Hipster Runoff

HIPSTER RUNOFF is now for sale!

Have u ever wanted 2 own ur own online media company with opportunity for growth, power, and money? Do you want to influence culture? Do u want access 2 an audience of ToTaLLY authentic CoNSuMeRs who spend money on technology, recreation, and fun?

Then consider purchasing HIPSTER RUNOFF by next Wednesday! We're up for sale on the auction site Flippa!


This is not a joke. You will receive all of our assets, including content, Twitter account, Facebook account.

Contact Carles with any questions.


Meme, DJ, Company, Buzzband, Blog, Alternative Celebrity

HIPSTER RUNOFF is a blog worth blogging abt, created by Carles that is trying 2 stay relevant. It blogs abt buzzbands, alt stuff, relevant topics, the end of the social web, and more.

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