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Worried that Bjork doesn't realize that she is a huge meme.

Saw this picture of Bjork, and I feel worried about her (not just because she looks like a RLLY free-spirited mom). I think her whole gimmick is 'h8ing paparazzi' and 'wanting to be judged only on her art.' However, I don't think she realizes that whenever she wears something free-spirited, and individual-ish, she is just inviting people to 'blog about her.'

Think she is inviting gimmicks like 'fashion police' and 'OMG WHAT IS SHE WEARING' columns to 'make fun of her.' Feel like she is starting to come across like 'a zany bag lady.' I understand that I think she is being 'true to herself', but I think in our modern world, sometimes even the most free-spirited people need to tone it down in order to 'maintain a little bit of privacy/pride.'

She has achieved master-meme status, becoming one of those artists who 'mainstreamers know about, and associate her with high-end alternative status, regardless of whether or not her music is good/identifiable.' She has to be careful, because that means 'the mainstream world is watching her', looking to convert her into a blurbabble/bloggable meme, no matter how small one of her actions might be.

Sad that Bjork is 'getting older.' Want every1 who is/was 'relevant' to stay young forever. When famous people 'get older', it reminds me that I am 'getting older.' When I look in the mirror, I will probably always see some1 who 'looks attractive', even if I am completely wrong. We don't need celebrities to 'make us feel our age.' This is why Madonna is so successful--she realizes that she must maintain a youthful image in order to keep her fans from 'getting sad about being all old.'

Still can't believe Bjork executed the greatest award show dress meme of all time

(might be this for Halloween as a 'throwback alt costume')

Wonder if Ellen will beat Oprah

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