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Thom Yorke dresses up as a newsboy & sells newspapers to try to save the music industry

Thom Yorke was spotted selling newspapers somewhere in London. At first I thought he was out of money, so he had to get a second job selling newspapers to ppl who are on their way 2 work. But then it turns out Radiohead released some gimmicky newspaper as part of their flop album release. I was sorta hoping that Thommy was 'tired of making conceptual dubstep rock music' and was trying out a new career line. It must be difficult 2 be a musician, just seems like you'd get tired of it after a while.

Here is a lamestreamer fan buying a newspaper and asking Thom to 'take a picture with her' bc he is a mainstream music icon.

Does Thom look keut as a newsie?
Do u think he gets respect from other newsies in the community, or is he invading their turf?
Do yall ever see 'newsboys' in our modern world, or have they just been replaced with vending machines and the internet?
Do ppl still sell newspapers in the middle of the road in ur local community?
Did Radiohead 'save the music industry' with their latest album, or are they just 'a part of the machine'?
Do u think Thom is ashamed of "King of Limbs"?
Why aren't the other band members selling newspapers? Are they 'ashamed' of the album?

"Open the BuzzBlogs and Seize the Meme!" -Christian Bale and Thom Yorke

Is Thommy an 'indie hunk'?
thom yorke selling newspapers

Thom Yorke

Alternative Celebrity, Buzzband

Thommy Yorke is the lead singer of the Radio heads. He dances around like a free spirit.

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Radiohead is a conceptual band that ppl like to think is kewl because u can do drugs and get deep 2 their music.

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