What HRO fans will look like in 2k11 | Hipster Runoff

What HRO fans will look like in 2k11

U have officially 'made it' when teen boys will write that they <3 u on their bodies.

-the Jonas Brothers ft. Kurt Cobain

In 2k10, I will use the power of my tween+teen audience to inject a youthful, less jaded spirit into our modern world. We will reunite around a series of common goals, and won't quit our mission until our dreams become reality.

We can do this together, yall. Not gonna lie. I need yalls help.
This is my new internship program.

We need 2 put together a plan 2 'go viral' 2gether [via going mainstream].
Let me know if u have any suggestions so I can mail u a starter kit.