun


Analysis: It is important to note that 'Chloe Sevigny is in this video', thereby making this video 250% 'more bloggable.' It is overall a 'krappy video.' Think they have 'old cameras' and filmed 'normal people' doing 'boring stuff' while attempting to 'make it look beautiful.' Not sure if Chloe Sevigny is 'still hot.' She might have to transition her personal brand into 'being an elegant elder alt' soon.

Feel like Jason Schwartzman could 'make anything' and it would 'look kewl' because he was in 'one of the most important alt movies' of all time.


Video: MSTRKRFT - Heartbreaker (ft. John Legend)


Analysis: I never listend to MSTRKRFT's latest album 'Fist of God' because I assumed that it was 'all banger' or something 'thick and unlistenable.' But then I saw them perform this song on Letterman, and thought it was 'pretty good.' Feel like I like it in the same way that I 'enjoy a remix' but this is 'the original version.' That statement possibly 'does not make sense to 38% of readers' who are not students of the remix economy. Think that the lyrics are 'possibly terrible' but still 'redeeming' in a 'simple way.'

I enjoy this video, because it is about a Mexi family who owns a bodega. A group of white bros come in, and 1 bro is 'meaningfully attracted' to the hot daughter cashier. Think it is supposed to give minorities hope that they too can be courted by an uppermiddle class alt guy who is 'ironically' buying alcohol at ur bodega since they 'serve minors' and also 'serve all night.' The lazy mexi father 'falls asleep' and when he wakes up, 'verbally abuses' his daughter for letting the bros 'run wild' while she 'chases alt white cock.' Not sure if she will get a college education.


Video: All Leather - I Don't Hate Fags, God Does


Analysis: Think this video is sort of supposed to 'go viral' some how. It is depicting Jesus 'Last Supper' except with dark, demented, rave-culture-like elements. It is supposed to 'shock you.' When I saw it 'I kinda chuckled', and fast fowarded around. Saw a 'bunny' and also 'some people fucking.' Then thought about 'the kind of people who actually like that music.' Feels weird to think that people 'made' that music. Ultimately, I would just say that this product is for 'weird faggots' like something that 'Adam Lambert would think is cool' or something.


Video: Sonic Youth - Sacred Trickster


Analysis: This is a video about 'female cunts who want to be in a band', I think. I think it is supposed to be a straightforward metaphor about 'dressing up' to seem famous/relevant/indie/authentic, but possibly 'being hollow' and 'constructed by consumer choices.' Seems straightforward. Not sure about Sonic Youth. Think they were 'good' back in the 80s/90s or something, but wonder if they are 'a 1 trick pony.'

Think I went through a phase of 'listening to Sonic Youth' but think it was back when I was 'trying too hard to love alt music.' They are possibly 'just okay' but ultimately a product that GenXers should probably 'authentically enjoy.' Don't know much about 'music' so they are possibly 'very influencial' but think I am going to start 'saying that I don't think Sonic Youth is very good' in conversations just to have a 'cutting edge' opinion. Not sure if the song in this video is 'even any good.'


Have yall seen n e [HIGHLY BLGGBLE] Music videos lately?

Meaningful Music Videos for yall.

Hey yall... Just taking some time to recap some recently 'relevant' music videos 4 yall. Feel sad about summer. I read that there are 60% less music memes to consume. :-(

Music Video: Grizzly Bear - Two Weeks


Analysis: Feel like this is a 'perfectly executed meme' since it is a music video that you watch, and ur like 'damn. not sure what is happening/why it is happening. Think I should share this with people. Song is catchy.' Not sure what the budget of this music video was, but possibly should have spent more money on the heads-catching-on-fire part.

Can't believe Grizz Bear outsold Animal Collective in week 1. I wonder if there is some sort of metric to calculate album sales + leaked album downloads to see who is the #1 Alt Artist, instead of going by Grizz Bear's "#8 on billboard." Apparently they sold 33,000 records. Feel like there are at least 33,000 altbros who googled 'Grizzly Bear album leak." We need to adjust our album sales evaluation scale. Wonder if AnCo would have more 'reach' if u took into account illegal DLs. Wonder if Kings of Leon is the next Coldplay.

Music Video: Super Viral Brothers - Hot Chocolate + Polar Bear Rug


Analysis: I have never heard of this group and might never hear of them again, but their name is 'sillie.' I think this video is supposed to 'shock me' since there are a bunch of bros rolling around in blood in some small room. The singer is black, and may or may not be CeeLo. Feel 'disturbed' by this video in a predictable way, but it also might give my dark side a 'hard on.'

Music Video: Wale ft. Lady Gaga - Chillin


Analysis: I think that Wale released some gimmick rapper who is meant to appeal to white people and get coverage on the internet, mainly because 'mixtape' meant to appeal to white people since it was about Seinfeld, and also rapped over Justice's D.A.N.C.E. I didn't listen to this song, since I know it is a gimmick, but instead looked for Lady Gaga's presence in the song. I saw her in the background doing 'stupid ass' poses trying 2 be 'artistic.' Sorta wish she was a video girl who was 'shaking her shit.' Then she sings like Santigold/an indie rastafarian for a little bit, and it's like 'damn. guess this is a music meme.'

Music Video: Major Lazer - Hold The Line
Analysis: I am still trying to 'understand' what Major Lazer 'actually is.' I know that Diplo is 'behind it' and I think it is supposed 2 be absurd partie music using African sounds and also sillie sounds. They have created some sort of character who is prominent in this video. I think this video is supposed 2 keep ur attention because it reminds of u when u were young since there are sillie cartoons and action figures. I think people have called Diplo 'racist' because of this black goon of a character, and how has 'exploited' African/other black ppl culture even though he is white. I am not sure. He might 'just be trying to have a good time' but also might be 'trying to pay his bills' [via "Paper Planes royalties"]

Have yall seen any good music videos lately?

