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FUCK The Lumineers (and all that other Mumford & Sons Civil-War-Wave sounding bullshit)


OOOHHH BOY! Let's go down to that music festival
and listen to dat der bango
and those young'ns sure do know how to write'em
just like they used to back when granpappy still had the farm

back when we used to have those slaves
and the blacks treated the whites like they massuhs
when Coca Cola still had that cocaine in it
and the buffalo hadn't gone home



I've already
seen this shit

Typical mix CD tween bait
or 'overgrown bro' with lack of emotional awareness song
I h8 this CivilWarReenactment-wave music

Debut Album Cracks Billboard Top 10

"Ho Hey" Now Double-Platinum Selling Single

Band Becomes The First Independent-Label Artist To Be #1 at Three Separate Formats

any1 got a pair of suspenders and a fiddle?
Maybe a vest?
Can we find a fair looking bitch 2 harmonize?

Grammy-nominated band The Lumineers will be the musical guests on Saturday Night Live on January 19, hosted by Jennifer Lawrence.

The band's Grammy-nominated self-titled debut album (nominated for Best New Artist and Best Americana Album) continues to gain momentum on the charts, finally cracking the Billboard Top 10 last week with over 61,000 copies sold. The album has sold almost 700,000 copies since its release last April by Dualtone, almost always selling more records each week than the previous week.

Yall are s0oo0o Mumford!

The album is anchored by the band's popular first single "Ho Hey" which has just gone double-platinum, and is quickly moving towards triple platinum with the band selling over 300,000 copies last week alone with a running total of nearly 2,400,000 copies sold. This accomplishment comes only weeks after the song went platinum, which was just over 6 months in the making, with the band selling on average 50 thousand copies of the song every week since its release.

Any1 have a vintage cello?
Dudes with Civil War-wave scruff?

We gotta win over some tweens with some meaningful 2k0s sounding country alt indie



Can we PLEASE find a girl who can slap some facepaint on?
I liked it better when it was called Edward Sharpe and the Maggy 0z
I liked it better when it was called Mumford and Gheys (+ some random ass girl)
I liked it better when I wiped my ass with 1000s of these bands in Nashville circa 199_-200_
I liked it better when [insult of this band]

The Lumineers are the first independent label artist to have a debut single reach #1 at three separate formats--Triple A, Alternative & Hot AC. "Ho Hey" spent eight weeks at #1 at Triple A radio and two weeks at #1 at Alternative Radio. The song is currently #1 on Billboard's Rock Chart and #4 on the Hot 100. The debut album and "Ho Hey" were both #1 at Spotify for some time in December, and are currently sitting at #2 on the music streaming service.

The band's second single "Stubborn Love" is following in the footsteps of its predecessor. "Stubborn Love" is currently sitting at #1 at AAA Radio, and is Top 20 at Alternative radio.

The band are preparing to hit the road in the US for some dates on the east coast, all of which sold out almost instantly. World-wide, the band is selling out every date they play.

Screw u Lumineers.
when I googled u I saw a bunch of pictures of teeth.

We look like we've been bathing in the ol' Mississipper River
with our good ol pals Tom Sawyer and HuckyBerry Finn
stayin at Ramada Inns on tour
but we'd rather pitch a tent and cook a can of beans n' moonshine
and sing out our tunes round the ol' campfire

I'm not sure if I'd rather kill myself
or watch Mumford and Sons
'get their Dave Matthews on'
for 1 full our at some festival

Are bands like the Lumineers some sort of 'indie movement' for those THE SOUTH WILL RISE AGAIN white supremacist confederate flag bros who want to have a 'sensitive' side where they drink tallboys at music festivals?

Is this kind of music 'the new indie'?
Is this what alt looks like in 2k12?
Should we all fight in the Civil War?
Should we get a pair of suspenders to wear over our raggedy AmAppy t-shirts from 2k7?
Should we all learn how to play banjo, except not play 'gay twee' songs like Sufjan, but instead meaningful singalong stadium anthems?
Do u know any lamestreamers who listen 2 the Lumineers?

Has 'live music' gone lamestream?
Does indie need 2 return to the reclusive internet bro phase?
Should 'suspender bro' be promptly executed?

Should all this music be 'outlawed' in the same way that 'slavery' was outlawed [via being backwards representation of the disgusting elements of 'The South']?

Is Civil-War-Reenactment-Wave the next 'big' genre?