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Unchill Google employee hacked into tween gmail accounts to get his child predator on

I am an avid gmail + google user, so I am kinda scared that Google is just harvesting data for the government/China/some sort of illuminati. It seems like some bro who works at Google utilized his position 2 hack into the gmail accounts of teens so he could get turned on. Seemed to be some sort of scary child predator

David Barksdale, a 27-year-old former Google engineer, repeatedly took advantage of his position as a member of an elite technical group at the company to access users' accounts, violating the privacy of at least four minors during his employment, we've learned. Barksdale met the kids through a technology group in the Seattle area while working as a Site Reliability Engineer at Google's Kirkland, Wash. office. He was fired in July 2010 after his actions were reported to the company

R u worried that a google employee/the government is gonna invade ur private life, expose u, and ruin u? Should I join the social network because they are 'mad private'? Will Google 'expose' Tiger Woods?

In an incident this spring involving a 15-year-old boy who he'd befriended, Barksdale tapped into call logs from Google Voice, Google's Internet phone service, after the boy refused to tell him the name of his new girlfriend, according to our source. After accessing the kid's account to retrieve her name and phone number, Barksdale then taunted the boy and threatened to call her.

In other cases involving teens of both sexes, Barksdale exhibited a similar pattern of aggressively violating others' privacy, according to our source. He accessed contact lists and chat transcripts, and in one case quoted from an IM that he'd looked up behind the person's back. (He later apologized to one for retrieving the information without her knowledge.) In another incident, Barksdale unblocked himself from a Gtalk buddy list even though the teen in question had taken steps to cut communications with the Google engineer.

Worried I'm gonna have to start using Bing/hotmail/
Afraid that Google 'knows 2 much' and hires unchill bros who just want to read all of my gChats.
Feeling let down and violated by the Google.

It seems like maybe he wasn't a 'child predator' after all. He was just trying to be a funny lil troll, showing off that he had a 'bad ass job' playing 'God' via Google:

Our source said Barksdale's harassment did not appear to be sexual in nature, although his online communication with the minors (such as inviting underage kids to attend to the movies with him) demonstrated extraordinarily questionable judgment on Barksdale's part. "My gut read on the situation was that there wasn't any strong sexual predatory behavior, just a lot of violating people's personal privacy," our source explained.

Does this bro seem 'mad alt'? R u a hacker? Do u hope 2 work 4 google 1 day?

R u worried about ur online privacy?
Can google ruin ur life?
Does Google know more abt u than ur bffs?
R u worried that facebook employees are reading ur sext messages/browsing patterns?
Should all of ur browsing + messaging information be 'private'?
Do u trust google?
which web 2.0 company is 'a conspiracy'?

Craiglist ‘cock blocks’ hard, won’t let u buy & sell local prostitutes n e more

Craigslist has always been a chill, organic social network that 'phased out' the local classifieds and has helped to put the 'newspaper business' out of business. Craig Bro has always been a chill bro in my book, making a sweet list in relevant cities 4 every1 2 chill on. I have purchased a lot of sweet stuff on craigslist. An authentic fixed gear bicycle, a used IKEA sofa for $50, some concert tickets to the sold out Sufjy show, and even found my current apartment on craigslist. My coffee shop barista+pizza-making job was also posted on craigslist by our chain's regional manager, hoping to find people like me who were young, progressive, and willing to learn how to make both coffee and pizza dough. Sometimes I even post missed connections about people who 'gave me a hard-on while I was riding the subway home', projecting my hopes and dreams on to this alt-looking keut girl/alt twink.

Most importantly, I purchased my first 'hooker' off craigslist. It really is a great place to meet new people, and 'have ur way with them.' I met a user who was named "Samantha - 23 all natural big titties.' She was located in a Ramada Inn close to the airport. I went to her room, and she was a little bit uglier than she looked in the pictures, but I was still super hornie, and got 'turned on' because I was doing something illegal. I had very aggressive sex with her, and said hateful, and potentially racists things 2 her. It was actually a positive experience, because I accepted that I was a 'homosexual' afterwards, and was only dominating women to deal with my

What is ur craiglists prostitution experience? Did they come 2 ur house, or did u meet them at a hotel? Was it weird to go into their pussie/mouth/butt hole after some1 else had been in it hours before?

Anyways, totally bummed that craigslist took down the "Adult Services" section of their website because too many people were getting killed/ teen girls were being kidnapped and forced in2 sex:

Craigslist closed the adult services section of its website Saturday, replacing it with a black bar that says "censored," just over a week after a group of state attorneys general said there weren't enough protections against blocking potentially illegal ads promoting prostitution.

Really bummed that I can't even browse craigslist. Sometimes I wouldn't even buy a prostitute, but I would just look at heavy, ethnic women with stretch marks and 'jack off' while fantasizing about having sex with them in La Quinta Inns.

Do yall think Craigslist is dangerous for whores/humans/buyers/sellers? Have yall ever purchased illegal goods off craigslist? Should I steal stereos/cars and sell them on craigslist? Should I hold a prostitute against her will, and make her sell her body on craigslist?

In an Aug. 24 letter, the state attorneys general said Craigslist should remove the section because it couldn't adequately block potentially illegal ads promoting prostitution and child trafficking.

Authorities point to the case of 24-year-old Philip Markoff as a prime example of the dangers posed by Craigslist services. The former medical student was accused of killing a masseuse he met through the hugely popular classified advertising site, which was founded by Craig Newmark. Markoff committed suicide in the Boston jail where he was awaiting trial.

Googled for the 'Craiglist killer', and found this bro. He seems normal-looking, like any other bro just 'trying to get off.'

Wonder what happened when he killed his masseuse. Seems like an unchill thing 2 do.

Should the internet be used as a marketplace, or just for social issues?
CAn u really trust people on the internet?
What have u purchased off craigslist?
Have u ever purchased a prostitute?
Have u ever purchased a prostitute off the internet?
Do u meet people on craigslist?
Have u been on a date with a craiglister?
Have u ever posted a missed connection?
Do u know any better solutions 4 eCommerce than craigslist?
Do yall ever wish ur face ended up on the local news 4 being part of a prostitution ring?

Would u rather be a 'black pimp' or a 'drugged out white whore'?
Do u know of any other good sites where u can buy a prostitute from the internet?
Do u think craigslist is a useful tool, or is it a bad idea to get involved with any1 from craigslist?

PASTE Magazine ‘folds’, mp3 blogs celebrate ‘taking down a magazine’

MP3 blogs are apparently 'the future' of content filtration and recommendation in the music industry. Old magazines are no longer profitable because no1 buys them cuz u can't stream mp3s on paper. Some indie music magazine called PASTE just 'went under.' Did yall read that mag, or are music mags for 'cool dads'? Do u like reading glorified blurbs about glorified generic sounding indie rock bands?