Need 2 listen to more music that is more 'glam' and 'fabulous.'

'I have always been inspired by fashion.' -generic pop icons


I have always been kind of fascinated by music that is like 'glam' and 'electro' and 'not that good' but has like a 'devoted following, primarily in Europe.' I think it is easier for Europeans to get into songs where some1 says 'fashion' over and over again because it is one of the only English words that they know. I feel weird when I listen to this kind of music, because I don't think that there are very many 'pop sensibilities.' It usually either sounds 'grimey' or like it was 'produced by some1 in Fruity Loops' who don't really know much about music.

I want to write a song and include the following words
high fashion - dance - electro -edgy - makeup - international - Vogue - Fashion - Paris - Milan - New York - I am ______ - International - icon - magazine - cover - it girl

I feel like this 'glam-core' fashion music seems like it is written by a tween who is interpreting the world after he/she reads a magazine + they are exploring their sexuality.

I wish that I could 'get' fashion, art, and music like pop icons do.

I have read that Lady Gaga is 'very inspired' by Andy Warhol. I want to seem like a pop star who 'gets' that popculture 'means nothing' but still 'wants more fame' or something like that. I want to be a pop sensation who sort of thinks that my product is more artistic than it actually is. I want to be a 'sex object' but have it be 'artistic' cuz I 'realize that dudes wanna fuck me in crazie costumes.'

I want to make music that was meant 2 be played in 'gay bars.'


Meaningful Music Videos of the Past Blog Month

Just wanted to 'embed some videos' that are 'relevant', yall.

Music Video: Little Boots - New In Town


Analysis: I think that this video is about a girl from the United Kingdom coming to America, and getting dropped off in 'a black part of town', and exploring what 'black culture is like.' From this video, we have learned that black people 'live under underpasses', 'like to dance', and 'seem like thugs but might not always hurt u.' Not sure about the song. Think Little Boots might emerge into a female artist who I prefer listening to remixes of, as opposed to 'her actual songs.' But I think that there is 'a huge market' for people who want a product like Little Boots.

Music Video: Kanye West - Amazing


Analysis: I think there is a point where an artist 'becomes a brand.' Their music doesn't have to be 'good' or 'inspiring' any more, it just has to have enough elements for the common man to recognize the artist when they are scanning channels on the radio. So while this song is 'boring', 'uninspiring', and the lyrics 'seem like they were a poem written by an inner-city 2nd grader', it doesn't really matter because it is the recognizable brand of Kanye West.

"lets go out and film some amazing shit 4 this music video. Let's get some fucking helicopters and film me standing on cliffs and shit." - Kanye West in a conceptual brainstorming session about what 2 put in his music video for the song "Amazing"

Music Video: Bat for Lashes - Daniel


Analysis: It is weird when some1 has a 'really catchy first song' with 'a good first music video' like Bat for Lashes with the song "What's a Girl To Do." I'm not sure if her music is 'still appealing' or even makes sense that the male-dominated music memesphere consumes her/people buy her records. Just seems like a sort of 'aimless' sort of gothy soft rock to me. Think she might be more appealing if she 'wasn't so weird' and '38% more electro.'

Music Video: M83 - We Own the Sky


Analysis: Just like every other M83 video, this one involves 'teens who are trying to find themselves' or something like that. The song is 'pretty good', but I am not even sure if this video is 'supposed to be compelling enough to watch.'

Music Video: Moby - Shot in the Back of the Head


Analysis: This video was apparently 'directed'/'created' by the famous director David Lynch. Not exactly sure which movies he directed, but I think I read that he was 'Wes Anderson 1.0.' Think that this song is a 'chill' Moby song. I remember when Moby made that album that was strategically engineered to 'go mainstream' since he had a famous person sing on every song. Feel like Moby is an artist who is 'fighting hard' to be authentic/make authentic products. Think I would see this video when I was an impressionable teen staying up late watching MTV2, and 'watch the whole thing' or something.

Music video: The xx - Crystalized


Analysis: Never heard of this band, but I watched their video, and I think they have a bunch of 'aesthetics' that I might be able to 'like.' Boy+Girl Duet style. 'Minimal' guitar. Drum Pad. 'Shitty video that I might think is cool.' Both singers might be meme-able homosexuals/sex icons. Not even really sure what I'm supposed to think.

Music Video: Ed Banger Fight - those french people who got into a fight at Cinespace


Analysis: Some bro filmed a bunch of French ppl yelling at eachother at Cinespace. Not even sure what happened. Guess we'll never know. Seems important, though. Wish I had something in my life 'worth fighting 4'

Have yall seen n e good/relevant music videos lately?

I think that this music video is a metaphor about moving 2 the city and finding urself.

Music Video: Matt and Kim - "LESSONS LEARNED"


Damn. Just watched this music video. Watched Mattbro and KimSis get all naked in Times Square. Not sure if it was some sort of 'editing'+'green screen' trick,' but still, I think the video is 'progressive.' The song is already inherently meaningful because there are some 'la la la's being sung by a female in the background. I think this is the type of music video that a band makes when they are about to 'break through the mainstream bubble' and 'keep people's attention for the duration of the entire song.' (kinda like that Coldplay 'Yellow' video). It is a better strategy than 'showing the band playing their music' because 'mainstreamers don't even know who they are yet.'

I think that nudity represents 'freeing urself' and 'not conforming to society's expectations' for ppl to wear clothes. Think that getting naked in Times Square means that ur 'free spirited' since it is so consumery there. Sort of wish they had filmed this video some where 'blasphemous' kind of like Israel, a mosque, or some sort of Middle Eastern Holy Ground. Feel like that might have 'said more' about society/liberation/being strong enough to tell ur parents that u don't believe in their ideals/God.

