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My Grandfather = AltBro?

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I love my grandfather. He is seriously the coolest bro I know. I call him 'pappy'. Every holiday and birthday he gives me several hundred dollars. It really helps out, since I had to start paying my own rent last year after I graduated from design school. When my mom is 'a bitch' to me, he is a dick to her since he birthed her. He's on my side.

I made a mix CD for my grandfather full of popular bloghaus mp3s. Ever since then he has been 'mesmerized' by modern youth culture. It's like he feels like he missed out on a lot of cool shit. Ever since then, he started a blogspot, bought an iPhone, bought a macbook, started a twittr, bought some neon wayfarers, purchased $700 worth of Am Appy, and started going to a weekly electro night. He started reading my favourite blog, the hipSt*rRun0ff. I feel kinda proud, but I also feel 'sort of embarrassed.'

Sometimes u do something to make ur parents/family 'feel connected 2 u'/ur 'culture', and they 'get way too into it'? HAs this ever happened 2 u? How do u handle it? Do ur parents like some kewl band more than u do after you made them a mix CD? Did ur parents recently go to an indie rock show? Do ur parents ask u 'how do u find kewl music on the modern world?'

Who is the 'best indie band' 2 put on a mix CD for ur parents?
do u have chill parents who r ur 'bros'?

Do u think u will ever be 'uncool' and 'connected to an irrelevant culture'?