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Cults does a 'high end fashion' photoshoot for the NY Times

Cults are getting put thru 'the buzz cycle' from any magazine blog outlet possible as every1 is trying to 'invest' in their buzz stock since they are 'at the top of the post-lofi pop' genre. They did some fashion shoot for New York Times Magazine where they wore 'rich ass clothes 4 rich ppl.' Madeline Follin is wearing a dress that is more expensive than a poor person car.

Brian is wearing a Tom Ford sweater, $990. Go to Madeline is wearing a Burberry Prorsum vest, $1,995. Go to Valentino dress, $5,900. Call (212) 772-6969. Makeup on Madeline: bareMinerals Original SPF 15 Foundation in Fairly Light, $25.00. NARS Bangkok Pure Matte Lipstick, $25. Go to

I wonder if they got to 'keep the clothes.' Maybe they could pawn them for buzzworthy instruments and bleepy bloop machines. From what I have read, a buzzband makes at least $40k per show (in buzz dollars), but I don't know the conversion rate between buzz dollars and $USD (or the_Euro).

I remember one time Salem was photographed in high-end clothes, but they probs pawned them for 10 cents on the dollar to buy drugs and prostitutes.

Do u think they look 'mad keut'?
Is Cults 'the #1 buzzband of 2k11' or do u consider them a 2k10 buzzband?
Will Madeline Follin and Brian Oblivion 'play up their alt celebrity relationship' just to get more headlines [via the BestWavves model]?
Do u think she should change her name 2 'Maddie Oblivion' just so they sound more Culty?
R u 'excited' about Cults' 'first album', or are u already getting anxious about their sophomore follow-up?
Is "Go Outside" the 'greatest MP3 that Gorilla Vs. Bear has ever posted'?
Has Madeline Follin moved 'to the top' of the indie QTs power rankings?

Brian Oblivion

Alternative Celebrity

Brian Oblivion is the guitarist bro in Cults.

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Madeline Follin

Alternative Celebrity

Mysterious vocalist, 1/2 of 2k10 buzzband Cults.

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Cults wrote a hit MP3 "Go Outside" and are looking to ride fuzzy buzzy pop waves in 2k11.

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