Also think this video is meant to make the viewer ask 'who has a hotter bod?'
I feel sort of sad that this video doesn't showcase the 'shit eating grins' that most people associate with Matt and Kim.

Just read the wikipedia article of Matt and Kim and found out that they met when they attended Pratt. Hope that I meet some1 2 start a band with while at my liberal arts/Ivy League/design school university. Not sure if I will get a 'creative job' in this economie.

Previous Matt and Kim video analysis

Matt & Kim


Matt Johnson & Kim Schifino make up Matt & Kim, a band 4 entry level lamestreamers.

Read more>>>>

Is Asher Roth the next Eminem?

Yall I heard this new kewl rap group called Asher Rother, but then found out it is actually just 1 white dude.

In his hit song, he raps about 'college being awesome.' I am not sure how many people this song will appeal to, since a lot of people don't even have a typical 'college experience' these days, but I am not sure if that is even important.


This song might also be some sort of education campaign to get people-who-weren't-gonna-go-2-college 2 go 2 college, convincing them that it is a 'chill ass time' where u can 'smoke weed', 'fuck hot chicks', and 'do whatever the fuck u want.' Sort of makes me want to go to a mainstream state school instead of design school in the city. Not even sure what this song was talking about except from that movie 'The Animal Collective House' starring Jim Belushi [via According 2 Jim].

Recently, I saw that white rapper Eminem is 'back' with a 'kewl new song.' In the song/music video, he takes on zany meme current events including SARAH PALIN and JESSICA SIMPSON and Lindsay Lohan being a lesbian.


We've grown up a lot since Eminem was 'big.' Feel like tweens listened to him as a voice that 'critiqued popular culture.' This song feels weird now that it is 'the celeb gossip blog era.' Feels pretty 'ghey' that people 'like Eminem' and 'think he is a gifted rapper.' Makes me feel like I don't know anything about rap.' Sort of wish that Eminem would just 'spit out rhymes' that were more directly hateful, instead of just making sillie statements that tweens would find funnie and mildly controversial.

I feel like the same person who would like the music in an Eminem track would also like the All American Rejects Song "Gives You Hell." s000 zany


Remember when 8 mile came out, and people were like 'This is the best movie of all time.' Wonder if Kanye West is 'the Black Eminem.' Wonder what we really want from rappers/what they want from fans when it comes to image. Feel comfortable with Puff Daddy/Pdiddy because I 'think he knows he is ridiculous.' I think 50Cent knows he 'is dumb' and 'was shot a bunch of times', so he is probably just happy to mumble over club beats. Feel like 'hiphop' stars who use auto-tune in a self-aware manner 'also seem chill.' Makes me feel sad to see rappers in the modern era where they have to do stuff like 'make viral videos' and 'participate on the internet.' Not sure if all of them really 'have what it takes' to reach white audiences.

I guess that's why Asher Roth is important 2 music / rcrd lbls / the future of hiphop.

Not sure how I feel about white rappers.
Think we don't need them, since most white people haven't gone through an authentic struggle. And if they did 'struggle' it was probably in a gross white trash kind of way that we could probably 'make fun of' very easily.

I might start listening 2 music that's aimed at tweens who are in a bisexual phase.

I recently saw two music videos for two songs that I thought were 'really ghey.' They kinda gave me a panic attack because I think this is what kids/tweens are interpreting as 'cool' these days. Back when I was a tween, I think I was searching for meaning in music, but these days I think kids/tweens just want 2 hear music that has vocals that are autotuned and sing about some 'stupid relationship' and/or 'romanticized ideas' that kids have about 'love.'

I think these songs are what impressionable tweens from suburbia, mainstream girls trying 2 be alt, and ppl from California listen 2.

Kinda scared of the overgrown entrylevel altbros in these videos. Feel like they will 'never grow up' and probably just 'wear bright hoodies' 4 the rest of their lives'.

3Oh!3 - Don't Trust Me


This song is kinda like 'a pile of poop' wearing shuttershades.' Not sure if ppl are supposed to identify with it, 'enjoy it', or if it is one of those 'terrible videos that was made 2 go viral.' But from what I understand, they are a popular band with tweens. It's kinda weird how modern pop music has to be delivered [via rapping] because that is what kids think is 'cool.'

The Secret Handshake - Summer of 98


This song is like a ballad about being a tween in suburbia during the late 90s and falling in love. I think it is a reference to a Ryan Adams/Bryan Adams song "The Summer of 69." The thick bro in this vid misses the past, and wanted to write some 'ghey song' about 'how bad ass things used to be.' I think they hired people who do 'commercials for MTV' to make this video since all of the aesthetics are s000 played out.

I guess the thing that kinda bothers me about these 2 videos is how these bros are probably somewhere between ages 20-28. Kinda think they need to 'grow up' and 'stop writing songs that are about their emotions and trials during their tween years.' Sometimes I wonder if people ever grow up, or if they are just the same person they were when they were a tween.

srsly don't even know what 2 say sometimes. Sometimes my posts are 'trying 2 b funnie' but I think this 1 is more like 'wtf, yall?' and letting the videos 'speak 4 themselves.' Glad I'm not a tween in 2k9. Hopefully I woulda listened to something authentic.

Have yall heard any 'ghey ass' music lately?

Previous 'hella ghey' music: Brokencyde

Meaningful Music Video Post

This is a recap of popular recent bloggy/bloghouse/conceptual/indie rock music videos.

