Good nite, Sweet 2k12. | Hipster Runoff

Good nite, Sweet 2k12.

Where did u go?
I have not evolved
I am not a better person
I have accomplished nothing

Will 2k13 'save' me?
Will 2k13 'save' indie?
Will 2k13 'save' culture?
Will 2k13 'save' alt?
Or are we all dying?

2k13: Documenting the death of ________

Every year that passes by
there is less of 'me'
via conforming with lamestream society
Maybe I should just become homeless
and disconnect from 'the internet'
since it is now just a place where ppl share ZaNy LiStiCLez
and no longer an authentic place
to congregate with likeminded ppl
monitoring a global scene that is evolving via the information super highways

Every year that I grow older
I fear death less
It seems like a peaceful resting place
Where I no longer have 2 worry abt paying back debt
and the illusion of 'building a better life 4 myself and the ppl around me'

Trading in 'youth' 4 'security'
Trapped in an office job
Trapped in the creative class
Trapped pursuing higher education in order 2 defer loans
Trapped in a sea of tweens and lamestreamers
Trapped in a world where 'cool tweens' probably listen 2 Mumford & Sons

Maybe we nvr influenced culture
We just latched on 2 a cultural lifecycle that documented it as if thought we controlled it
Then that fat AZN got a billion Youtube views
and we officially 'don't matter'

So this is the effing New Year
And I don't feel n e effing different.

Am I ready 4 2k13?
What was the highlight of 2k12?
What do u want 2 see in 2k13?
Is 2k13 the final year of _________?