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Urban Outfitters will launch wedding brand by 2011

In order to tap into emerging markets of consumer alts who are growing up and getting married, Urban Outfitters plans to launch a wedding + bridal brand by Valentine's Day 2k11. Feels like alternative people all over the world are growing older, and we are watching brands evolve to meet the growing/changing needs of their customers. Worried. Like people won't be able to wear form fitting v-necks and skinny jeans 4evr.

Can't believe Urby Outty is such a mega company that makes 'billions of dollars' off the consumer alt aesthetic. Apparently they made $1.9 billion in sales and $220 million in profit in 2009. Seems like a lucrative industry:

Retailer Urban Outfitters is planning to launch a wedding brand after posting a record profit in 2009.

Officials at Urban Outfitters Inc. said during a conference call Thursday that the company will open a new bridal business in time for Valentine's Day 2011.

Chief Executive Officer Glen Senk says the brand will focus on gowns, accessories, decor and gifts.

Senk says the Philadelphia-based company's Urban Outfitters and Anthropologie stores frequently sell to brides and bridal parties, so a foray into the wedding industry makes sense. The new brand is yet to be named.

Company research indicates the average wedding costs about $45,000 and brides spend $4,500 on clothing and accessories.

R u gonna spend 'a shitload of money' on ur wedding?

Is Urban Outfitters an authentic place to shop, or is it a place for tweens trying 2 be alt?

Do yall want to marry a girl who wants a wedding dress from Urban Outfitters, Anthropologie, a boutique designer, or a mainstream high end department store?

Will American Apparel go after the 'Generation Y growing up and getting married' demographic by releasing a minimal bro wedding tuxedo, or will they continue to focus on t-shirts / leggings / underwear?

What kind of wedding dress represents ur personal brand?

Will Urban Outfitters wedding dresses be 'fashionable' or will they be made from cheap materials/fall apart?

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Urban Outfitters is an alternative retailer that sells a bunch of clothes and knick knacks 2 alt ppl.

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