Music Video: Futurecop! - Karate Kids


Analysis: The song is repetitive and more tolerable than you would expect for a song 'that is rlly repetitive.' The video is an aggregation of meaningful 80s movies that make me wish I was born before 1990 so that I could remember these iconic movies. Kinda sad that movies these days are sooo ghey/predictable/not THAT great. Miss times when movies were 'larger than life' and not just a gimmick that ended up costing u $40 per person after snacks + drinks. The video ends with Jon Candy in 'Uncle Buck.' laters.

Music Video: Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Zero


Analysis: I never really listened to this song, just kind of skipped around the video for a few seconds. I remember the YYYs came out with that song about some1 'not loving u like I love u' and it was kinda catchy and good enough to be mainstream. But this video kind of seems like they are 'pretending to be a really popular band' and also 'making music that is aggressive enough to feel like you have to take it seriously, yet unidentifiable for both alternative and mainstream consumers.' Never really got my attention and just felt like generalizing it and 'hoping that I am right.' Will they sell albums? Is Karen O authentic, or just a 'cookie cutter alternative diva'?

Music Video: Calvin Harris - I'm Not Alone


Analysis: I remember when Calvin Harris was just a guy with a bloghouse single about 'having all of the girls' or something. I think this song seems like some sort of Euro-techno-bro-house music. While I could be 'impressed' with his 'epic sounds' and 'musical progression as an artist', I will probably not listen to this song again and probably enjoy a remix of the song by an authentic blogcentric remixer more than the original. The video is pretty 'whatever.'

Music Video: Winter Gloves - Let Me Drive


Analysis: I don't really 'like' this song or video or have ever heard of this band/will ever hear of them again. But it sort of just reminds me of alternative life before the internet really 'took over' the indie music landscape. I think a younger, more alternatively naive version of me would have thought that this video was 'cool' and that the song had all of the elements of an 'authentic indie band' (keyboards, bearded bro with glasses, aggressively earnest lyrics). Miss those days. Maybe we were more drawn to bands like this because there was 'less crap' to sift through, so it was less pressure on us and more time to find bands to be 'tolerable.' These days, I only want greatness.

Music Video: Bloody Beetroots (Ft Steve Aoki with original vocals) - WARP


Analysis: I think this song is a 'banger.' I think the brand of the song is supposed to be HARD. There is an angry AZN man yelling at the camera sometimes. I wonder if this new brand of bangerelectro is like the modern, niche version of 'slipknot' for kids who aren't as poor as the kids who got really into hardXcore rock. I sort of wish I lived in the greater Los Angeles area, and had the opportunity to be a slow-motion alt 'partying to this song' in the video. Feel like I probably would have twittered about how much fun I was having while I was at the video shoot. Not sure if I would put this song 'on my iPod' but might play it if I were a bangerrific DJ. For a more critical, well-informed opinion on this music video, visit Big Stereo, where the blogger uses phrases/sentences including "Slo-mo cookie cutter hipsters" and "Bloody Beetroots come off as a pale reflection of better times spent with Vitalic." One time I wrote a blog post about Steve Aoki that was 'epic.' Maybe I should read it again and react to it with my current state of mind. h8 being 's0 fickle/flighty.' just trying 2 stay relevant. but n e ways... I think this video is a 'mockumentary' or something.

Music Video: Smashing Pumpkins - Today (Morgan Freeman + VISA remix)


Analysis: Can't believe the Smashing Pumpkins 'sold out' and let VISA use their song in their commercial. jk. happy 4 them. Billy Corgan seems like a chill bro who has been through a lot [via 1979 tonight, tonight]. Kinda sad how we're all getting older and music 'that was cool during our youth' is being used to encourage us to buy stuff with money that we don't have. h8 marketing. sad on the inside. Need to buy a flat screen tv to cheer myself up. Might also buy 'a wii' and 'some marijuana/lean.'

Have yall seen n e good music videos lately?
Just trying 2 stay relevant and identify

This has been a music video recap by Carles. Carles is a full time student at a high level digital arts graduate program. He is also a Teaching Assistant for Digital Media 101:Lessons in Photoshop, InDesign, and iMovie.

I think I just saw MSTRKRFT on Jimmy Kimmel Live

I always feel a little bit of pride when I see an alternative/indie/electro band on a mainstream late night talk show. It means 'we have made it.'

I was kinda pumped to see MSTRKRFT on Jimmy Kimmel Live, but then they sort of just focused on the rapper who raps over the song. Barely even saw the MSTRKRFT bros. Feel like I wasted my night since I stayed in just 2 watch it. The video probably isn't even worth watching, u just kinda get 2 see a mediocre rap performance while the rapper 'checks his phone' several times.


The black rapper guy named N.O.R.E. just tried 2 steal all of the attention cuz he kept twittering from his phone during the performance. Thought that was kinda rude/'trying too hard' to connect with fans. As I've said before, it's getting 'kinda annoying' to discover the lengths certain artists, celebrities, and politicians will go to 'create coverage for themselves' by doing something that seems 'innovative' but is actually an 'uninspired and poorly executed gimmick that involves some sort of social technology.'

I wish people would start to realize that twitter is the same thing as 'real life.' It's not a big deal when a celebrity signs up for twitter and then says 'sillie stuff.' We're all human, and we're all twittering at all times, whether we know it or not. Just getting kinda tired of 'omg, can't believe _____ said ______ on twitter coverage.'

Remember that time Justice was on Jimmy Kimmel and the had all of those zany impersonators? Wonder which 1 was 'trying too hard' 2 be a meme.

Meaningful Music Videos

I think music videos for modern electro are kinda funnie cuz they only rlly exist on the internet. I wonder what sort of 'returns' most artists get on their music video if u were able to quantify how many sales u made due 2 a kewl video posted on a blog. Realistically, modern bands shouldn't spend more than $_00 on a music video.