Not sure if that means they will still have a blog spot web presence, or if they will just 'shut it all down.'

"Seems sad" -a cool dad who loves 2 read magazines

The music monthly Paste magazine is shuttering its print publication after struggling financially for more than a year.

Editor-in-chief Josh Jackson said Wednesday that the magazine based in suburban Atlanta will keep its popular website going but will stop sending print editions to its more than 200,000 subscribers.

Seems unchill to 'axe' all of their music writers. Wonder if they will just outsource content production to India. Feel like that will probably keep 'writers' from thinking that they are actual artists.

Wonder if they will 'see a backlash' from people who donated to their fundraising campaign, but now feel 'effed over' that it went under.

Last year, the magazine asked readers to donate money to help it stay afloat. That drew thousands of dollars. Jackson says the donations helped delay the inevitable, after advertising revenue dropped.

Good thing 'website format' is their core competency. Wonder if Pitchfork 'dodged the bullet' by not trying to make a paper edition 'work' in the early 2000s?

Paste started as a website in 1998 and was first published on paper in 2002. Each monthly edition includes articles and photos on music, film and culture, plus a CD with songs from up-and-coming artists.

It seems like all hype machine mp3 bloggers should 'take out a bottle of champagne' since 'we' just won another battle, taking down another antiquated media standard by 'stealing their content + ads + improving the user experience.' Seems exciting, like a 'great day for new media.'

Do yall like mp3 blogs more than 'rock n roll magazines'?
Which music magazine is gonna go under next? Rolling Stone? SPIN? Buzzband Magazine? Gorilla Vs Bear Weekly Zine?
Do yall miss 'authentic music journalism'?
Is it weird when blogs write about magazines dying being a 'sad day'?
Should blogs celebrate any time a newspaper or magazine 'folds'?
Is 'music journalism' overrated?
When will HRO 'go under'?
When will blogs die?
Should HRO MEDIA ENTERPRISES hire the fired Paste Staff at 'below market wages', or should they just create some sort of 'robot' that scrapes the web and generates a crappy blurb based on other articles?
Is 'indie dead' or just indie rock magazines?

R u gonna miss PASTE?
Is music journalism 'dead'?

Son drops his Cool Dad’s Macbook, Dad gets hella pissed 4 being ‘pranked’ 4 viral hits


Gddmmt son
Just wanted u to fix my goddamn Macbook
But u had to go and drop my goddamn macbook
U son of a bitch
(divorced ur mother when u were 5)

U seem to have mad computer skills
but wish u hadn't 'punked me'
just to 'go viral'
on an internet full of Mac users

inspiring them to ponder
"What if I dropped my Macbook--would I be able 2 live?'
"Would I be hella pissed?"

Feel like this dad shoulda been more 'abusive' of his son
From infancy to puberty to post-tween to gross teen years
Instead of encouraging him 2 pursue computer sciences
Maybe shoulda made him play youth sports
really being psychologically abusive after he had a 'bad game'

U shouldn't 'be bros' with ur son
That's the trouble with being a cool dad
U don't command respect
Ur son just thinks he can 'be boyz' with u,
broing down on demand.

Laughing with ur dad
Making him look like a 'jack ass'
just 2 go viral
tagging the video "EPIC DAD FAIL LULZ MACBOOK"

Should this dad severely punish his son?
Have u ever dropped ur Macbook?
Can u repair a broken Macbook screen?
Are cool dads too chill 2 command respect?
Should cool dads be more authoritarian just to make sure every1 knows who is paying the bills, planting seeds in wombs, and being 'the fucking boss'?

Am Appy CEO h8s blogs who pan their brand just to get hits, singles out Gawker

American Apparel is an American-based Apparel Retail selling company who is known for provocative ads. It seems like their company is 'blog bait' since 'effing hipsters' are constantly wrestling with their relationship with the brand. The CEO of American Apparel is named "Dov Charney", and he is usually 'torn to pieces' by blogs for being 'inauthentic' about his company's 'social missions' since blogs would rather focus on his 'sexually deviant' personal brand.

Some blogspot wrote some post about Am Appy, then he called the blogger to 'set their ass straight.' Do yall h8 bloggers who are ruining the lives' of companies, buzzbands, record labels, and entrepreneurs who are just trying to make the world a better place/sell shit?

First he says Gawker is 'bullshit' because they hide behind so many levels of satire, but don't try to make the world a better place:

Gawker's exploiting their position as a satirical website -- they should be using their power to effect social change.

Do yall like Gawker? From what I understand it is 'one of the biggest blogs in the world' since they 'invented snark.'

N e ways, Dov Charney has been 'branded as a sexual deviant' according to blogs. He says that some bro lied about all of that, now he is stuck getting tons of coverage about it even though it isn't really even that true.

So the sexual harassment accusations aren't founded?

Charney: Absolutely not. You're a fool to think that. You and Gawker are part of an ongoing campaign of self-interest. Gawker wants people to read their posts. Go look at yourself in the mirror. It's cheap journalism. It wouldn't be as exciting if this was a story about Zales. There's a catharsis you should all go through. This is a fake crusade, an entire media campaign since 2005 initiated by an attorney who wanted money. No one has the balls to remove him from the system. It's one fake case after the next.

There's a high level of intelligence behind the business. We're marketing well and hiring people who know how to speak to the essence of the brand -- or at least we're making efforts to. Could Larry King show up to his job with a septum ring? We're trying to cast the right people for the store. We have room for a lot of exception and variety. That's somehow unethical? We regulate the taste in our store. Gawker's coverage of the issue has not done justice to the social issues at hand. The media has choices.

Do u think it is unfair for coverage to focus on 'sexual harassment' + other sexual vibes associated with their brand/employees? He goes on to say that Martin Luther King Jr also 'got his swerve on' even though he was changing the world/ending racism. Bros will be bros--no big deal. Men do great things, and men also love 2 make love.

Martin Luther King was having affairs, but his work was too important so the media didn't bring it up. They're deploying sexual shame tactics -- it dehumanizes the subject. Ideas are more important. I accuse you of being a creep. A large number of the plaintiffs stole from the company, or we had valid reason to want to remove them. If I'm a creep, they're creeps. Provocative ad campaigns make sense. Who cares?

MLK seems chill for 'getting his Tiger Woods' on [via having a dream of premium blow jobs].

N e ways, seems like the resolution is that 'bloggers are cowards', and don't really even contribute anything to the world since they are possibly the worst kind of journalists since they just have to make up lies/stories/focus on negative vibes just to get hits.

