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"Cheerleader" a song by Grizzly Bear [Track Review]

Grizzly Bear Grizzly Bear

Grade: 8.452 out of 10 runoffs
Review: From what I understand, the new album by Grizzly Bear will be auto-placed into the Top 5 albums of 2k9. I guess that means I am supposed to rate it in comparison to the album by the Animal Collectives called Merriweather Post Pavilion. Looking back at MPP era, I feel kinda 'sad' and 'ashamed' of 'how excited' our society was about an album.
I think I will decide to like the new Grizzly Bear album more than MPP when it leaks, not just to have an authentic opinion that 'varies from the norm', but I will also start to distance myself from the AnCo brand. I want to support a band that 'seems more American' than AnCo. Also feel like Grizzly Bear is not 'weird' and 'unapproachable.' I always thought that they were one of those bands that 'grew beards' and 'pretended to be from the woods', but I think they are 'actually pretty modern.'

n e ways. I think this song is supposed to be 'chill.' I like the second part of "Cheerleader" because it makes the 'less interesting first minute' make more sense because it was kinda building up towards the meaningful conclusion. Kinda want 2 get vulnerable with this song on a night drive. I have heard their other song "Two Weeks" and might decide to like this one more, since the other one is 'poppy and an obvious choice for too many mainstreamers who see GrizzBear at p4k Festival to pick as their fave song.'

Feeling meaningful 2nite. Searching 4 something more than electro.

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