Music Video: Frankmusik - Better off as Two


This is a music video about 'being in love' with some1 and convincing them that u r better off as 2. In the video, u get 2 see Frankmusik with his zany hair getting his dance on. His music has some pretty serious feelings/emotions in it, so I think it appeals to Europeans more since they 'take emotions more seriously' and 'explore them.' Americans are afraid 2 get vulnerable.

Music Video: MSTRKRFT - Bounce feat. N.O.R.E & Isis


I watched this video on mute and didn't really hear the song, but I think a casual observer would think that this is a 2nd rate rap video. MSTRKRFT are trying 2 brand themselves or something, and I think that this is inspired by some sort of generic mob crime druglord internet ponzi scheme, kinda like 'Goodfellas' meets 'Smoking Aces.'

I read that the MSTRKRFT album leaked. Is it 'any good'? I have only really listened to remixes by them. miss u 'bangers'. Would u chill with MSTRKRFT bros?

Music Video: Company of Thieves - "Oscar Wilde"



This is probably the first and last time I will listen to this band. But they have a music video that 'rips off' Rushmore, and makes it meme-able. I can't tell if the music is 'good' or 'relevant' or not, but I just know that I am 'alternative', therefore, this music video 'appeals 2 me' and should 'make me smile.' I guess now that I think about it, maybe it has always been a fantasy of mine to 'cum with' Max Fisher in Rushmore, so I think now that I see a female alt dressed as him, it kinda meets my altSexual needs. Do yall ever fantasize about indie movie characters? Kinda wish I got that girl in Juno preggers [via Michael Cera 'cumming'].

Music Video: The Fall Out Boys - Sugar, We're Going Down


I think this band called the Fall Out Boys will change the way that we listen to music for the next 20 years. They have completely redefined the post-Blink182 era, and this music video reaches out to tweens who feel like 'an ugly bro with antlers and bad teeth.' It's a music video about hope. Think they're probably like 'the next Nickelback meets Beck meets Deathcab' or something like that. Hope MTV doesn't find out about them.

Music Video: Sebastien Tellier - Roche


This is a music video by the zany French guy who released his album through American Apparel stores. I wonder if everything in this video is from Am Appy. I think that the video is supposed to feel 'sexie' and help people who want so badly 2 believe that there is truth that love is real. Do yall wanna study abroad and make love to a hairy French man on the beach? In the video he rides a horse on a girl's curves, and it kind of makes me yearn 2 'be with/inside' of a beautiful woman. Kinda like that scene at the beginning of 'I am Lost in Translating to AZNs' with ScarJo.

Have yall seen n e bloggable music videos lately?
Are yall getting tired of music videos? Can yall remember the last time u watched a music video in it's entirety? Just want 2 stay relevant. Just want to blog about bloggable bands.

Seen n e bloggable music videos lately?

This post is a meaningful recap of the most bloggable music video memes of the last several blog weeks. I just want 2 find innovative ways for artists 2 express one song in video format.

r music videos 'dead'?

Video: The Presets - If I Know You


I haven't ever really listened to the Presets too indepth, except for this one Lifelike remix of them. But I have heard that they are 'amazing' live, and they probs are. N e ways, this music video is pretty meaningful bc it was directed by the same person who made M83's "Kim and Jessie." I think I can really identify with this music video because I am a teen from the suburbs who wants to go to the city and 'get my dance on' but then also get meaningful at a beach bonfire.
<3 serious videos for electronic music <3
<3 packs of dancing tweens searching for meaning <3

Video: The Pains of Being Pure At Heart - Everything With You


Think I might start 2 like this band because they sound like ______ and _______ (references to miscellaneous shoegazy artists from the past 100 years). The video is kinda meaningful. I wonder if that is actually the band, or just stock footage of meaningful tweens. Does n e 1 know? Do u think they sound 'good' or just kind of 'plain' and 'not as good as the stuff from the past that people say they sound like'?

The following 2 videos are representative of the future of music video gimmicks and technology

Seen n e pixelated-core videos lately?

Video: Chairlift - Evident Utensil


Video: Kanye West - Welcome to Heartbreak


These two videos are really pixelated. I think it is an emerging aesthetic, probably facilitated by some sort of update to a program that was made by Adobe Inc. It's kinda confusing. Makes me feel like my computer is messing up, but I think that's a metaphor for how our whole lives' are sooo pixel based these days. Not sure what I'd do without pixels. Feel like life would be pretty boring/a little bit too paper-based. Do yall think that MGMT and Dan Deacon wish this technology was available 1 year ago?

N e ways... seen ne keut music vids lately?
Which 1 of these is ur favourite? I think mine is defs the Presets, mainly because I am usually a shirtless tween dancing around Los Angeles. But u might be a pixelated bro, so who knows what u will prefer.

Which Conceptual Music Video Do Yall Like The Most?

I was watching a couple of music videos that were 'kinda conceptual.' I wasn't sure which 1 I was supposed 2 like the most. Music videos really 'get my mind jogging', thinking about the identity of an artist, the purpose of a music video as a marketing tool/brand enhancer, and what I expect from a meaningful/conceptual music video.

/// Just want 2
/// look at shit
/// that looks 'cool'
/// on the internet
/// then re-blog it
/// making my own blog
/// look 'cooler'
/// we are branding 2gthr

Animal Collective - My Girls


It's always interesting when a widely respected band makes a 'mediocre conceptual video' that is excessively 'praised'/'meme-ed' as an extension of the band. Kinda boring video, never really 'goes anywhere', and just makes you think about how 'uninteresting' AnCo are as humans. Sure they 'make good/relevant music', but videos like this make u wish they 'had more to offer' as humans/ambassadors of some 'message.' But I guess that's why it is easy to 'like' them since they are 'just music-making bros' and not Bono/Chris Martin/Ricky Martin/Brandon Flowers/Susan Sarandon/ Ben Gibbard / Kanye West, etc.