Journalists are in collusion with one or two plaintiff lawyers. Who's the victim if I can't finance my business? Shareholders? Workers? They're writing crap to get $300 for a blog post. There's a hysteria in the community that separates itself from reality. Gawker can play an important role in using satire and humor. It's morally reckless on their part to put out random stories with altered or fictitious emails, or to take one person's opinion and cast it as the opinions of many. It was like 12 emails from a group of 5,000 retail workers. I think it's creepy. I've invited them to come to the factory and talk to the workers.

Do yall think Dov Charney is chill?
Do blogs harsh his company's vibes 2 much?
Is Gawker being 'mean' just 2 get hits?
Should more blogs blog for social change, or do blogs need to blog 4 hits?
Do blogs just belittle the intentions of others without even bringing anything innovative to the table?
Are blogs bad for journalism?
Is blogging 'cheap journalism'?
Is HIPSTER RUNOFF ruining buzzbands/companies?
Is THE ALT REPORT 'cheap journalism'?
Do u support American Apparel?
Do u believe in their social mission?
Every time a blog 'takes a shit on Am Appy', are they really just hurting the factory workers who depend on the company for their job?
Every time some1 posts a blog, will feelings get hurt?
Are you on #Team_Appy, #Team_Dov, #Team_Gawkie, or #Team_Blogger_Mad_Hits?

MOVIE TRAILER: New Mockumentary About the Creation of Facebook/Mark Zuckerberg biopic


The Social Network is some new film that looks tells the 'epic story' about how Mark Zuckerberg created/stole Facebook. It seems like it 'cannot be serious', like some sort of modern dramatic mockumentary or something. Possibly was made for the Lifetime Movie Network. It seems like some 'huge joke', like something that is supposed to appeal to tween bros, and give them dreams of dropping out of college after creating 'the next big internet social tool.'

Do u think this movie trailer seems 'super deep and emotional'? Does the emo choir cover of Radiohead's "Creep" make it seem mad alt/indie?


Apparently it is directed by "David Fincher" who directed the alt films Fight Club and Se7en [via Brad Pitt]. Feel like maybe he shoulda had Brad Pitt play Zuckerberg in this movie so that more women would come see this shit. Maybe even put Angelina Jolie in there and write in a 'fuck scene.' Possibly even give their 3rd world adopted kids some 'facetime' too. But I guess tons of tweens are gonna go see this to 'feel deep', and feel like they 'really get' facebook every time they log in. It will be kinda like when a rich lady wears a blood diamond, and 'values it more' because she understands that human rights were violated just so she could have her jewelry.

Feel like it is always a bad sign for a movie when you put Justin Timberlake in it. Don't really care how 'talented' he is, or how sweet his songs are. Just seems like a way to make sure females accidentally see it, thinking he is gonna sing at some point during the movie

Feel like Zac Efron shoulda played Zuckbro, and maybe it could have been a 'musical.' Maybe get the Twilight Cast + the High School Musical cast + the Harry Potter cast, and let their brands sell the movie.

Have always thought Zuckbro was mad chill. Seems like they make him out to be an unchill bro in this movie who 'fucks his bros over.' Wish I knew the real story. Feel like any bro who is always down to 'hoard tons of data about consumers' and 'get mad hits' will always be chill in my book.

Wonder if M.I.A. shoulda married him since she only marries billionaires.

Here is another 'trying to be deep and edgy' trailer. Bet it looks mad sweet when on the big screen when ur about to watch Toy Story 3.


Do u think this film looks 'amazing', 'insightful' and 'deep'?
Do u want to see this movie?
Do u think u and ur bros are more likely to start a successful web tool or a buzzband?
Are yall more into Facebook, Myspace, ConnectU, twitter, or friendster?
Is this movie going to be 'smart and informative' or is it just a 'shock piece' that tries to make the normal trajectory of business success seem 'super tragic'?
Do people care about 'the story behind facebook' or do they just want to share their stupid lives' with their stupid friends looking at stupid pix of every1 doing stupid things all day?
Is facebook 'the new Bible'?

When will we see the story of TOM [via Myspace]?

Some bro goes 2 jail for using craigslist 2 try to trade weed 4 an iPad

This is a picture of a chill ass bro who tried to use the popular website craigslist to connect with another human being who had an iPad. In exchange for the iPad, the bro was gonna give him seven grams of weed/dank/marijuana and his useless iPod touch. Anyways, some cops totes 'got the tip', probably while they were scanning craigslist to pick up escorts, and put this bro where he belongs--in the effing slammer, rotting away with every1 else who is a danger 2 society.

Seems like a chill bro, like he might have more dank on him. Wonder if he would expect u to smoke him out after u made the exchange.
Sorta seems like iPad + weed would be a chill combo, especially if u purchased some sweet games that really took advantage of the iPad's amazing interface.

A 20-year-old Arizona man was arrested by police Thursday after they responded to his ad on Craigslist offering an I-Pod and marijuana in exchange for an I-Pad.

Police say Jacob Walker posted an ad on the classifieds site with a headline that read,

“Wanted Ipad 32 GB read this!!!”

Damn. Hope the bro wanted a 3G iPad. Feel like he should only have to give up a few grams if it was only wifi enabled.

In case yall were wondering if it was 'dank'/'schwag' or premium weed, he described the weed in the post [via straight out of Cali]:

Inside the post he stated that he would exchange his I-Pod and seven grams of “Dank Blue Dream straight outta Cali” in exchange for Apple's widely popular product.

To ensure posters that he wasn't bluffing, Walker also included a picture of the I-Pod and the marijuana.

Police responded to the ad and undercover detectives arranged to meet Walker to exchange the items.

Wonder if the undercover cop was more than just 'an undercover man.' seems like he would have to be an undercover 'chill bro.'
There's nothing I h8 more than bros who are pretending to be chill, but then turn out to be 'cops' /'pigs.' Wish they'd just go chill on donuts or something [via police donut humor].

"Eff the police / government. "
-Rage Against the Machines

Wonder if I should just trade a bunch of dank for an iPad, then try to take my iPad DJing career 2 the next level.
Is California weed more likely to turn u into a buzzband [via Best Coast + WAVVES]?
Should marijuana be legalized in the USA?
Should marijuana be used as currency in the USA?
Should iPad for weed exchanges be legalized in the USA?
Should cops be banned from posing as 'chill bros' in order to send chill weed bros 2 jail?
HAve u ever had a sketchy craigslist interaction?
Is craigslist the best place to buy, sell, and barter marijuana?

