M0RE "BRAKE B00T"! | Hipster Runoff


Yall might remember this cmmnt from the previous Breakbot remix that I posted.

Did yall see Breakbot's new myspace headline?

Just wanted to let yall know that ur fave artists read HRO. Hopefully yall feel close the music, and like u r able 2 connect with ur fave artists. HRO is a relevant space where artists come to find out 'what the common man' is saying, and more importantly, a place where every1 comes to 'get in touch with authentic reality.'

Never stop commenting, because in some ways, it is the only voice u have. Kinda like 'voting' but more interactive+satisfying+reactionary. Ur comments are the collective voice of 'the common man.' The common man has been kinda bitter lately because of the Great Depression Stock Market Crash.

I think Breakbot is my favourite artist of 2k8.5-2k9. Who is yalls?
Luv this Digitalism rmx.

Digitalism Apollo-Gize (Breakbot Hypnotoad Mix)


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H8 U MOM JEANS. don't 'get' ur beliefs-system.