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Meet Lana Del Rey's boyfriend: Barrie James O’Neill

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The GOSSIP RAGS have been going GAGA for #LDR, wanting to know EVERYTHING about her personal life. I'm sure that's way more chill than tons of random pretentious indie blogs doing every thing that they can to discredit your artistic intentions and personal aspirations. At least she 'won' the war against indie critics by selling mad albums.

Barrie James O’Neill of Scots rockers Kassidy is dating Lana Del Rey.

The pair finally confirmed they are a couple last night, months after we first reported on their romance.
Video Games star Lana and Barrie were first spotted together at the Tartan Clef awards in Glasgow in November.

Canoodling at the Tartan Clef awards? Sounds like a a dream night!

A source close to Kassidy told the Razz: “I can confirm they are together.”

Lana, 25, has been gushing about Glasgow and told us in November that she visits as often as possible.
She said: “Glasgow is different. It’s very welcoming.”

Does that mean that they don't have internet connections in Scotland?

From what I can tell based on pictures, Kassidy is a ruralwave artist from Scotland. Sorta like how Fleet Foxes and Bon Iver are from the Midwestern American forest, but Kassidy is actually from where ever Lord of the Rings is based. They have beards and long hair.

Here is some song, that features some intense bear dudes playing mad acoustic guitars. Sounds like a song that would be in an American truck commercial.

Here's another video if ur into bearded bros with long hair.

I hope I can turn into LDR's 'type' in the next 3-4 months.

I hope some random fan captured video of this cover emerges, and every blog will have a meme headline, "Watch Lana Del Rey's boyfriend cover VIDEO GAMES."

Kassidy have taken to ending their live shows with a cover of LDR’s No1 smash, Video Games.
Our source said: “They make an unlikely couple but seem to work and bounce well off one another.”

I rlly want to be the other half of her unlikely couple. :-(

UGH. I'm so jeal of this bro. I need to grow out a long, flowing mane of hair and a beard! I wanna canoodle with Lana Del Rey!
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Does any1 care about Barrie James O’Neill as a human, or is he just "Lana Del Rey's boyfriend"?
Should she find a hotter hunk?
Do u <3 Kassidy?
Will #LDR and #BJO breakup when his band doesn't become as famous as her, then she will date a famous mainstream movie star?
Who should Lana Del Rey date?
Should she be able to date an A-List hunk celebrity, and not just some busker who signed a record contract?
Do u wish LDR happiness?
Will this relaish last 4 evr, or will the distance tear them apart?
Do u h8 filthy Scottish men?

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