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Some newspaper writes article abt how BandCamp is 'the final solution' 4 indie band websites

From what I understand, iTunes totally rips off musicians and small scale indie musicians don't really have an easy way to stream + sell + promote their music. Even websites like Myspace Music are 'dead' and 'irrelevant' because they are all bulky and and slow and every1 has a clunky layout and the player doesn't work.

Anyways, some newspaper wrote an article abt this 'kewl new service' called 'bandcamp' and how it rlly helps indie bands that can't build their own websites + eCommerce portals. Bands are starting to use bandcamp because they 'control their own image' and 'control their prices + profits' etc. Also buzzbands are usually 'dumb' and don't really know much abt HTML/content management systems, so they need a place 2 store their mp3s.

In contrast with a number of rules-clad retailers, Bandcamp offers ease and options: free sign-up; a Bandcamp storefront page to add to an existing site or let stand alone; an array of digital download formats (from hi-fi MP3s to FLAC and Ogg Vorbis files) for customers; physical sales and physical-digital bundling; and, perhaps most important, the ability to set prices, from free to a flat rate to a pay-what-you-want donation.

Might start a buzzband and start a bandcamp.
Encourage bloggers 2 'embed my widgets'
Encourage every1 to 'listen to my entire album.'
Track stats. Get buzz.
Make listeners think they are 'really helping me out' by letting them 'pay what u want' for my album.
Get signed to a major label. Put my album on iTunes.
Make mad tween bank.
Leave bandcamp behind.

Do yall think bandcamp is 'legit' or is it just gonna 'die' like every other 'band music webpage hosting service' that has been created since 2000?

Bandcamp drew its inspiration from intuitive blogging platforms such as WordPress. “[T]here, if you’re a writer, you can set up your own site that’s rock-solid for free. It struck us as crazy that if your artistic output happens to be music instead of text, that your options were bad.”

The site’s relative success -- Diamond said the company is “on our way to profitability” -- comes at a time when many prognosticators have called music retail dead, pointing to touring, licensing and 360 deals as the industry’s next revenue streams.

Pictured: Not sure who this band is, but they probably have a bandcamp account

Should all indie bands post their mp3s on bandcamp and require their listeners to purchase albums from non-iTunes solutions?
Should 'bandcamp' 'rebrand' so that they have a better company name that doesn't sound so 'entry-level'?
Would u be ashamed 2 put ur band on bandcamp, or is it a 'great service that could really help ur band'?
Do 'social networks' for bands 'work'?
Is bandcamp 'innovative'?
When will they open up their API so that I can develop my own buzzband site on my own server_space?

Pictured: Not sure who this band is, but they probably have a bandcamp account and think that they are gonna graduate from high school, skip college, and become a rock n roll band

Such advantages have made it enticing to bands (and content-hungry music bloggers) looking for alternatives to iTunes and MySpace -- though they do come at a cost. Bandcamp takes 10% to 15% of proceeds, depending on a given artist’s overall numbers. (It also charges minor fees for extras.) ITunes takes 30%, though that number comes with the benefit of a preexisting audience. Diamond said that in December, Bandcamp had more than $530,000 in sales, “and that’s growing quickly.”

Wish I had started bandcamp so I could have taken advantage of long tail indie bands who tell their immediate family + friends to 'buy their album.'

Is bandcamp a 'legit service'?
Does it really help the 'common indie band' or does it ultimately exploit local bands + bands that have between 20-100 fans who exploit their immediate social network 2 generate sales?
Do u miss the days of Purevolume?
Should Soundcloud try to 'squash' bandcamp?
What crappy service did u put ur buzzband on?
Is Myspace Music 'dead'?
Do u feel sad for buzzbands that don't know how to build their own websites?
What webservices should all bands have?
a) twitter
b) tumblr
c) Myspace
d) bandcamp
e) purevolume
f) kazaa
g) napster
i) iTunes
j) TuneCore
k) Amazon MP3
l) HIPSTER RUNOFF user account [link]
n) other ____________
o) Choose ur own Response