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the xx - Last Christmas (WHAM! cover)

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2k12 saw the xx's critical stock plummet thru the floor. After winning over every1 with their trendy buzz in ~2k9, they shat the bed with their sophomore album "Coexist." While they could have stopped writing horrible, boring music, they decided to push onward, ruining the music of other ppl by doing a horrible cover. This cover of WHAM!'s hit song "Last Christmas" is sure to ruin any family's Christmas. If anything, this cover version sort of demonstrates how the XX became such a joke this year by turning their 'signature sound' into cheesy cliches [via longing whispers].

I would expect this type of song from a 2k7 entry-level buzzband 'trying to break on2 the Hype Machine', but not from an alleged 'tier 1 indie band.'

Poor WHAM!. :-(

George Michael is rolling over in his grave.