Hipster Runoff

This is a podcast about #SWAG.

In this podcast, Carles attempts to understand what it means to #SWAG.


Plz leave a cmmnt suggesting new, exciting PODCAST topics that need to be hit.

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The return of the HIPSTER RUNOFF Podcast.

It has been so long. I miss podcasting. I miss connecting with humans.

I will do another podcast by the end of the week if there are quality calls delivered to the HIPSTER RUNOFF HOTLINE.

(909) BRO-SKI2
(909) 276-7542

What do u want Carles 2 podcast abt?

A new HRO Podcast.

Do u have feelings on the internet?

I'm going on vacay.

Buzz drought hitting us hard. Might as well take my 2 weeks.

Hope I can 'recharge' my batts.


In this episode of the HIPSTER RUNOFF PODCAST, Carles answers questions from the hotline, and gives advice abt what 2 do after u've graduated from college. He talks openly abt Avey Tare vs. Panda Bear, paying child support, life in prison, and what it's like 2 be Carles.

Call with your question for the next podcast. HIPSTER RUNOFF HOTLINE: (909) BRO-SKI2