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Jack Antonoff: Hipster rocker that you need on your iPod

If you were like me in high school, you were definitely hanging out on the bleachers during the high school football game. Definitely not on the field or a popular cheer leader--you were hanging out with the nerds, geeks, cool kids, or somewhere inbetween. If you were like me, then you're gonna love Jack Antonoff, the hipster alt rock n roller that has ALL of the blogs buzzing, trending on Facebook, and even has his own Instagram hashtag. His new band Bleachers is climbing up the charts, and if you're not sitting in their section, then you might just get cyberbullied.

When Antonoff isn't having FUN in the band Fun., he is making more cool music with his band BLEACHERS. The band has been featured on VH1's You Oughtta Know Fest 2014 and is making big waves in 2015.

The new song by Bleachers is "I wanna Get Better", which is a song about the desire to get better--something we can all relate to, specifically after our new year's resolutions.

And ladies, I've got bad news for you. He's TAKEN by Lena Dunham, better known as the Millennial Rosie O'Donnell. She's going to be AMAZING on The View! This hipster power couple is exactly the breath of fresh air the scene needs.

Buy the song off iTunes, AmazonMP3, the Google Play store, or just turn on the radio. It's hard to miss!

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