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Crystal Castles - Affection

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I wonder if Crystal Castles will get 'album of the year' consideration, or if they will be 'blacklisted' in favor of some bullshitters who make zany interview videos for BuzzBlog.TV just so their publicists can keep their job. If any one deserves to be 'thrown a favor' due to quality of output for the past ~5 years (basically haven't written an unlistenable song), it's CC. Not 2 much else is THAT good anyways/deserves to be #1, so might as well make it the Year of the Castles so we can remember it fondly.

Sort of like how Martin Scorcese won his Oscar for The Departed even though it was 1 of his shittiest movies. (And this album prob isn't going to be shitty.) We know that CC are great, treat them like indie royalty, but they are often (for better or worse) not part of the Corrupt Indie Machine that panders to boring white ppl.

Who is ur album of the year?
Is it time 2 honor Alice Glass in the same manner that every1 sucked the clit of Vicki LeGrand/the peen of Bon Iver & Win Butler in previous years?