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OMG! WTF happened 2 Jason Mraz!

OMG! WTF happened 2 Jason Mraz!

by the UlTiMaTe LaMeStReAmER!!!

Jason BB! Ur a hottie hunk who can play the guitar.... but what happened, bb??? I used to love ur love songs because they made me beleive that 1 day a free spirited man would love me, but it turns out that the only guy who would date me sold incense at a local nightclub, but in actuality, sold weed brownies and pre-rolled blunts. HE went to jail last year for dealing to minors.

It looks like u have GONE OFF THE DEEP END! That's how my ex looked right before he became a homeless crazy man who begged 4 money! UGH. Ur still kinda hot in a bad boy kinda way... What can I say? I'm ADDICTED to bad boys!

Honestly, I love the parts in ur songs where ur all like "Scatty ratTat dap o doo boopbee boop." I LOVE music that features scatting! Unfortunately, I'm not actually a fan of scat play in the bed room, or else my ex would still be with me. Even if Jason Mraz is going thru a HARD TIME, I wish him the best, and hope that he can one day write the hits again.

I just WANT U to be HAPPY, MrazzyBB!
Ur the MOST TALANTED man in the record biz.

John Mayer who? #TeamMrazzy
Ben Harper who? #TeamMraz