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Jennifer Lopez lets a nip slip on TV!

Jennifer Lopez lets a nip slip on TV!

by the UlTiMaTe LaMeStReAmER!!!

JJ WHAT ARE YOU THINKING? showing ur nipples 2 us!

...although i knda LOVE LOVE LOVE her for it. when my exboyfriend would take me to CCs pizza, and call me fat after I ate 2 much pizza. (dessert pizza.. OMG. #achillesheal) then i would spill marshmellow all over my fat cleave, and he said my cha-chas looked like a cow udder. BUT JLO has them, too. i h8 him. he would make pay because i would stay until they closed and the manager was A TOTAL DICKHOLE 2 me.

JLO made it OK for me to have my really wide ASS, AND she married a skinny mexican. to be honest my whole body is as wide as my fat cheesy butt, but i think with her as my role model, i can marry a rlly small cute mexican hombre(hehe). i LOVE marc anthony. (althouh i might crush him with my body :( )

JLO looks good and should be PROUD of her bangin bod!

Watch the performance!