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DESIRE: A New Product by Johnny Jewel, LLC

Desire Dans Mes Reves

Grade: 6.1243 out of 10 runoffs
Review: From what I have 'internet researched', DESIRE is a new sound project utilizing the Johnny Jewel + 1 female structure. These bands essentially rely on the high level italo disco core production capabilities of Johnathan Jewel, and hope that the female is 'marketable'/'has a sexie dreamie voice/look.' It can take a while before these bands 'grow into a HIGHLY BLOGGABLE act', but because you get to familiarize yourself with their b-sides and early work, u get to 'go on a journey with them.' I guess it is important for ur early songs to 'actually be good' or 'achieve an aesthetic,' though. Remember when authentic disco came along towards the end of the bloghouse era? Kinda feel like authentic disco might actually 'just be around forever.'

Think that this song is 'pretty good' and 'shows promise.'

One time I asked which 1 is better: Glass Candy or Chromatics?

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