Overall just kinda tired of reading reviews/hearing dbags say that Animal Collective's music is 'textural', and this video kind of just reminds me of how much i h8 pre-modern music criticism / when people try to describe the non-aural elements of sound (if they exist). But ya. the video is s0000 textural, just like their music.

N e ways, do yall like AnCo showcasing their meaningful technological instruments in this vid?

Friendly Fires - Skeleton Boy


I liked this vid/song more than I liked the "My Girls" experience. It makes me feel more 'alive', and 'looks cooler' than the AnCo video. Sometimes, u just have 2 admit that some things are 'cooler' than other things, and 'coolness' is the most important thing sometimes. The song kind of makes me want to 'buy a car' after being inspired by an upbeat/meaningful/dancey song in a commercial.

The Coldplays - Some song about Puppets


Coldplay has a pretty interesting existence as a 'globally recognized band' because they don't really have a vision of 'what they want to be as a band'--instead, they just kind of re-use already accepted concepts/ideas that were already executed by highly regarded bands and artists. I wonder what 'the mainstream world' is looking for when they decide to 'honor' the Coldplays as a relevant/listenable band.
Can't believe they are sticking to the 'colonial war' uniform gimmick [via puppets].

"I used 2 rule the world." - George W. Bush + The Coldplays duet

Which conceptual music video do yall 'like' the most?
Or is 'the music video' a dead art form?
In the future, will all music vids look like iPod commercials/capture the same positive consumer-core zeitgeist?

Seen n e keut music vids lately?

Video: Architecture in Helsinki - That Beep.mp3


As we move forward in time, I wonder how Architecture in Helsinki became 'relevant' when so many other kutesie, empty sounding bands faded away in 2k0-2k5. Is it because they are foreign? Do they write good songs? Is their work conceptually satisfying? Do they write lyrics that help humanity cope with the human experience?

h8 u arch in helsink.

Music Video: Fan Death - Veronica's Veil.mp3


Fan Death: the Glass Candy of 2k9? I will listen to them more than I realize & I won't be able to tell how much I like their music. I just listen to it because it sounds 'kinda disco-y + a lil bit authentic.' I allegedly value the 'production value.' They are also 2 girls and some bro producer. Not sure if I want 2 start crushing on 1 of them yet. (miss u Alice Glass)

Fan Death MP3 heist:

Music Video: the Jewels - Who Will Save Yalls Soul


This Jewel girl is a new up-and-coming artist who is changing the independent music scene. I know that there aren't many women in the music industry, but after the Jewels, things might be different. Her song 'Who Will Save Your Soul' is about George W. Bush's Presidency. Kinda makes me want 2 be religious.

Music Video: The Postal Services - We Will Become Silhouettes


This is a band by indie startup bloghaus band The Postage Servicing. U can see that the band is a group of authentic friends who united under the common goal of making meaningful music together. The song is about being afraid of dying without leaving ur mark on society. (afraid2die, yall) The Postal Service is certainly a band to watch in 2k9.

In 2k9, HRO will be all about 'breaking bands' that yall have nvr heard of.

I have a Satty Radio show. I have awesome taste in music, yall!
(better taste than u) ///my blog is on the hypemachine
The most music u will ever share is in a meaningless car ride in ur Honda Accord with a group of your closest friends. Or maybe on a mix CD for your mom's Birthday.
Love u, carles! ///bye
PS: Do yall know n e buzz bands that I should play on my nxt radio show? Feel like I'm really 'leaving my mark on society', yall. 1 person can('t) make a diff.

What is the future of the music video?

I was watching this Kanye West video, and I couldn't help but wonder about the future of music videos. This seems rlly different and innovative, so I'm wondering if we're all gonna have to make music videos in 'generic cartoon' format instead of using video cameras. Should I return the HD camera that I obtained with a Canadian Art Grant?


Can black people identify with sillie cartoons and 'progressive production techniques' now that Barry Obama is in office?

Then I watched this KINGS OF LEON video for "Use Some Body."
I think this video is probably the most important video in the history of music videos. It's what the music video format has been working towards for over 50 years. It merges every important altRock aesthetic/gimmick into one video.


These aesthetics include:

  • meaningful tour documentary
  • singing into the camera and bein' sad/meaningful
  • live performance
  • staged live performance
  • aerial photos over meaningful city
  • metaphorical stock footage
  • embracing with a woman
  • staged 'candid' shots to represent the band being true bros

This video makes me yearn 4 more late 90s/early 2Ks uninspired altRock videos.  I feel like Kings of Leon might be post-meaningfulcore, because they appeal to a new subset of fanBros who are searching for meaning, but want something 'a little bit less indie.' The song "Use Somebody" is a power ballad that will hopefully fuel meaningful montages at the conclusion of television series' & sporting events.

I feel like they are probably the first band that 'started out as indie' but then somehow rebranded themselves as 'mainstream altr0ck', which now means ur going to get DCFC mainstream&alt news source coverage of them for the next 5-10 years.

///I //could //use//somebody///

But srsly...will Ben Gibbard's songs be as meaningful/humble now that he has lost a lil bit of weight?

Would DCFC have been different if Ben Gibb had a different body type since Day 1 (i.e. the Dashboard Confessional Lil Emo Man Theory)?

Does havin' 'a lil bit more meat on ur bones' make you easier 2 identify with/get vulnerable with because you have an easily identifiable 'shortcoming' and/or 'insecurity'?

miss u.

