Keut Alt #Project_Girl takes pic of herself reading HIPSTER RUNOFF | Hipster Runoff

Keut Alt #Project_Girl takes pic of herself reading HIPSTER RUNOFF

In a previous post, a keut alt girl made her high school project about the popular internet weblog HIPSTER RUNOFF [link]. It seems like after receiving so much divisive criticism from the HIPSTER RUNOFF community, she decided to tweet a picture attempting to instigate more conversation abt her.

In the controversial photograph, she is reading HIPSTER RUNOFF on her desktop computer, and she has written the letters "H", "R", and "O" on her knuckles to show her love for HIPSTER RUNOFF. Do u think this was more original than writing a sign that says "<3 HRO" or "<3 Carles"? Do u think she should have been more hardcore and used prison tattoo technology to embed that text on her skin?

Do u think she authentically <3s HRO, or is she 'exploiting' Carles?
Does she <3 HRO or is she 'using' the HRO tribe 2 promote her own self-interests?
Is she authentically keut or just another entry level alt in the wall?
Is she the new Unchill AZN bro or the new Hella Chill Entry Level QT?
Is this QT #Project_Girl the most controversial female in HRO history?
Will she start a buzzband and become the next Alice Glass?
Is she a long-time 'authentic' HIPSTER RUNOFF reader, or is she an entry level who 'loves the new layout'?