Some AZN flight attendants try 2 go viral by flying the slutwave | Hipster Runoff

Some AZN flight attendants try 2 go viral by flying the slutwave

The slutwave is an exciting new genre of music featuring artists such as Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, Ke$ha, and even Rihanna. They are all basically trying to wear the least amnt of clothes/make the sexiest dry humping/blowjob dances possible while still appealing 2 tweens and Christian Middle America. It seems like these airline flight attendants are trying to 'calm down' their customers who are abt to fly in2 the air by dancing around to some slutwave music by Lady Gaga and Katy Perry. They are giving the customers safety instructions in case of an emergency, but at the same time, they are making it interesting, engaging consumers by making them 'a lil bit erect'.

They dance around, shaking their perfect AZN booties 2 "Just Dance", a 1990s hit by Larry Gaga and "California Gurlz--We <3 2 give BJs" by Katy Perry. So exciting, so modern. Really helped me be 'less afraid 2 die' in a huge airplane crash. Started 'carrying on' my own parachute bc I have a fear of flying :-(

Are yall afraid of dying in a plane crash?
Do yall h8 when they tell u how not 2 die when ur plane is abt to crash?
Do u think u will ever end up in a water evacuation?

Just wish I could be a flight attendant who 'goes viral' by offering a unique customer service

Just want a job where I have the ability to show off my 'talents' + personality that exist beyond my 'boring ass job.'
Want to be part of a brand that encourages

Will the airline industry continue to 'bleed money' unless they jazz up in-flight entertainment with topless dancers + mobile bath houses?
What is the most authentic airline experience? Jet Blue? GoGo in-flight internet? Southwest Airlines? Virgin Consumer Space Flights?
Do yall wish these flight attendants 'stripped naked' and let every1 'motorboat' them 2 go viral?

What is it about the flight attendant personal brand that is 'so sexie'?
Do they just seem like 'easy women' with no sense of home who just want to 'make love' to business travelers?