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Is Jared Leto the most Desirable Alternative Man in the World?

Photos by the cobrasnake

I was recently looking at a cobrasnake photograph album which contained documentation of a 30 Seconds To Mars show somewhere in France. 30 Seconds to Mars is the alt rock band which contains Jared Leto as the visionary mastermind bro.  I started wondering if Jared Leto is the most desirable alt man in the world.  Like any alternative female in the world would feel comfortable dating him, no matter how terrible his music was.

Wonder if alt bros should be jealous of Leto because of his authentic career as an actor in alt movies, and his successful band. Even if their music is kinda like fruity alt rock, they seem to be well monetized. He seems 'beloved' by his fans + women. That is probably the goal of all men in music.

Remember back in the day when he represented a bro in the Fight Club, the club that every1 wanted 2 be in.

It seems like Jared Leto is a bona fide rock star, like the kind that tweens pay $30-40 to 'stand in the pit' then spend the whole time taking pix on their cell phones / digital cameras.

Even the tweens know that they are supposed to wear white in order to be members of the tribe. They even doodle iconography on their skin to show they are part of the tribe.

He is sort of like a 'god' to his fans. This means he has succeeded at the ultimate goal of all musicians.

Large, black security guards must protect him.

He is also a chill bro who can play some acoustic guitar.

In touch with new sounds, he isn't afraid to play some sweet riffs/jingles on a high level synthesizer.

After the show, Jared Leto takes time to meet with fans, understanding that it takes an authentic connection to build a loyal tribe of customers.

Even this tiny alt wanted to get a piece of Jared Leto.

She tilted her camera at an upward angle as he approached her. Wonder if she should have embraced him like a human, instead of taking a pic of him like he was a zoo animal from 3 feet away.

Wonder if 30 Seconds To Mars is trying 2 build some sort of cult. Watched their recent music video when I was up late one night watching MTV in HD. Seemed 'hilarious.' Like tons of alternative underground people riding zany bikes around.

Maybe they are trying to promote street pack living + using bikes instead of 'gas guzzling cars.' They make me worried that there will be an urban apocalypse soon, and we will all have 2 raid Hot Topics to find clothing + food.

Jared Leto seems desirable.
Jared Leto seems like a visionary.
Jared Leto seems like he exists on a different plane of humanity than most people.
Jared Leto seems like he can 'bang' any alt baguette' in the world.

Would u get on a bike and ride in a street gang with Jared Leto?
Is 30 Seconds to Mars the most cultlike crappy rock band fan base in the world?
Does Jared Leto 'get' it?
What is ur fave Jared Leto movie?
Should tween fans learn to enjoy a show instead of holding up digital cameras the entire time?
Should I grow a mohawk?

In a world full of so many forgettable alt bros, is Jared Leto the ultimate Alt Alpha Male?

Where's Leto?