AZN slaves who work in iPad factories are starting to commit suicide 2 escape from life

Apparently there is some company called Foxconn who runs some factories where consumer electronics are built. They make products for iPod, iPhone, iPad, Mac Mini, Xbox, Wii, and most crappy PC computers. Even though ur really happy when u open up a new gadget toy, u don't realize that it was made in some 3rd world country by some uneducated ppl. I guess these people have 'human needs' and want to be rich + happy like every1 else. Guess they weren't really happy working long hours for minimal wages, so they started to 'off themselves', then the company got mad because they had to pay a bunch of money to their families when they killed themselves.

Last week, the Chinese media got hold of a contract that the electronics manufacturing company Foxconn recently asked its workers to sign. Call it a non-suicide pact—"I will not harm myself or others," they were asked to declare. The contract directed employees who are troubled by work and life to reach out to relatives or to call Foxconn's "worker care center." The letter also stipulated that from here on out, Foxconn would not be liable to pay damages to the families of suicide victims. The clause sparked outrage in the Chinese media because, according to news reports, Foxconn currently pays out about $16,000 to families of workers who kill themselves. That amounts to about 10 years of the minimum salary at a Foxconn plant—10 years of what is by all accounts a physically and psychologically brutal job of putting together products for Apple, Dell, HP, Microsoft, Nintendo, and other electronics companies.

It seems like Foxconn employees are performing suicides on business grounds, just to make sure that their loved ones get paid, or to serve as some sort of 'larger metaphor' for being trapped in society / poverty:

Foxconn exployees are killing themselves in the most gruesomely public way: Nearly all of them have died by jumping from tall buildings on Foxconn's campus.

Sorta wish I was just a poor AZN, and had all of my troubles taken care of for me on a huge business campus where I could chill with all of my AZN bros as we 'slaved away all day.'

Foxconn's factories operate like dystopian cities—the campuses house tens or hundreds of thousands of workers each, and everything that they need is provided by the company. Most employees are in their late teens or early 20s, and many are migrants from rural China. All kinds of social problems can arise in these close quarters, Foxconn points out: romantic troubles, homesickness, substance abuse, financial worries. The company says it's those realities of life, not the conditions in the company's factories, that have led to the deaths of its workers.

Feel like I want to work at Foxconn. Maybe because I have white skin, and come from the West, I will be on the fast track 2 middle management. Just sorta want to get an internship as an 'AZN slave herder', whipping AZNs as they put together iPods and webcams.

Do u think they can find a way to have robots make these products so that less people die?
Do u ever wonder 'where my Macbook came from' or are u too busy browsing the net to think about that type of stuff?
Do factory workers have rights, or should they just 'be happy that they are able to earn a few pennies' since we are in a recession?
Do u think u would 'off urself' if u worked at a factory that put together iPads because u would never be able to afford an iPad?
Should we think more about technology manufacturing's impact on the Third World, or should we just continue praying to our Lord Savior Jesus Christ about being from the white, Western World where we have 3G networks 2 use out buzz gadgets?

iPad DJ plays her first gig, gets mainstream CNN coverage


I just saw this video of the iPad DJ getting her first gig. She claims that she spent 3 days 'preparing' for this event, creating samples, and making sure she would have a fucking 'rowdy ass' set. Feel like she is 'incredibly controversial' just because of how 'effing stupid' her gimmick is. Are yall a fan of her 'mission' or is she just trying to start a marketing firm, then show off how she has 'unique ideas' that can get waves of coverage from mainstream viral blog buzz.

According to the iPad DJ, people are genuinely 'riveted' by her live experience. They show footage of her at a bar, DJing, and every1 seems like they don't care. Like she is the 'sad DJ' at a semi-crowded bar who thinks that every is there for her. Sorta feel bad for her, like the gimmick is 'already dead' but she sorta has to take any PR that she can get just to make sure she squeezes as much coverage as possible out of the gimmick.

Are yall still vibing to the iPad DJ?
Do u think her skills have improved?
Is CNN covering her just because mainstream tech blogs covered her, and they 'wanted to get in on' the web content?
Is the iPad DJ still 'hot'?
Should I book the iPad DJ?
Do u think she has a message inspired by genuine love of the iPad, or is she still just riding the gimmick wave?
Is the iPad DJ the greatest marketing mind since Steve Jobs / Phil Knight?
Should I start an iPad DJ group?

the iPad DJ

DJ, Meme

The iPad DJ is some broad who claims that she is the world's first iPad DJ but she just uses iPad apps to make dumb sounding entry-level trance mixes.

Read more>>>>

Popular site that alts use 2 steal MP3s (the Hype Machine) acquired by massive media company

Hype Machine is a popular tool for discovering music from music blogs in a way that is more efficient than going to a bunch of crappy mp3 blogs. It has 'come to prominence' in the indiesphere for being a launching point for downloading/stealing free mp3s. The genius of the site is not the interface/design/functionality, but the fact that much of the 'legal liability' falls on the bloggers for hosting borderline-illegal mp3s. It seems like it has 'been acquired' by a massive media company since they want to make blog dollars off it, since it probably gets more pageviews than most big music blogs.



Digging a bit deeper, it looks like the acquisition of The Hype Machine for one had been rumored for a while, based on the mentioning of BUZZMEDIA in the site’s footer. But the site’s founder, Anthony Volodkin, responded to blog posts spreading that rumor in comments, saying they needed to be corrected because BUZZMEDIA does not in any way own but merely sells advertising on The Hype Machine.

BuzzMedia has added today 6 major music blogs. PureVolume, PopMatters, Gorilla vs. Bear, The Hype Machine, Concrete Loop and RCRD LBL join Stereogum, Buzznet, Idolator and Absolute Punk in the web entertainment publisher's music portfolio.

Is HypeMacchy even a blogspot?
Do u think Hype Machine will 'change'?
Will they be forced to 'give up their editorial control' of their blog?
Do u think Hype Machine should be allowed 2 sell ads?
Does Hype Machine make more of their revenue by selling ads or by charging PR agencies to let specific bands go to #1 on their charts?
Will Hype Machine become a 'mainstream corporate major label peddling website', or will they stay closer to their roots as 'a place that hosts a shit storm of SEOed remixes + indie band of the month mp3s'?
Will the hypemachine be relevant in 10 years, or will something like Napster/Pandora/Pitchfork blog aggregator replace it?

How do u feel about this 'recent wave' of blog acquisitions? Do u think u might start a music bloggyspot?
One day will u be rich and famous for starting a blog / alt web tool?
Do blogs make more money than indie bands?

M.I.A. uncovers the secret of Facebook and Google, claims they were invented by the CIA

After a 'hectic week of memes' generated by M.I.A., she continues to fling out controversial memes to meme her meme to the top of all memes in the music memesphere. In a 'controversial' interview with some blog magazine, M.I.A. makes the claim that both google and the facebook website were designed and developed by the American government.

