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Some Bros cover the XX & MGMT at their High School Talent Show

Did yall go to a community high school? Was there some sort of annual talent show where every1 participated in a contest to prove who was the most talented/funniest/could throw down the sickest cover of a relevant music hit? Was the Talent Show the opportunity to prove how 'relevant'/'authentic' u were, just 2 prove 2 people that u were gonna 'make it' in a creative arena 1 day? Did ur local community have a 'battle of the bands' that tried to find the most authentic band in the city?

Just watched this group of high school bros cover the XX's "Intro." Seems like a pretty minimal song. The dude on the microphone does some weird rapping stuff at the beginning. Not sure wtf his deal is. Then they guy on the left plays his guitar/bass with a bow, like he's in Sigur Ros or something. Anyways, they try to 'crush it' and it seems like all of the high schoolers in the crowd respond. Seems kinda deep 4 high schoolers.

Then they came out and 'crushed it' with the universal mainstream hit "KIDS" by the MGMT. Seems like every1 in the crowd knew the song, and they were all hopping around like entry levels. Really think the lead singer bro 'ruined' the eff out of this song by singing like a Nickelback honky bro. Sorta made me wish Andrew VanWynGardens.

Does this seem like a 'nightmare'?
Do u know how these high schoolers found out about indie buzzbands?
Are these songs 'hella easy' to play?
Do u wish they had 'indie' when u were in HS?
Did these bros 'crush it'?
Did white hat lead singer bro ruin it all?
Is MGMT's Kid's the greatest song ever written?