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Understanding the significance of ur semi-ironic athletic jersey

Photo via Chicago Looks

I saw this bro attending a relevant music festival, wearing an NBA basketball player's jersey. Most mainstream bros who wear jerseys are attempting to say 'I am a bro. I like this sport. This player is good.' However, when an alternative person wears a sports jersey, I think that they are just using it to 'stand out' by saying 'Hey yall... not wearing Am Appy... wearing this jersey I know nothing about.'

I think that it is irresponsible to wear the jersey of an athlete who you know nothing about. Much like any celebrity, there is a point where an athlete no longer 'stands for himself' and solely represents an image/brand based on the trajectory of their career. It is easy to wear a Michael Jordan jersey because he represents 'greatness', or a Shaq jersey, because he represents 'twitter', but I am unsure about wearing a Grant Hill jersey, like the bro in the above picture.

In order to understand the bro in the picture, you must understand the career path of Grant Hill, #33 on from the Detroit Pistons.

Grant Hill was an 'All American' athlete who played at Duke. I think that black people who go to Duke are not regarded as 'black people', but more of 'black people that white people can identify with.' I think at this point in his career, he was talented both athletically and mentally.

Grant Hill was drafted by the Pistons, and was a solid professional and a very marketable player.

So marketable that the Pistons even 'changed their uniform design' to reBrand around the Grant Hill era.

Sprite also built 'huge marketing campaigns' around him

He started to experience 'serious ankle problems', but still signed to a 'huge contract' with the Orlando Magic, since Shaquille O'Neal 'fucked them over since he wanted to be a rapper in LA.' Grant Hill was expected to be 'amazing' with fellow NBA player Tracy McGrady; however, both of them just turned out to be injured bros making $100 million.

So Grant Hill never really 'lived up to his potential' because of injuries. He got paid a ton of money, and 'never really panned out.' Eventually he got older+healthier, and signed to the Phoenix Suns. This was a part of his career where he felt like he 'missed out on what made life meaningful', and instead of 'trying to be a superstar, he is just trying to be a 'mediocre role player.'

Grant Hill represents failed expectations, much like the bro in the top picture. Perhaps his parents wanted him to 'be something more', but a series of external factors that he could not control led him to have to 'settle/accept the fact that he is just an average bro.' Once he admitted that he was an average bro, he was able to 'find happiness' and not

Feel like we could all learn a lot from Grant Hill. Maybe life is just about 'settling for less', 'not living up 2 ur potential', and 'accepting who u r.' Sorta wish more athletes represented something like that so that innercity kids could learn more abt 'real life.'

Might just buy this Jersey, since it represents being 'an authentic hip hop mogul.' Think this is what many NBA players are attempting 2 b.

Always do ur research, and learn about what a brand means. It would be like wearing a t-shirt that says 'I <3 cock' even if ur not ghey. Yall know what I mean?