Should I dance around sexily 2 my fave relevant mp3 songs? | Hipster Runoff

Should I dance around sexily 2 my fave relevant mp3 songs?

I have been listening to some of 2k9's most relevant artists/songs, including "Cheerleader" by the Grizzly Bear. I think that the song is 'chill' but I think that in our new era, u can always find a way to dance, even if a song is sorta conceptual/chill. I am not sure what this bro is all about. I think he might be one of those bros who has a post-post-pre-ironic internet personality, just trying to be 'a think piece' on the internet 2 set himself apart from 'every other loser with a mnstrm facebook profile.'

Sorta just wanna chill, be myself on the internet. Have people 'find my vid' when they search 4 their fave band on youtube. Possibly 'become an altmeme.' Might film my cock coming out of my Am Appy briefs and 'tugging' til I cum with a 2k7 electro song in the background.


Wonder if these are 'the two best songs' of 2k9? Feel like it is 'entry level' to enjoy 'Two Weeks' + 'My Girls' the most.

Kinda feels weird how these 2 bands are 'tied 2gether' in the conquest for the 'best' album experience of 2k9. Not even sure what the 'best album' of 2k9 is. Wonder what 'the internet pundits' will say is the best album of 2k9. Feel like people will pick Grizzly Bear because they are 'very personal bros', and from what I have learned, personal connections 'mean everything.' While people 'love' anco, they are still not entirely engaging bros, nor could u imagine having a 'chill convo' with them. I think that people who pick the Dirty Projjies to be the best album of 2k9 will be the 'type of music reviewing bros who are ghey/don't get girls in real life and feel closer 2 women by enjoying female artists.' Think this might be the theory that explains why St. Vincent is 'relevant.'

What's yalls fave album of 2k9?