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Why all female bloggers & oversharers should h8 Lena Dunham

Since 2k8, the alt internet has been plagued by excessive oversharing masquerading as some sort of hyper-revelatory think-piece which serves as a larger metaphor for a Gen-Y existence. Young females write about 'feeling awkward' the first time they gave a blowjob. They write about how they slut around and it makes them feel empowered/empty. They write about how they feel about their gross, fat bodies. They write abt how 'omg i can't believe i actually want a relationship! That is so conventional for me 2 want true love.' They are like 'Relationships are SO DUMB but when they end I get SO SAD!'

BlahBlahBlahBlah. This note has 140 reblogs.

Bitches on Tumblr aren't interesting (unless they post naked pictures of themselves). In a way, Lena Dunham stole all the marketshare 4 female over-sharers on the internet. (by getting naked and shaming her own body)

She is not some1 that should 'inspire u.' She is not some1 that the market of female oversharers should praise. Unfortunately, female oversharers are boring, and don't really have progressive opinions worth sharing, so the idea of sitting around, watching TV, and saying, "I relate 2 that. That is so me" is basically all that they can do. I h8 when ppl claim they are a certain character on a show.

GIRLS will last for 3-10 seasons, and every year, more mainstream bitches will be all like 'omg lena. She is truly the Nora Ephron of our generation.' For some reason, all of the oversharing females on the internet are all like 'Yay!' They should all h8 her for marginalizing them.

Do u feel sad for that girl who u know who thought she had a 'writing career' but was just posting slutty stories and being emotionally sloppy on some blog?

In the way that the series GIRLS is like 'a really bad blog post' being acted out, it is a shame that Lena Dunham found a way to corner the market and fully monetize the spirit of the 'really bad blogposts' bc all those ppl who thought they would make a career out of writing 'rlly bad blogposts' will have to move 2 a new industry.

Do u care about GIRLS?
Is GIRLS 4 tweens and non-self-aware mainstreamers who live vicariously thru critically acclaimed television shows?
Did she take the niche of 'bitches oversharing on Tumblr' to such great heights that no1 else from the niche will ever 'escape' from only being a bitch who posts naked pix and dumb stories abt giving blowjobs (for free)?
Is Lena Dunham 'a genius'?
Is she the voice of the modern young adult?
Should she 'get an effing job' so she can relate 2 the true Middle American, instead of just rebelling WASPs and honkies who feel guilty abt privileged upbringings?
Are the days of making TV shows out of 'really bad blogposts' coming 2 a close?


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