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Altered Zones


Altered Zones is a lofi mp3 discovery blog created by Pitchfork Media. It is rlly, rlly alt/underground/lofi.

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Blog, Company

NPR is some dying radio station that is trying to brand itself as an 'indie tastemaker' because of their cool dad audience.

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Meme, DJ, Company, Buzzband, Blog, Alternative Celebrity

HIPSTER RUNOFF is a blog worth blogging abt, created by Carles that is trying 2 stay relevant. It blogs abt buzzbands, alt stuff, relevant topics, the end of the social web, and more.

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Gorilla Vs. Bear


Gorilla Vs. Bear is an influential MP3 blog that blogs abt lofi, fuzzy buzzy, chillwave, and authentic African American music.

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Pitchfork Media

Company, Blog

Pitchfork is a popular indie blogzine that does reviews and gets mad hits.

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Fader Media

Record Label, Company, Blog

The Fader is some sort of alternative media conglomerate. They are in charge of blogs, record labels, and other marketing initiatives 2 exploit alternative markets and steal money from brands

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