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Indie harpist Joanna Newsom spotted canoodling with Andy Samberg at Portlandia premiere

Portlandia had a 'massive premiere party' because it is the most-watched show ever on IFC, so Fred Armisen has basically turned into 'the Jerry Seinfeld [via NBC]' of IFC. Anyways, there were basically just a bunch of 'alt comedians and comediennes who were trying to go mainstream there' aka 'SNL castmembers.' The only real indie highlight was a picture of indie harpist songstress Joanna Newsom 'canoodling' with her Jewish SNL funnyman BF Andy Samberg. I sorta wish I could know more abt them, or better yet, actually be one of them so I would know what it was like to be in a famous relaish. It seems more entertaining than a 'regular person' relaish where ur just bored, watch TV, then argue abt 'what'z 4 dinner'. :-(

U have 2 feel happie for Fred Armisen's success after her was dating that broad who played 'Bettie', the floozie who got preggers and gave away the baby on Mad Men because IRL she started riding Scientology waves. #TeamFred #TeamFarmisen

Do yall think they 'look happie' or will one of them jump ship soon 2 another relevant indie famous person?

There were more ppl at this partie.

Here is the guy from "All That!", which was a version of SNL for tweens, eventually leading him to star in the hit film "Good Burger."
keenan thompson

Kristen Wiig shows off her HOT BOD now that she is dating with that guy from the Strokes who d8s famous ppl.

U have to give Joanna Newsom credit for not 'going ZoZo' and doing everything she can to monetize her 'indie brand'. She's just a simple girl who likes playing the harp...

Here are some of the women from the SNL cast. They will probably all get mysteriously fired at the end of the season and replaced with equally forgettable comediennes.

Here are the non-famous SNL bros who will probably 'get canned' and end up playing a guy who gets mad at Larry David on an episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm in 5 years, and every1 will be like 'SNL totally didn't use _____ right!'

Do u wish u went to the Portlandia premiere?
Does it seem buzzworthy?
Would u rather be in a buzzband or be a buzz comedian?
Is Fred Armisen at the top of the alt world?
Was episode 1 of Portlandia 'mad funnie' or 'whatevz'?
Do u wish u could canoodle with some1 who was alt famous?
Will Joanna Newsom 'take' Andy Samberg's name when they get married?
Will he force her 2 sign a prenup?
Do u dream that 1 day u will be on SNL / Portlandia /

Fred Armisen

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Fred Armisen is an alt comedian who is the star of IFC's "Portlandia."

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Joanna Newsom

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Joanna Newsom is some indie songstress who plays the harp and writes weirdo songs that some ppl say are 'amazing.'

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