I love music videos that are supposed 2 look indie for MTV/VH1 audiences

[video may not be viewable in your RSS reader]

How many 'indie music video' gimmicks can u count in this music video?


I was watching this video by the Matt and Kims for the song "Daylight." I feel like this video is the perfect execution of the 'indie aesthetic for people who like things that look earnestly quirky are meaningful.' (These people were created after NappyDynamite Fever.) The song structure is baffling enough for people to not know if it is good or bad, enabling them to decide on the quality of product based on 'how it looks' in relation to 'stuff they've seen in the past.'

Since it is a mashup of indie/meaningfulcore aesthetics, the product is approachable, and most entry level alts are able to assign meaning to it in a deliberately arbitrary way.

BUT SRSLY...if I lived my life in stop-motion, would it be more meaningful?
///Just want to exist where soul meets body//////////////

NSFW if you work in a work environment that doesn't allow 'dancey female lead singers' who 'sway to-and-fro with the sounds of an indie ballad.'


"I tried to do handstands for yall."
- Chairlift (a.k.a. Apple Buzzband version 4.6) [commercial]

Matt & Kim


Matt Johnson & Kim Schifino make up Matt & Kim, a band 4 entry level lamestreamers.

Read more>>>>

Which band has the most authentic Music Video Aesthetic?

In a world where we don't watch music videos on TV any more, we are presented with the question, "what makes a music video worth watching on a lil screen?" Overall, I'm just looking for authenticity kinda like every other aspect of my life. I don't like it when videos are 'too viral' because that means they will go mainstream.
Videos must be a little bit of everything:

  • conceptual
  • earnest
  • meaningful
  • arty
  • artsy
  • artistic
  • have a direct relation to my alternative lifestyle
  • retro
  • modern
  • postmodern
  • campy
  • serious
  • not designed to 'go viral.

Which artist has the most authentic music video aesthetic?

Is it M83 with their 80s video camera music videos?


M83 - "Graveyard Girl"

Or maybe it's Thieves Like Us with their earnest music videos that remind us what it of what it meant to be young & authentically care about things/relationships.


Thieves Like Us - Desire

It's DEFINITELY NOT Ratatat with their College Video Art Project Aesthetic. (If I wuz their professor, I would give them a pity "B-.")


Ratatat - "Schempi"

Coldplay's "Viva La Vida" utilizes a Photoshop Smoke Effect. Do yall know how to use photoshop to make ur youtube videos look like children's boox?


Coldtug - "Viva La Vida, Yall"

I feel like at this point, it might be Frankmusik. In this video he utilizes the post-pop Tom Hanks in the movie BIG dancing on neon piano keys aesthetic.


Frankmusik - "Three Little Words"

Should I Blog more about Thomas Hanks / dancing on supersized piano keys?

Which post-bloghaus/indierock/meaningfulcore band has the most authentic video aesthetic?
What do yall look for in quality videos?
Should merge with youtube or vimeo?
Should vimeo merge with youtube or xtube or porn0t00b?
What makes a music video meaningful 2 u?

Lana Del Rey is fondled by a series of old, gross men in her new video. #GROSS

Lana Del Rey's new 10 minute video is for the anthemic song "Ride", a tribute to the spirit of America... which according to Lana Del Rey is getting slammed in a series of seedy bars and motel rooms by old, gross men who see her as nothing more than a slam pig. The song is beautiful, but in a way, maybe it is because it is giving old, disgusting, white, gross whore-buying men hope that even when they are old, they can find a young, troubled girl to 'give it 2' without any restraints or limitations.

You have to give Lana Del Rey props for executing a magnificent artistic vision... even if that vision is only about getting fondled by a series of old, gross men.

She lives by the motto 'Ride'. And ride she does... (a series of gross old men).

She is a lost soul, nomadic, searching for love and feelings anywhere... even if those love and feelings enter her while she is bent over a pinball machine by a man who hasn't bathed in ~6 days.

She understands the creative Willy Lomans of the world, giving us hope that one day, we will find happiness.

I'll never forget the first time an older man had his way with me in a motel room.

Ride. Just Ride.

Ew! Gross! Get Ryan Gosling in here or something! I feel like I have to take a bath after watching this video, like the sweat, grime and semen of old, gross biker dudes is all over me and inside of me. Gross! Take that American flag off, Lana BB! Grosssss. Ughhh.

Has Lana created a new American masterpiece?
R u grossed out?
Do u want to take a bath?
R u tired of her aesthetics?
Does she still sing like Betty Boop?
Is LDR 'better than Lady Gaga, Katy Perry and Rihanna'?
R u going to morph into a gross, fat biker dude so that you can make LDR fall in love with u?
Did LDR just take a 'huge shit' all over the spirit of America?

Lana Del Rey makes new video about assassinating black Presidents, stars A$AP Rocky


Lana Del Rey is one of the only interesting people to come out of the indie game, which is why she makes 'bat shit insane' videos, and eventually went mainstream because no1 cares about smellie druggies in bands from Brooklyn, and don't mind looking at a premium BB doing her thing, being artsy fartsy, and executing a creative vision with a major label budget.

HAVING SAID THAT, Lana Del Rey is still 'effing insane' in the way she executes basic middle school cliched ideas that could only really ever appeal to dumb ppl. Her video for "National Anthem" is this whole vintage John F. Kennedy + Jackie O tribute piece. She plays into the cliche of singing "Happy Birthday Mr. President" in a Bettie Boop voice at the beginning, then prances around like Then she wears tons of 'Jackie O esque' fashions and does WASPy shit for the whole video, while she begs for adoration in the form of verbal and material reaffirmation.

A$AP Rocky is all like, "Yeah nigga, I be on those white women, gettin my JFK on, swaggin on that creaming Jackie O pussie." They created even halfie children.

