SHOCKING PHOTOS: Lady Gaga is a Fatty McFatFat Fatty! | Hipster Runoff

SHOCKING PHOTOS: Lady Gaga is a Fatty McFatFat Fatty!

SHOCKING PHOTOS: Lady Gaga is a Fatty McFatFat Fatty!

by the UlTiMaTe LaMeStReAmER!!!

Lady Gaga is a FAT HEFFER! What happened bb? But at the same time, she looks REAL GOOD.

I honestly think this is good for the woman's movement because now men will accept fatties.

OMG! I can't believe she let herself go! I would expect this from myself due to my lack of self control. I honestly CANNOT stop eating goldfish crackers! I put them on everything! Pizza, pasta, sammies, fried chicken tenders, nuggies, monzy sticks. I am ADDICTED, but I'm also kinda addicted to ranch, but I bought Hidden Valley Low fat so I will probably lose some weight.

Lady Gaga is so FAT! She's gained 25 lbs! I remember I gained 25 lbs in one week after I went extreme couponing and bought over 1000 Snickers bars. I don't know how, but I ate them all in one week and I feel like my body has never recovered. But at the same time, I am PROUD of Lady Gaga for BEING FAT because Adele has taught us that you can be fat and people like you. Also Oprah battles with weight and it is #inspiring.

Her butt will NEVER be as cottage cheesy as mine.

Lady Gaga is my new ANTI-THINSPIRATION! She can do anything that she puts her mind 2! Even if it is becoming a fatty, it is soo artsy and conceptual! This is truely great news for the women's movement.

Christina Aguilera fattie who? #TeamGagaFat
Adele Fatty who? #TeamGagaFatty

The fatter u r, the more soulful ur songs are and the more they appeal 2 every1!

Get fatter, bb! Let's go out to eat and share an appy (#appetizer).