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Vivian Girls look BANGIN on cover of some magazine I have never heard of

The Vivian Girls have been back in the headlines this week because their former drummer, Ali Koehler, was 'mysteriously removed from Best Coast and replaced by a middle aged white guy.' You have to feel bad for her, because at the end of the day, even alt celebs are humans who are hunting and gathering for not just buzz bucks, but actual dollars in order to stay alive, and you get the feeling based on her tweets that she was 'ruthlessly kicked out.' I'm sure there will be some sort of revelatory interview where she throws Bethany under the bus when she launches a new project. Needless to say, this is another bad moment for Bethany Cosentino's personality, especially after she 'went mainstream', signing with Capitol Records in order to try to canoodle with more B-List celebs like Drew Barrymore.

Enough abt that drama.... The Vivian Girls were on some magazine cover. Even though I've never heard of it, I'm always willing 2 'become metaphorically erect' whenever some premium buzzband alt baguettes are on a magazine cover. It's just what blog bros do. I don't even know if they have an album out or something, but I think this means that they will end up on the cover of SPIN Magazine soon.

Does Kickball Katy 'look good', bb?
Do u vibe 2 Cassie Ramone?
Does Ali Koehler wish that she had stayed in Vivian Girls?
Despite potentially 'making more $$$' on tour with Best Coast, did she learn the hard way that u can't trust maniacal figures who are only interested in building their buzz brands?
Remember when the Vivian girls were all sad, but then they got all girly?

Vivian Girls


The Vivian Girls are a fuzzy buzzy all-girl band who is sad bc their drummer left them for Best Coast

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Kickball Katy

Alternative Celebrity

Kickball Katy is a member of the Vivian Girls. She is a ginger.

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Cassie Ramone

Alternative Celebrity

Cassie Ramone is the lead singer of the Vivian Girls.

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