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INFOGRAPHIC: How many hits do ur favourite music blogs + streaming services get?

If you’re red-green color blind then this is going to hurt. Based on estimated traffic data from Compete, this visualization depicts web-based music consumption in the U.S. in 2010. Included are websites where music is streamed and/or downloaded. Due to accurate sample rate availability (and in the interest of sanity) websites with less than 100,000 monthly visits are omitted. The map is to scale. Larger map areas represent higher website traffic. Green indicates positive growth in 2010. Red indicates negative growth in 2010.

I just looked at this infographic that attempted to demonstrate how many hits some of the most popular music sites on the internet get. It makes me kinda sad that there there aren't very many music blogs on this infographic, maybe demonstrating how music listeners would rather 'discover music' based on an algorithm.

Anyways, what do u think of this infographic?
What music streaming service do u use?
Is Rhapsody 'alt'? eMusic? Should I get a new Napster account?
Is Soundcloud 'legit' or do they just allow illegal streams on their site?
Do u think all of these 'successful' sites will eventually just get purchased by iTunes and exist outside of the browser?

Also here is an 'infographic' that represents how many more hits youtube gets for streaming music purposes than every other service on the internet. Also 'pandora' is way more popular than a lot of these sites.

Then they talked abt how popular Rolling Stone, NPR, Pitchfork Media, and the Pirate Bay are.

Bonus tracks: Right now The Pirate Bay gets as much traffic as Based on its current trajectory Pandora will soon surpass The New York Times. The most popular music magazine online is Rolling Stone—2.2M visits in December 2010. The most popular music blog is Pitchfork—1.4M visits in December 2010—like two Hype Machines. NPR is in the same ballpark as

What can Pitchfork do to 'get more hits' than Rolling Stone, or will it lose its 'indie cred' [via 'going mainstream']?
Should all music just be free?
Has Hype Machine 'gone down the shitter'? [via too many crappy remixes + blogs]
Has NPR 'taken over' the indie music marketplace?

So many hits... So many users searching 4 an authentic streaming experience.

Would u rather start a 'music blog' or a 'streaming music discovery service'?
Are all of these websites 'stealing money from artists' or do they legitimately help artists reach wider audiences?
Do u hope every music site on the internet 'goes under'?
Who is going to 'win' when more Walmart-core people start streaming music instead of buying it at Walmart?
Are there enough hits on the internet for every1?
Do yall use spotify, pandora or last fm?
R u sad that iTunes purchases Lala?
What streaming app do u use on ur iPhone / android / blackberry?
Do u just stream videos on youtubes?
Do u just illegally download rapidshare + mediafire + megaupload indie leaks?
What music website will 'win the internet'?