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Some indie buzzband tweets abt how they are authentic bc they don't want 2 be in commercials

Just read a tweet by some buzzband abt how they 'turned down shitloads of money' in order to 'remain authentic' [via outdated indie standards]. The buzzband let us know that 'they were not being self-righteous', however, they are 'sacrificing' for the good of their band, the good of their fans, and the good of all indie music. They sacrificed not just for themselves, but for YOU, a member of the indie scene.

Do u think this buzzband is 'full of shit'?
How much money do u think they gave up?
Do u think they are 'effing idiots' if they gave up more than 1-5x what they could make on a US tour?
What is the point of making music if u can't make $$$ from it?

Listened to a few songs by The Pains of Being Pure at Heart ovr the years. Honestly feel like their songs were 'perfectly crafted' for commercials. Like I could see a Honda driving by as their music plays. Possibly a cutesy credit card commercial. Even McDonalds could rebrand using these poppy, generic indie tunes.

Do ppl still respect indie bands who 'don't want commercial success'?
Is that standard still relevant in the 2k10s?
Do the most successful indie/mainstream brands offer their music to represent brands?
Do fans 'care' whether or not their fave bands 'sell out'?
Will the Pains of Being Pure at Heart ever achieve 'authentic alt indie status' if they aren't willing to play by the modern rules of indie?
Do 'true fans' just want their favourite buzzbands to be able to 'pay their bills'?
Do u feel like people even care abt 'what songs are in commercials' or is everything jut
Should the AZN QT in this band 'go solo'?
Should she take over vocals for the 'dude who sounds like a girl anyway'?

"Real buzzbands don't make $$$$, they do it for the love of the buzz."