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Wall Street Journal ‘covers’ the chillwave genre

The Wall Street Journal did some blog post / article about chill wave. As you already know, chill wave was the first successful genre launch in 10-20 years. The creation of this genre enabled the key artists (and even some undeserving artists) to 'grab on' to the massive hypeball, giving all media outlets and 'interesting angle' from which to approach their coverage.

This article is historically significant because it credits Carles from the popular weblog HIPSTER RUNOFF as having invented chill wave:

Last July, a blogger named Carles, writing for the site Hipster Runoff, clustered together a handful of up-and-coming bands with a similar sound and recording approach and, by most accounts, birthed a new genre: “chillwave.” It didn’t take long for other music sites to start throwing around the term.

Can't believe we did it. We invented chillwave. One of the most relevant genres in the history of the modern world. The perfect mix of a 'stupid name', interesting/listenable music, and the opportunity to discuss the framework of the genre.

Whereas musical movements were once determined by a city or venue where the bands congregated, “now it’s just a blogger or some journalist that can find three or four random bands around the country and tie together a few commonalities between them and call it a genre,” said Alan Palomo of Neon Indian.

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