I will miss u, 2k8 | Hipster Runoff

I will miss u, 2k8

2k8: you were an extension of 2k7.
While u were not 2k7, u perpetuated what 2k7 brought us
and for that
we thank u/resent u/find u 2 b an inauthentic transition period
where what was once alternative

It's kinda weird how there's nothing to blog about between Xmas and the New Year. It's like you really 'start to reflect' on the year behind u & the people in ur life. It makes memes seem cheap and meaningless. Can't wait til my 'daily routine' goes back 2 normal bc I value my sense of alternative normalcy. Kinda weird being at home, feeling a little bit vulnerable.

I've been thinking about a lot of important stuff.
Should I retire from blogging?
Should I make my blog less/more authentic?
Should I ever post an electro mp3 again?
Is my life different now that the new Animal Collective leaked?
What's next for HRO?
Is there n e thing left 2 blog about?
Should I be nervous about Barry Obama taking office?
What about the electro wars?
Are AZNs gonna survive 2k9?
Will n e 1 ever authentically 'get' me?
Will I ever find what I am 'looking for'?
Can I start a Fight Club and blow up credit card buildings?
Will I get drafted after Iran drops a nuclear bomb on Israel?
Will I ever 'recover' from my parents' divorce?
Will I ever become1 with humanity?
Will 2k9 be about anything else other than searching 4 an authentic way of life?
Will an increasing population of inauthentic alternative mainstreamers make my quest more difficult than ever?
If I had 2 go 2 war, would I rather have a set of flaming skulls or pistols?

[Photo by I Can Teach U How 2 Do It]

2k8: u did ur best.
2k8: full of regrets?
2k8: no regrets?
2k8: the year I 'lost my virginity'?
2k8: the year HRO became the only friend who 'gets' me
2k9: a branding experiment
2k9: will I 'fall in love'?
2k9: I will become more/less dependent on the internet
2k9: the year I got 'a smart phone with a touch screen.'

This blog is me.