Watch the dumbest alt-art-project Kickstarter video evr, made by non-self-aware alt-Christians | Hipster Runoff

Watch the dumbest alt-art-project Kickstarter video evr, made by non-self-aware alt-Christians

Aspiring artists.

We have ideas.

Thrift store frequenters.

We want to do things.


We are going on tour.

The message.


Like-minded individuals.



Across the country.


Interfacing with other artists.

Creating dialogue.

Renting a van from Enterprise Rentacar.

Macbook Pro.

Grassroots musicians.

Bound by a common thread: We are People.

Adobe Final Cut Pro

Buying a pastry at a coffee shop.

Getting back to basics.

Art is not about the individual.

Please fund our vacay.
Please fund our dream.
Please fund our art proj.
Please fund my life.
Please fund me.
Please fund this meaningful experience which will be documented.
The artist [via me] is present but I need #FUNDING [via you].
Kickstart my life
Kickstart me.
Plz Kickstart evrything.

Plz fund my kickstarter.

We were artists.
Plz send money
Plz snd food.
Care package [via donation]

Four restless kids traveling cross country, cameras and instruments in hand, to share and discover the relationships between art and community.

One day a group of friends sat down, coffee in hand, and had a conversation about community. He makes music. She has a way with words. His stage presence is unordinary and she plays the accordion like nobody’s business. But what do you do with that? How do you use seemingly abstract talents to make a difference?

So we dreamed a big dream. Let’s find out. Let’s charge our cameras, pack our journals, fill our gas tank, throw our instruments in the van and hit the road. Let’s drive across the country and find out how other people answer those questions.

That’s the big picture. Here are the details.

Starting June 1st, the four of us are driving across this beautiful country to do 3 things.

1. We are going to share our art. We’re playing shows from Los Angeles to New York. Philadelphia to Boulder. Everything from house shows to bookstores. We will write and photograph and film along the way.

2 .We are going to network. We are tired of the Christian being known as the inferior artist. We serve a God of excellence and we want to see how others use creativity outside the walls of the church. We are traveling around, cameras and notepads in hand, asking the question: “how do you use your art to make a difference in your community?” We are interviewing individuals in every city we visit to gain a better perspective of the American church and its relationship with the arts. We will post videos and interviews on our blog along the way.

3. We are going to encourage others. We want you to be a part of this adventure. Parents, friends and strangers alike. This part of the tour is two-fold. First, we want to open up our lives to you. Being on the road will not be comfortable and we want to share that with you. We’d like to tell you our stories; for you to be able to relate to our struggle for community. To achieve this, we will be blogging and posting videos on a regular basis. Secondly, we want to support others who are doing incredible work in our communities. To us, this means partnering with other artists and entrepreneurs on the road - using what we have to support and enable others to succeed.

Here’s how you help: This project is costing us nearly $7000. We decided to be conservative and set the goal at $5000. This goal will get us, at bare minimum, across the country. But we NEED your help. In case you are new to Kickstarter, this is how it works:

We have a limited number of days to meet our financial goal of $5000. By making a pledge you are helping us reach this goal (not to mention receiving some fun rewards in the process). If we don’t reach the $5000 mark by May 28th, we don’t get any of your pledges. So please, don’t wait to invest in this project.

Our heart is to be as transparent as possible. This is where your money is going:

Over 8000mi of driving: $4000

35 dollars a day for 4 people for food: $1500

Insurance, emergency funds, car maintenance: $1500

I have an idea.
Plz donate and I will stop clogging ur FB/twitter feed.
My idea will add value 2 the world.

R u going to donate 2 this 'art'?
Does God approve of Kickstarter, or should u just #pray?

My mother kickstarted me out of her womb.