“Anybody who is called the government is right. And anybody who isn’t called the government is not right… And you know, all governments are connected to Google, and all governments can shift their search engines so only what they want you to see comes up… I want kids to be aware of this digital circumstance… Everyone on the Internet is like, “Oh my God, come and join Facebook!” They’re all so optimistic… and really, everyone is fucking you up behind the screens. And I don’t like that. It makes it difficult for me to interact with my fans knowing that. Google and Facebook were developed by the CIA, and when you’re on there, you have to know that.”

Wonder if she's right. Wonder if the CIA designed and developed facebook to capture terrorists. Wonder if you can use google to find out who googles 'how to bomb shit?' 'where do u buy bombs from the Iraqians' and 'will brown ppl kill America?'

Feel like maybe giving up privacy on the internet is a good thing, just as long as they keep us safe, able to use the internet to read blogs, masturbate to pornography, masturbate to hot ppl on facebook, and to masturbate to twitter lifestreams.

Do u think MIA 'knows what she is talking about' or is she 'a dumb ass' who needs to put 'some fast food in her mouth' like the rest of America?
Is Facebook bad 4 society?
Is Google part of a government ponzi /pyramid / data mining scheme?
Are facebook + google both more powerful than the government?
Do Google + Facebook extract value by 'controlling humans' or just by learning their habits + selling analytical consumergraphical data?
Should MIA host Dateline NBC/60 Minutes/The View?
Is M.I.A. trying '2 hard' 2 be controversh?
Should I deactivate my facebook and google account?
Does M.I.A. use friendster for social networking and dogpile/askjeeves for searching?


M.I.A. on having a cousin who hung out with Tupac before he went mainstream

Her teenage years in Los Angeles.
"I was always going out to LA because my cousin lived there, and she knew all the Bloods and Crips. So I was hanging out with her, having crazy times, and then I’d come back and be like, ‘I hung out with Tupac last week!’ and nobody knew who he was!”

Is Tupac still alive?
Did M.I.A. take over Tupax's body after he was assassinated?
Did the CIA kill Tupac & invent Google + Facebook?
Is MIA on the government's radar, or is she only on the radar of sites who want to 'shit on her'/'cover her shittage upon'?


Buzzband, Alternative Celebrity

M.I.A. is known for thinking that the American government is out 2 get her.

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Court rules that RapidShare is still legal, people can still illegally download leaked albums

Rapidshare is a service where you upload a file, then you can share the link with tons of other users for free. Theoretically it seems like a straightforward service that should help people share important files to make the world a more productive place, but Rapidshare has become branded with illegal album leaks + movies + television shows.

Do u still buy albums, or do you just download leaks before the albums are even officially released?
Do u ever worry that you will 'get in huge trouble' for downloading / sharing leaks?

Apparently a court ruled that RapidShare is still chill/legal, and the music blogosphere will continue to be able to download album leaks from it:

Yesterday, the online storage locker RapidShare announced that it triumphed in its appeal over copyright holders who demanded that the service take more steps to control online infringement. Because RapidShare does not make uploaded files publicly available (those who upload them can control access), the court found that it could not be held liable for distribution and that running filename filters on all uploads would produce too many false positives.

It's a huge win for the site, which suffered a major setback in the case before a Düsseldorf court back in 2008. In that decision, the court found for rightsholders, and it looked as though RapidShare would have to start prescreening all uploads by file name, IP address, and other measures to preempt infringement.

It seems like this was a 'huge day' for people who want to share and download digital products that they didn't pay for. Feels like our rights to remain anonymous and illegally download copyrighted material have been preserved:

According to the new ruling, RapidShare cannot be held responsible for actions of third parties, since it forces people to choose how their content should be distributed rather than making it automatically available to the public.

In addition, the appeals court took aim at several filtering schemes. Blocking all files of a certain type (such as RAR files) was deemed inappropriate, since a file type has no bearing on the legality of an upload. Scanning by IP address was also tossed, because numerous people can use a single IP address. File name filtering tells you nothing about the contents of a file, so that was tossed. Even content scanning was problematic, as the court noted that this would just lead to encrypted files. Besides, even if you could know that a file was copyrighted, it could still be a legal "private backup" not distributed to anyone else.

Feel like 'our rights' were excessively protected. Always wonder if these sites are gonna get sued big time for hosting so many illegal files, but I guess the will be 'safe' and the users who download from these sites are well-protected.

What is your favourite source of albums: rapidshare, megaupload, mediafire, zshare, or iTunes?
Do you still pay for albums, or do you just google "band name" + "album name" + "illegal file hosting company"?
Can you go to jail for downloading a leak?
Should all music / movies / tv shows / digital media be free?
Do you know any 1 who has been sued for downloading a torrent / album illegally?
Should artists be 'flattered' when their albums leak, because enough people want it to illegally share it?
Is there anything that can be done to prevent an album from being leaked?

DJ industry in trouble, club owners will start to purchase DJ robots instead of expensive human DJs

I am not sure how much DJs cost, but apparently it is becoming more economically feasible for club and venue owners to invest in robot DJs, instead of paying nightly fees to book relevant DJs who are on tour. Feel like it would be sweet to go to a club that 'kept costs low' by not hiring DJs, so maybe u could focus on other elements of nightlife besides 'going out 2 worship a band/DJ's personal brand.'

Do u think robot DJs will replace human DJs?
Does n e 1 know the difference between a Robot DJ and a 'jukebox'?
If we begin to hire robot DJs, will 'real DJs' stop getting jobs?
Will machines / robots take over the world, and harvest our energy to run their computer systems? [via the Matrix]

Seems like robot DJ technology is in mad production:

The highly regarded Media Lab at the Massachusetts Institute Of Technology houses one such team and where in 2002, Assistant Professor Of Media Arts & Sciences, Chris Csikszentmihalyi launched the DJ-I Robot Sound System. I-Robot used a PC, several micro-controllers and an advanced ‘motion control’ system to automatically search, play and manipulate the vinyl records sitting on its turntables.

Over the past decade I-Robot has been on educative world tour, learning new techniques and generally stupefying its human counterparts. Csikszentmihalyi is keen, over time, to create the perfect spinner: “If we can make this machine work, we’ll give club owners an easy time.” And yet he has always been aware of the fun, experimental aspect of his work; back at that 2002 launch, he teased those human jocks concerned about imminent robot revolution. “We’re trying to make human DJs obsolete as far as possible” he semi-joked. “They’re expensive; they’re unreliable.”

Are DJs expensive, unreliable, and abusive of the perks provided by venues and promoters?

