Shannon Gaga 'talks shit' abt HIPSTER RUNOFF, gets keut new haircut | Hipster Runoff

Shannon Gaga 'talks shit' abt HIPSTER RUNOFF, gets keut new haircut

Shannon Gaga is known as 'the world's biggest Lady Gaga fan' [link] because she thinks she is Lady Gaga or something. Anyways, HIPSTER RUNOFF has been a big part in 'promoting her career' and the lead blogger of HIPSTER RUNOFF named Carles has been 'romantically linked' to Shannon Gaga. However, it seems like Shannon finally 'turned her back' on the blog HIPSTER RUNOFF.

Anyways, some local college newspaper 'interviewed' her and she treated it like a New York Times profile piece or something:

In true Gaga style, Shannon Cantu arrives fashionably late in an all black ensemble of lace leggings and patent leather lace heels. Cantu’s lace-gloved hand throws down a jacket and heavy book bag causing a loud thud. She barely acknowledges the fact that everyone is staring at her.

Wish she would chill out on her book bag being all heavy.

Here is where she talks about HIPSTER RUNOFF:

JO: What other national media attention have you received?

Shannon Gaga: Some other random sites like Hipster Runoff. I don’t really like Hipster Runoff anymore, because they like to say things that are kind of rude about me. Someone took a picture of me at Sonic, and it made the Hipster Runoff. Why is me going to Sonic a big deal? Apparently, The X Factor magazine from England, had a whole bunch of monsters, and there was an article about them, and I had big picture in that magazine.

HRO's rebuttal:
HIPSTER RUNOFF am not just some 'random site.' It is a blog worth blogging about.
I have NVR said anything rude abt Shan Shan Gagy
'Going to Sonic' is a huge deal in some parts of the world. There is nothing wrong with making a huge deal

In other Shannon Gaga news, she got a keut new haircut.

In other news, Shannon Cantu still thinks her dad is a meanie:

JO: Has your father become more supportive of your performances?
SC: He knew when I came back for the summer that I was much more confident, much more expressive and much more open. He’s learning to become more accepting, but he still has a long way to go before he truly learns to accept others for who they are. There are still parts I don’t share with him. I’ve learned he was one of the people that were holding me back.

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