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Skrillex's hair catches on fire. Is this an omen 4 the dubstep EDM scene?

Happy Birthday dear #Sonny (That is what his real friends call him)
Happy Birthday tooo youuu
(OH MY GOD!) [via the sample from 'Scary Monsters And Nice Sprites']
Skrillex, bb!

Ur hair caught on fire!
If only all of ur close friends #sidestage
[via bros selling footage to TMZ]
helped u 2
drop [via the bass]
and roll [via on #molly #e #shouldatakenacidwithyall]

I would dump water on ur hair, Skrilly
even if it shorted ur entire on-stage visual audio system
BC I don't want the fire 2 get in2 ur brain
I don't want 2 lose u

Ur a living alt legend
And even though the rise of dubstep and ur sideshave
were exploited as a meme that positively contributed
2 the rise of dubstep
They don't <3 u like I <3 u [via 'wait']

I remember in 2k12,
EDM stormed the world
U ascended 2 the throne
as the true Prince of Dubstep
invigorating the scene with positive vibes
making tons of old music critics be all like
"U know what, the dubstepping kids are having fun, and god bless em"

But ur hair caught on fire
on ur Birfday.
Is that some sort of

Is this symbolic 4 the attack on dubstep/EDM?
Where will all the DJs go?
Will EDM culture become too 'middle american'?
Are we still in <3 with the singular DJ as the symbolic image of the vintage rocknroll lifestyle?

Do we need 2 #SaveDubstep?
Can EDM continue 2 grow, or will there be a recession?
Are all of the Civil War Re-enactment Wave Bands 'fighting against' dubstep and EDM?

Is 'dubstep' dying?
Is it true that TRAP MUSIC is 'taking ovr'? [TRVP]
Can raves stay alive?
Will raving youth mature
much like boring cool dads who listen to honkie indie 'grew up'
and 'indie music' turned into 'adult contemporary'?

What's next 4 the dubsteps?
Is Skrillex's hair getting set on fire a bad sign / omen?



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Skrillex is a popular dubstep DJ who is arguably the #1 alt DJ in the world.

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