Can't believe the world is abt to end. can't believe robots are replacing humans. Wonder if there will be an era where DJs are replaced by outsourced DJing services who use a live feed via India to spin at a relevant party.

Maybe robot DJs would be able to produce 'sicker mixes' and 'deeper breakdowns' than just 1 human.

Csikszentmihalyi will tell you that robots aren’t likely to be on the nightclub bill for a few decades yet, but the radical advances do keep coming. Just under five years ago German industrial robot manufacturer Kuka launched Juke Bot, a pair of synchronised robot devices able to grasp vinyl, move it onto a number of surrounding turntables and mix. Appropriately, perhaps, Juke Bot’s preferred sound is industrial techno and, again, the device has been touring extensively, learning how to perform more effectively and provoking dizzy commentary on the future of clubland.

Seems like this robot arm is doing a 'chill job' at DJing.


Should we enjoy every DJ we see in the next 1-2 years, since DJs will go extinct soon?
If u had a club, would u buy nightly DJs, or just invest in a robot for 20+ years of fun?
Did Daft Punk inspire the robot DJ movement?
Is there a 'human element' in DJing that can't be replicated by robots?
Are DJs overpaid and overvalued?
Will Steve Aoki be homeless in 2k56?
Is this kinda like the movie Terminator 2: DJ Day?
Will humans win because we have 'heart', kinda like every movie about robots at war with humans?
Will robots replace humans in every industry?
Has the Alt Report Robot 'taken over' the Hipster Runoff brand?

The Hype Machine turns 5 years old. Has it made the ‘indie scene’ a better place?

Do u use the popular mp3 aggregator called 'The Hype Machine'? Apparently, it works just like Napster, except the mp3s are hosted on miscellaneous mp3 blogs. You can search for tons of songs and keep your finger on the pulse of 'what the blogosphere is buzzing about.' Can't believe this is what the Hype Machine looked like in 2005. Seems like that was over 200 blog years ago.

Do you prefer the new brand / functionality of the Hype Machine? Sorta weird how websites have to evolve to build a better community / functional tools for users, all just to get more hits, to get more indie alt internet dollars.

Sometime I wonder if alternative websites are 'in it 4 the right reasons' or if we are all just trying to make 'mad bank' from internet advertising dollars.

What is hype machine responsible for?
Has it hurt or helped 'the indie scene'?
Has it hurt or helped individual mp3 blogs?
Did mp3 blogs only become useful after the Hype Machine gave them a context/ecosystem?
Did mp3 blogs degenerate into 'shit holes' because they are just trying to get hits, and no longer have an independent voice?
Is the Hype Machine more influential than Pitchfork?
Did the Hype Machine ruin music journalism?
Did the Hype Machine make the 'indie scene' a better place because instead of having to 'scout' local bands, you can just monitor data + downloads + reaction on the internet?
Is the Hype Machine the second most important mp3-related invention behind the iPod?
Will the Hype Machine ever be shut down and how would the world react?
Do yall miss Napster?

What is the most authentic music recommendation site? ?

Map of America that illustrates density of Apple Users / tech gadget ass holes

Some map was created that shows the density of Apple users in America. It seems like people in real cities use Apple products. People who live in rural America are stuck on PCs / Dell Desktops / Cheap Hewlett Packards / Sony Vaios / other crappy Windows based computers. They probably don't have many computers in the green parts of the map, like the 'third world' areas of the United States. Feel bad that not every1 can enjoy the functionality of Apple products, but they probably don't even have good educations / a real job where a computer would be useful 2 them. They probably just need to count beans in these parts of the country, and don't

Wonder if you can make other assumptions based on this map of Apple users. Like 'all of these people read blogs' or 'all of these people are ass holes.' Maybe 'all of these people have fake jobs in the design + web development industry.' or we can assume that this map also represents the density of 'ass holes who use twitter.' Do yall know how to interpret maps + statistics?

Do u live in one of these relevant Apple using communities, or are you stuck in suburbia? Are you stuck in suburbia, but do u have parents who paid for you to 'be different from the rest' by buying u an iPod touch?

1. San Francisco-Oakland-San Jose, CA: With Silicon Valley and Apple headquarters located squarely within the market’s boundaries, it’s no surprise that the San Francisco-Oakland-San Jose DMA ranks number one in the nation for owning or using one of the core Apple products. Residents here are 49% more likely than the average American to own or use an iPod, iPhone or Mac computer.
2. Boston, MA: Almost one-in-three adults in the Boston DMA (31.3%) own or use an iPod, iPhone or Mac computer making area residents 45% more likely than average to be Mac maniacs. And with 11 Apple stores located within the Boston DMA, residents never have to go far for their Apple fix.
3. San Diego, CA: San Diego-area residents are 42% more likely than the average American to be toting around an iPod, chatting on an iPhone or computing on a Mac. In fact, 31.8% of the San Diego DMA’s 2.2 million adults are admitted Mac users.
4. New York, NY: Anyone can tell you that iPhones are about as common in New York City as taxis, which supports the fact that there are roughly 4.9 million Mac-users in the New York DMA. Of the almost 16 million adults in the area, 30.4% use either an iPod, iPhone or Mac computer.
5. Washington, D.C.: Residents of our nation’s capitol can agree on at least one thing: their love for Apple. D.C.-area residents are 39% more likely than average to be found listening to an iPod, chatting on an iPhone or tapping away on a Mac computer.
6. Chicago, IL: The Chicago-area’s eight Apple stores should keep plenty busy serving the DMA’s 2.1 million adults who currently use one of the three core Apple products. An estimated 29.4% of adults in the Chicago DMA use iPods, iPhones or Mac computers, making them 36% more likely than average Americans to be Apple consumers.
7. Denver, CO: An estimated 863,000 adults of the Denver DMA’s 3 million adult residents (29.1%) are Apple users, making Mile High City and surrounding area residents 35% more likely than average to use Apple’s iPods, iPhones and computers.
8. Monterey-Salinas, CA: This upscale, coastal DMA located immediately south of the San Francisco DMA is home to barely a half million adults and only one (busy) Apple store. An estimated 151,000 adults in the area (28.1%) own or use iPods, iPhones and/or Mac computers. In fact, Monterey-Salinas residents rank 30% above average for being Apple users.
9. Santa Barbara-Santa Maria-San Luis Obispo, CA: Aside from breathtaking views and sun-drenched beaches, the Santa Barbara DMA is home to 141,000 Apple users, 27.9% of area adults. Residents can take their pick of two Apple stores—one in Santa Barbara and another in San Luis Obispo—to fill all their Apple needs.
10. Las Vegas, NV: Sin City-area residents are also 29% more likely than average to be users of Apple products. Approximately 408,000 of the DMA’s 1.5 million adults (27.9%) use either an iPod, iPhone or Mac, or all three.

