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I feel bad for Azealia Banks. She has one 'really really good song' in "212" and everything else she will ever make will be less interesting/appealing. It is sorta like M.I.A., except I guess M.I.A. has a few pretty good songs AND she is a crazy bitch who knows how 2 thrown down a meme.

Unfortunately, Azealia Banks can only 'be all #seapunk.' I feel bad for her for only being able to reach 'Die Antwoord' levels of interest, where u basically make one of those 'visually stimulating music videos' that is meant to be played at a lamestream dance club where the DJ is mixing music AND music videos.

R I P #seapunk

Can Azealia Banks ever return to "212" levels of trillness, or is she 'trapped' being the same 'indie-ish female rapper' that we've seen before?
Has her career already peaked?
Is Kreayshawn more successful than Azealia Banks?
R u tired of every1 exploiting #seapunk? [via Rihanna on SNL]
Is John H. Seapunk, inventor of #seapunk turning over in his Second Life grave?

Would u rather ride #seapunkwaves or #chillwaves?