Hipster Runoff

Goodbye from ur bro Carles

Hey yall. HIPSTER RUNOFF has been sold. Some famous comedian almost bought it, but he was outbid by another chill bro. It is chill. I am happy. Don't worry, I'm doing okay. It will be chill. New vibes. Chill bros. "Every new beginning comes from some other beginningz end." The Semisonixxx Closing Times

I have finally realized that I want to be a part of the auth movement, so I will try to start an auth buzzband. I will be playing SXSW if I can find a van 2 ride there in and I am open 2 playing 'high priced corporate DJ gigs' that aren't officially affiliated with Coachella as well. As always, you can say 'goodbye' 2 me here.

I'll holler at u when I have something buzzworthy 4 u. I guess all I ever wanted was 2 b a bzz human. An auth ass buzz human.

If u don't 'get' why I am no longer interested in this blog, plz read "Why I h8 online media", "Scalability vs Creativity" and especially "Nothing Matters."

Thanks 2 all of the authentic commenters who have emailed me. I appreciate all of u.

It felt great 2 cnnct with meaningful ppl on the internet 4 so long.

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