Should Apple start opening Apple Stores in rural America to get ppl to buy their products?
Do u feel ashamed of your city for not being on this list?
Are apple products perfectly designed products that God created thru the prophet Steve Jobs?
Do people in rural America not understand how technology is useful?
Is San Diego 'more alt' than NYC for beating them on this list?
Do u think one day the entire country will only use Apple products?
Should I buy an iPhone or get an iPad with a skype app?
Do u live in a relevant Apple city, or a rural PC shit hole?

iTunes going 2 start selling digital concert tickets + drink coupons

Apple apparently 'took out a patent' on some sort of device that will replace paper concert tickets. I think the point of this is to probably 'go green', 'reduce ticket counterfeiting', and encourage people to buy tickets bundled with mp3 albums. Feel sad that concert tickets are going to be 'replaced.' Guess it is good for the consumer to be able to buy products released by bands in a bundle. Sort of like shopping at Costco / Sam's Club and buying in the bulk.

Feel like Apple is just trying to 'take over' the music industry or something. Like one day they will control the rights to every thing any band produces if they upload their music / album art to iTunes. R u excited about the era of digital ticketing? Less headaches. No more standing in line 4 'will call'?

The latest Apple patent to hint at its future music plans is for a service called Concert Ticket, which would take the form of an iPhone and desktop application.

It’s described as an “iTunes based web service for tickets that will naturally enhance the iTunes music empire”. It includes e-tickets distributed to the handset, maps to the event, song lyrics, the ability to buy a live recording of the gig, virtual coupons for free drinks, and social features to find other fans at the concert.

Do u think Apple designers will 're-imagine' the concert ticket in the same way that they 're-imagined' personal computing / cellular phones?

This sort of reminds me of when 'records' / CDs were replaced by MP3s, and then they started a retro holiday called 'Record Store Day' to celebrate the antiquated concept of a physical album. I wonder if in the future bands will issue 'paper tickets' just to try to be 'vintage' and get their fan base to 'reconnect' with paper tickets from back when music 'meant something'?

Would u rather have ur ticket on ur phone, or a piece of paper?
Is paper worthless /non functional?
Can u use iTunes gift cards on concert tix?
Will Live Nation + Apple control the music industry in 0-5 years?
Is Apple the 'most innovative company' in the history of the music industry?
Will digital concert tickets ruin the live concert experience?
Will people who like books more than pdf files really 'h8' this trend?
Have u ever made a fake copy of a ticket?
Is Ticketmaster 'fucked'?
Should I buy an iPhone to save money on concert tickets?

Linkin Park makes an iPhone game for their angsty + minority + gamer fan base


Linkin Park is one of the most popular bands on the planet since they sing songs that angsty teens can identify with. Whether you are a minority, an AZN, a gamer, or a bro who drinks Mountain Dew alone in his room that is dimly lit with the glow of a computer screen, Linkin Park has become the ultimate prophet / psychologist / bro of a band.

It seems like Linkin Park made an iPhone app to 'appeal to their fan base.' It seems to be some sort of 'vintage' 8 bit video game played on an iPhone. iPhone is apparently the new Gameboy for tweens. Bands are always encouraged by 'social media experts' to do something new and exciting that gets ur fan base 'excited.' I think their fans like to play video games, but probably ones where you kill other humans, or maybe ones where you travel to other planets to kill aliens.

According to the trailer, the 8-bit thing comes into play musically, because the game "features original and 8-bit versions of some of their greatest hits." It also references the band's gaming roots, which include a lot of standards, according to Shinoda.

"My bandmates and I grew up playing games like 'Metroid,' 'Donkey Kong,' 'Zelda,' 'Space Invaders,' 'Mega Man' and 'Rygar,'" he said. "We wanted this game to have the feel of a vintage game, and a big part of it was the music."

Should I buy an iPhone so I can be a better Linkin Park fan?

Is Linkin Park the modern U2?
Do u want to hear 8 bit versions of Linkin Park songs?
Should Linkin Park become an indie 8 bit band?
Whatever happened to Crystal Castles wave 8 bit dance music blog house?
Are Linkin Park fans iPhone users, or are they poor tweens who are lucky if they got an iPod touch for Christmas?
Are iPhones the new Game Gears / Game Boys?
Is Linkin Park the most innovative band of the 21st century?
Should indie bands make video games?

Am Appy exploits Lookbook alt teen labor to extend their brand. is a popular website where alternative teens, tweens, and unemployed 20 year olds who still want to break into the fashion industry but just end up taking pictures of themselves in their parents backyard congregate to compare modern fashion. The site promotes the idea that 'every1 can be a model', 'every1 can work in fashion' and 'every1 can be a photographer as long as they have a decent camera + a few photoshop effects.' American Apparel seems to have had some contest where lookbook users fought for the opportunity to be featured in a magazine. Utilizing this free labor + the chance to come to Am Appy HQ in Los Angeles for an exclusive photo shoot.

Wonder if this exploited every alt's dream to be an Am Appy model, kinda like the Best Butt Content.

Lookbook seems to be a place that discourages retail consumerism, since so many users on the site create their own looks in regional thrift stores. American Apparel is probably trying to prove to lookbook users that they can utilize their products in an authentic way, instead of fighting for second hand thrift store garbage/discounted premium brand apparel.

Wonder if this was a good way to get 'cheap labor' from alternative teens who thought this would elevate their modeling career.

Is lookbook the perfect alt social networking community?

Is this free lookbook going to turn into 'hipster porn' for Gen X alt men?
Did Am Appy exploit these teens, or is this 'the highlight of their young alternative lives'?
If u had a lookbook, what kind of clothes would u wear to promote your brand and get 'hyped'?
Does n e 1 know of any documented cases where lookbook accounts led to a modeling career?
Is American Apparel the #1 internet marketer in the history of the internet?

MGMT tries to convince people to buy their CD by offering meaningful product packaging


Convincing people to actually buy your CD is one of the most difficult challenges that modern bands will encounter.  Really tough competing against the popular free mp3 distribution platforms rapidshare, mediafire, megaupload, and zshare [via the leak economy]. Fortunately, larger mindie and maltstream bands have strong tribes of followers who will 'buy into' any gimmick that the band utilizes to differentiate from other competitors. This zany video continues to set the 'buzz wheels' in motion for MGMT's Congratulations album release meme hype cycle.

In this video, MGMT attempts to 'sweeten the deal' by offering a kewl coin with your uniquely packaged CD. This coin seems to have some sort of Pagan / Satanic symbols on it. You are supposed to use the coin to scratch off the front cover of the album. Seems 'fun', but not sure if I want to scratch off something I paid mad bank for.

