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I went to Coachella Weekend 3 [COMPLETE RECAP]


Where are all the buzzbands? Where are all the hot girls wearing festival slutwave clothes?

Coachella Weekend 3? R u there?

I checked the website. I thought I had the dates right. They said they were having it more than one weekend this year.

All I see are a bunch of sprinklers and rich yuppies playing polo, similar to the Polo by Ralph Lauren logo.

There aren't any young people in the surrounding cities. Is this some sort of retirement community?

Hello? Buzzbands? Is there a secret entrance?

Is this the hologram weekend?

The polo grounds were nice, though. It reminded me of when I was young and used to attend soccer tournaments.

I met a groundskeeper named Manuel. He was nice, and made several restaurant recommendations, but I didn't really trust him because one of his suggestions was The Olive Garden.

Manuel assured me that there was no music festival and that it was likely I purchased my tickets thru a Nigerian festival scam. I showed him my paperwork that had a barcode to pick up my tickets from will call, and he said he had to get back to work.

I complimented him on the condition of the polo fields.

R u there Coachella Weekend 3?





Coachella is a music festival held in Southern California that turns into a gathering of the world's most relevant buzzbands, artists, designers, celebrities, and internet personalities.

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