Some article about 'how to pronounce hipster band names', such as the Ex Exes & mannagments | Hipster Runoff

Some article about 'how to pronounce hipster band names', such as the Ex Exes & mannagments

I have always wondered how u r supposed to pronounce the names of certain bands when they have phonetically challenging names or when they are from foreign lands. It is so weird existing on the internet, and reading the name of a band so much, sometimes without knowing how 2 say it. Was kinda pumped when this guide came along, but then I realized maybe there's no right way to pronounce a band name

This article doesn't seem very helpful. Think they just threw 'hipster' in the headline, then used a 'snarky' voice.


Yes, smart arse, they were originally called the Management, but no more. And, no, it isn't the same as MSTKRFT. SAY Em-Gee-Em-Tee

Does n e 1 know how 2 pronounce 'arse'? Confused by British writing/slang.

The XX:

Simple? So the Guide thought until we mentioned them one day and were met with a blank stare. You know … kids, all wear black … went to the same school as Hot Chip. "Ah," says our clearly much better educated friend, "you mean The 20." Uh!? "The 20, as in Roman numerals." Cue, cautious back-tracking. Could she possibly be right? No, laughs the man at XL. SAY The Ex Ex

Lykke Li:

Having assumed, for ages, that "Likely" was the most likely pronunciation of Lykke Li, the Guide was staggered to hear, on Radio 1, that it's definitively "Licky Lee". For shame! Corrected by Jo Whiley. Still, could be worse. One online sage had it pegged as "Leaky Lee". SAY Lick-E Lee

Toro Y Moi:

Here, the chillwave dude combines Spanish (for "the bull and") with the French word for "me". As in pretentious, moi? SAY Toh-roh E Mwah

Sigur Ros:

When a band's official website ( includes a pronunciation guide, complete with MP3 tutorials read by their bassist, then, clearly, something has not so much been lost, as vapourised, in translation. If you are still blithely calling them Sigur (rhymes with Tigger) Rós (as in Ross-On-Wye), well get this … SAY See-Uhrr Rose

Not sure if I believe this guide.
Gonna keep saying 'The Dos Equises.'
Gonna keep saying Sigga Ross.
Gonna keep saying Too Rooo Why Moy.
Gonna keep saying The Managements.
Gonna keep saying Rateetattlestat.
Gonna keep saying Deaf Cab inside of Kewlies.
Gonna keep saying The Shims [via She & Him].
Gonna keep saying Neon Injun.

What are the most difficult band names to pronounce in indie rock?
Do u think there is a 'right way' to say a band name/word, or is communication open for u 2 interpret?
Should more newspaper websites dedicate their journalistic resources to covering buzzbands & hipster bashing?
Which indie buzz band has the greatest name of all time?
Which indie buzz band has the most confusing name of all time?