Also, they say that the CD booklet has 62 pages. It seems like they are trying to 'sell a book' or something like that.  I wonder if it has lyrics, or cool pix of the band, or kewl art, or something.  Maybe it lists place where u can use MGMT money to buy merch [via pagan coins].
It seems like this is a good strategy to help them 'cross over' further into the mainstream, charting in their first week between #1-5, depending on the competition. Not only will they use the 'gimmick packaging' technique, but they will probably also sell their album for 1.99 at the iTunes music store.

Is MGMT 'doing everything right'?
Is MGMT's album going to be critically panned?
Is MGMT's album going to be the #1 commercial indie album of the year, or will they 'fall short' of Vampire Weekend?

Should I buy a hardcopy of the MGMT album or just spend it on $11 worth of scratch off lottery tickets?

Is 'the album' dead?
Is 'the CD' dead?
Is 'the mp3' dead? [via live performance art economy]

Some etsy designer makes iMaxi iPad cover as a product meme.

It seems like if you are an independent designer trying to 'sell shit' on the internet, building a cutesy Apple accessory is probably your best bet. If your product is a good enough meme, you will get natural coverage on large technology blogs, then inspire purchases by wealthy people who need zany gag gifts.

Does n e 1 know if they can make a tampon that holds an iPod shuffle?
Are tampons more alt than maxi pads?
Are maxi pads for old ass bitches with 'heavy flow'?

This iMaxi iPad cover seems 'funny', like a link I would share with my friends.

Introducing Hip Handmaids’ exclusive iMaxi—the only Apple iPad case made with protective wings!
With its durable vinyl outer layer and plush, quilted-cotton sleeve, the iMaxi helps keep your iPad clean and dry. Plus, the iMaxi's Velcro-latched, advanced wing design wraps snugly around your device, so your iPad always stays where it should. Best of all, it shields it from all those unsightly and embarrassing data leaks that would make any motherboard worry!
Each handmade iMaxi can be easily customized to fit your active lifestyle. Please view other listings for different color options including our uh... "lived in" red thread interior. If you don’t see a color you like, just ask!

Should I get an iPad, or is it a 'bullshit' product?

Should I get an iMaxi or is it just a gimmick?
Do u like zany Apple accessories, or do u just carry around ur Macbook in an empty paper Whole Foods bag?
Should I have my period on this zany product?

Apple enslaves children+teens to create iPods, iPhones, and Macbooks

Apple has confirmed that they hired AZN teens + tweens to craft their iPods. Unfortunately, they only had 15 teen workers on the books, but the company probably could have had better margins for last quarter if the had paid teen workers with iPhones and iPod touches pre-loaded with 'App Store' gift certificates.

I am not sure if this is a 'bad thing', since teens love to get summer jobs in America. I feel like tons of teens would love the opportunity to make iPods + iPhones.

Basic information:

Parts of your iPod or iPhone could have been manufactured by a child.

At least eleven 15-year-old kids were working in three factories that supply Apple, according to the Telegraph.

Apple, which has factories in the Philippines, Malaysia, Thailand, the Czech Republic, the United States, Taiwan and Singapore, would not release information about the specific factories using child labor. It did, however, say that it no longer employs children in its factories.

Do yall respect Apple for employing children? Do yall feel sad that the hands of children were used 2 make iPods instead of playing with them / sexting with them?

Should I get a vintage Macbook Air or an iPad?

Do yall think that Apple 'enslaves' people when they work at an Apple Store?  What's the difference between labor, child labor, slavery, and indentured servitude?

Should we make more children work if they aren't going to do anything productive within society when they grow up?
Should we organize some sort of 'protest' outside of an Apple Store?
Should we pay American teens to make iPods instead of AZN / Pacific Islander teens?

"Work will set yall free."

New hearing aid designed for alts with plug earrings

Some company made a hearing aid for people with 'plug' earrings. I am not sure if having plugs in your ears is still alt. From what I have researched, plugs are some trend implemented by 'emos', misguided teens, 30-40 year old hard core alts, and some x_straightedge_x alts.  Maybe if u go to a concert every day for the next 5 years, your hearing will be compromised, and u can use this product.

Rising self-confidence is taking prostheses to another level. People don’t try to hide their handicap anymore.
Show what you‘ve got, don’t make a fuzz about your problem. Wear your hearing aid like a piece of jewelry, a stylish accessory. Be individual, be cool, be yourself.

It seems like the greatest technology is technology that u can utilize as a fashion item. Kinda like how u can pin an iPod shuffle on to ur shirt, and let people know that u buy Apple products.

R u considering losing ur hearing + getting plug earrings?

Are plugs authentic?
Do people with disabilities have a greater opportunity 4 self-expression + personal branding?
Do u wear plugs, or do u know n e 1 who wears plugs?
Will this product go 'as viral' as the Snuggie, or is the Snuggie a product with more universal appeal?

10 Musicians ‘using’ Haiti as a promotional tool

List of 10 artists who are 'using' Haiti as an opportunity to make their brand 'seem more philanthropic.'
List includes the bro from Creed (Scott Stapp), Dave Matthews, Coldplay, Jessica Simpson and The Who.
This post is intended to illustrate how 'artists' don't genuinely care about human crises, and instead use them as an excuse to make/auction/promote their mediocre 'art.'

AOL hires bloggers to cover 2000 SXSW bands. ($50 each)

AOL is trying its most ambitious super-content project yet with freelance content site offering 2,000 $50 assignments on SXSW bands for its music site New Seed programming director Saul Hansell sees it as the “perfect chance” to showcase reporting and journalism along with what Seed can do for sites within AOL (NYSE: AOL). The basics: Spinner and Seed are recruiting U.S. “reporters” to interview all 2,000 bands for a Q&A and bio in advance of the March Festival.

Wonder if 'outsourcing'/'slave driving' is the future of the music blogosphere?
Wonder if my parents will cancel their AOL account.
Wonder if SXSW is MNSTRM....
Wonder if I should cover 1000 bands to make some mad bank.


Alternative Event, Company

SXSW (South By Southwest) is a relevant music, technology and film conference/festival that takes place in Austin, TX.

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Tumblr CEO/CTO/CFO, Digg Creator chill with Jared Leto.

Photograph: The creator/CEO of tumblr, David Karp & Kevin Rose, creator of popular meme database DIGG chilling on some panel where entertainers/tech ppl explain how they use social media to interact with fans. Jared Leto seems 'mad alt.'

Jared Leto

Actor, Buzzband

Jared Leto is an alternative actor, and the lead singer of the band 30 Seconds to Mars.

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