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John Parr - "Tim Tebow's Fire"

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Did John Parr find a way to make his original hit song "St. Elmo's Fire" extremely relevant by Tebowfying the lyrics?
Tim Tebow is the most famous Christian on the planet right now. He has inspired the entire world 2 live selflessly 4 God's positive vibes. Tim Tebow is at the intersection of sports, culture, life, love, God, religion, football, and everything in the entire world.

Can John Parr parlay the buzz of this song into a career revival?
Probably not. Maybe he can turn into a Rick-Astley-level human meme, though.

Will Tim Tebow take down the Patriots?
New England's recently hired offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels will make a difference, as he is former Denver head coach responsible for drafting Tim Tebow. If Tebow was able to tear up the #1 ranked defence in the Pittsburgh Steelers, look for Tebow to find success against the Patriots. At the very least, Tebow will find a way to beat the spread.

Listen to the orginal here.