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Sufjan Stevens debuts racist album art, says new album will have electro/chillwave bangers

Sufjan Stevens has a new album coming out. I guess that means his 'latest EP' that people were 'trying hard 2 like' was actually just a collection of 'trashed' b-sides/incomplete songs. Apparently the new 'LP' is called The Age of Adz (pronounced Odds). Feel like maybe it is an album about 'the age of advertising mainstream products on alt websites' or something.

Here is some press release that describes the tone/sound/gimmick of the album:

It’s much too soon to cast descriptive lots, but we can say the new album sounds nothing like the All Delighted EP (although it shares similar themes of love, loss, and the apocalypse). Nor is this new album built around any conceptual underpinning (no odes to states, astrology, or urban expressways).

We can say it shows an extensive use of electronics (banjos and acoustic guitars give way to drum machines and analog synthesizers), and an obsession with cosmic fantasies (space, heaven, aliens, love), to create an explicit pop-song extravaganza, augmented by heavy orchestration, and maybe even a few danceable moments. Enjoy Your Rabbit meets the BQE. But with songs. Verse, chorus, bridge, backbeat. Gated reverb. Space echo. Get your boogey on.

R u pumped about 'pop' / 'electro'?
Will Sufjy ride chillwaves/throw down bloghouse bangers?
Will Sufjy just write entry-level electro songs?

Was the All Delighted EP a 'pile of poop'?
Will this new Sufjan album 'save' 2k10?
Will he be able to write modern, relevant electro, or will it be the entry-level bleepy bloopy crap he wrote before he went banjo folk wave?

Really worried it's gonna sound like this.
Hope it at least has 1 good mp3 on it.

R u pumped about the Sufjy 'full-length' or will it just be overhyped by entry level indie fans who just got done buy The Suburbs for $3.99?

Feel confused by his album art. Might suggest a theory that it is 'racist' because it depicts a sambo on the album cover. Maybe a clown or something. Kinda confused.

The “Adz” of the title loosely refers to the apocalyptic paintings of outsider artist Royal Robertson (1930-1997), whose work is used for the album cover, interior design, and as general inspiration for the tone of the album.

Just googled for the artist, found more doodles by him. [link]

Feel like Sufjan shoulda used a more sexual Royal Robertson painting. Wonder if Sufjy paid the artist's family, or if he just 'jacked that shit' like the Vampire Weekend bros.

Royal Robertson, a sign painter by trade, was born in St. Helena Parish, Louisiana. He left his native state in his early 20's and returned three years later to care for ailing mother. He then married his wife, Adell, but the marriage ended after 19 years, and Robertson has been alone and troubled ever since. He has been scorned by his neighbors and has turned to obsessive records of his visions in imagery and writings. His influences are two-fold; either the futuristic images of aliens, anticipated modes of travel, architectural dream houses or temples, and his tormented memories of his unfaithful wife, Adell, and their spoiled marriage.

Robertson's home and yard are virtually filled with his rotating signs, cursing Adell on the outside and ubiquitous drawings and shrines to her on the inside. His drawings show his accomplished trade of sign painter in their proportional architectural accuracy. Usually painted on poster paper with magic markers and tempera paint, they usually allude to precise moments in time, like when Adell was unfaithful to him.

Worried that Sufjy's lover was unfaithful 2 him

Is Sufjan's album cover filled with 'Racist Imagery'?
R u worried about this album?
Will this album be a 'huge disaster'?
Will this album be a 'mild success'?
Should Sufjan be more focused on 'going mainstream' + 'charting in the Top 5' instead of perpetuating his pre-existing brand?
Can Sufjy 'make the leap' beyond meaningful indie movie soundtrack songwriter?
Can Sufjy expand his fan base?
Is Sufjy's album art 'meme' enough, or should he have copied the ANCO_MPP album cover meme?
Is Sufjan Stevens a 'complete failure' until he finishes the 50 states project?

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