A$AP Rocky seems desperate 2 appeal 2 white ass honky people, and white women who have a the swag strand of jungle fever. Not sure if this is good or bad for his status in the hip hop game.

At least we know he is an A$$ MAN, which is consistent with racial stereotypes.

From now on, he should just be referred to as 'video boy' for appearing as a 'dummie hunk' in a music video.

For some reason, there is a LanaDelReyian allusion to the assassination of JFK, which is probably some election year commentary on how "Some1 should assassinate black Presidents." It is is a real shame that she stooped so low. At the same time, she really shoulda had more BRAINS in this video. Every1 knows that JFK's brains ended up all over Jackie O's dress on that dark day in Dallas TX.


Personally, I never got a hard on for Jackie O. Maybe it's because she once had brains on her lap, and I'll never be able to not think about that, even if she was spread eagle. Plus she totally dressed how all those 'try 2 hard' vintage bitches dress now.

Anyways, great video, great song, if you like songs about how much one white woman loves to be penetrated by black men, being rich, having hot interracial sex, creating 'Oreo children', and connects 'the hip hop lifestyle' to the 'honky ass life of luxury.'

Tell me I'm ur natty anthem bb!
How bout u tell me I'm ur swag black husband with a 19 inch python ready to swag in2 u!

Is LDR pro-Mitt Romney?
Does she want to 'do away' with any President of color by any means necessary?
Is she 'the Lee Harvey Oswald' of Indie?
Do u <3 this video?
Is this song 'good'?
Is Lana Del Rey just sticking to her gimmicks?
Should she stick 2 her gimmicks?
Is A$AP Rocky 'swag as fuck'?
Does she want to kill black/colored Presidents and politicians, returning to a world where whites rule everything around us?
Do they have beautiful halfie children?
Was there a 'casting call' asking for 'light skinned and halfie children'?
At the end of the day, does Lana Del Rey look good bb?

Jackie O who? #TeamLDR!

Twin Shadow releases STEAMY, SEXI new motorcycle video


George Lewis Jr...
U rlly know how to make my panties wet
Seeing u up on stage
Looking at the bulge in ur tight pants

Imagining running my fingers thru ur hair
I wish u would make me urs
even if just 4 one nite

Pick me up on ur motorcycle
take me to the Taco Bell drive thru
I can feel my private parts getting damp and creamy
the vibration of the road
my arms around u

The element of fear, riding on ur motorcycle
Will we get in a wreck?
Will I suffer permanent brain damage?
Will the bike tip over, sliding on pavement for miles, leaving the entire side of my body skinless, as if I just sandpapered away my skin

I'm on the edge with u, bb
Oh Georgie...
Come pick me up...
Protect me from scary mean ol' biker gangs from the 1960s

I'm waiting
I'll always be waiting
For ur tall, dark & handsome a$$

Do u evr feel like ur waiting 4 Twin Shadbro 2 pick u up on his motorcycle?

Twin Shadow


Twin Shadow is the 2k10 buzzband buzz project of George Lewis Jr. His hit album FORGET is 'highly bloggable.'

Read more>>>>

Best Coast makes new music video aimed at borderline retarded indie fans

Best Coast is the ultimate one trick pony of indie, so much so that she basically sabotaged her own brand by thinking that it was the least bit interesting and/or appealing to her own theoretical target markets that don't even exist. In this video for "The Only Place", we get the same crap with her that we've always got. California. Beach. Babes. Fun. Sun. Cats. Dank. AZN guy being excessively integrated into the band bc maybe Bethany's like "Hey, he's responsible for ruining our brand, too!" Anyways, it is offensive 2 her authentic fans that she is not interested in growing/elevating her brand and instead just perpetuates the same gimmicks and tired sounds. If there's a winner in the Best Coast LP2 fiasco, it's gotta be Jon Brion, the respected producer who collected a paycheck and watched the metaphorical Titanic sink.

This video is a huge embarassment, and it has basically just dumbed herself down even beyond the lowest common denominator. People probably were like 'this is gonna be all over MTV, so just be YOU!' Many ppl say it just rips off one of her old videos, going 'high budget' and losing any sense of charm and personality. Back before Bethany was 'trying too hard' to build a personal brand, basically ripping off Stevie Nicks with a touch of Urban Outfitters.


When it's all said and done, Best Coast's 2nd album TANK will be remembered as a bigger TANK than MGMT's followup album. The video is a slap in the face 2 authentic Best Coast fans, and the song (Which is the best on the album) is a parody of a vintage Best Coast song.

How did Best Coast go so wrong?

Is this video disgraceful?
Are they the worst band in indie?
ARe they officially a Fuse TV band that has no real fans?
Is it time for Bobb Bruno to jump off this sinking ship?
Do u even enjoy listening 2 these songs n e more?
How can Best Coast save her brand?


'I rlly love hockey.' -bandwagon LA Kings fan

Best Coast


Best Coast is a fuzzy buzzy band that sings abt dank, California, boys, and kitty cats

Read more>>>>

Grimes continues to capitalize on gimmick of 'acting like a weirdo' in new video


Grimes has some new video for a song called "Night Music." The song is not one of her best, and the video is just Grimes being Grimes. Bleep Bloops. Weird images. Arm waving in an effort to give the illusion of 'mystique.' Her knowing that she is 'interesting to look at', like some sort of sexy forest creature. We get it. Grimes being Grimes. Then there is some naked dude. People in the forest, running around.

It's basically a snuff film without the climax/killing/sex. I guess that's a good vibe.

R u still vibing to Grimes's gimmick?
Do u <3 Grimes?
R u over her?
Does she have enough good songs to warrant making more videos?
R u interested in her bleep bloop weirdoness?

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