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Why I h8 all seasonal pumpkin spice flavored foods. Is pumpkin pie overrated?

I am not sure why 'seasonal pumpkin spice flavors' exist. If they were actually 'good enough' to be a real flavor, it would exist as an option every day of the year. Just about every lamestreamer 'loves' pumpkin pie, and begins craving it in October and November. It has been witheld from their diabetes-wave palates that believe anything 'sweet' will enhance their lives. This is a short term pleasure that has led to an obesity epidemic in the United States, and will only lead to more sadness [via complications of being overweight due to a series of bad dietary decisions.'

I am not sure why people get 'so excited about pumpkins.' They will carve a stupid jackolantern at Halloween, then be like 'let's put the seeds in the oven and pretend we are crafty ass Martha Stewart ass bitches.' Why the hell don't pumpkins exist all year? We have tons of dumb fruits that 'taste like shit' because we insist on having them year round, or we'll import them from 'the bottom half of the Earth.' If we really enjoyed pumpkins that much, we would make sure that they were always in the fruit/vegetable section of the grocery store. We'd sell canned pumpkins, frozen pumpkins and more random pumpkiny gimmicky products.

The food [via pleasure] industry is exploiting nutmeg, ginger, and cinnamon for seasonal profits via idiots who thinks that 'pumpkins taste like pumpkin pie' via false visual representation. Pumpkin spice is a lie, sorta like the food equivalent of a 'made up holiday' that preys upon nostalgia and the idea that 'pumpkinny is holiday-y and is pure goodness!'

Do you ever see a 'pumpkin' and want to eat it? The key ingredients of pumpkin pie are nutmeg, ginger, and cinnamon. I feel like they are actually 'underbranded.' While the pumpkin itself probably adds a unique taste to a custardy pie filling/pastry/bread, I think that what most humans actually crave is somewhere in that cinnamon-nutmeg-ginger combo. Most of us would find more pleasure in the gimmick 'pumpkin pie flavored shit' that we eat if we just decided which element(s) of pumpkin pie that we enjoy, then used it as a starting point to find something that tastes better than pumpkin pie.

It is time to choose against gimmick pumpkin spice and/or pumpkin pie flavored food items and drinks.

Really? You want pumpkin pie flavored vodka?


Please. Just eat pumpkin pie.

Ugh. Nothing worse than ppl who love 'seasonal ales'

Really? The idea of getting drunk off pumpkin pie sounds appealing 2 u? Throwing up pumpkin pie after 24 pumpkin pie beers sounds vibey?

Would you really eat a frozen pumpkin pie?

Do you really want to chew on pumpkin pie for 30 minutes?

'wait this might actually be good.'

Pumpkin pie flavored things always trick you with faulty logic.

You like [dessert/drink item].
You also like pumpkin pie.
Therefore you will like pumpkin pie flavored [dessert/drink item].

This cannoli is another trick. In theory, it seems good.

But then ur like 'oh wait, just give me a real deal cannoli that tastes like I'm eating the cum of a beautiful Italian man/woman.'

"well, it is that time of the year! better eat it while I can!'

The pressure always gets to you.

Can you beat it?

Stop falling for the trick.

It's not actually 'limited edition.' It will be back next year.

Screw you #PSL.

Seasonal demand = a lie.

Oh kewl u have an ice cream of ur gimmick.

If you want a Hershey's kiss, you are actually craving mediocre chocolate, not PUMPKIN PIE.

Pumpkin bread is chill. It is not 'PUMPKIN PIE BREAD.' Would you attempt to turn 'carrot cake' into 'carrot cake pie' and sell it to lamestreamers who just want creamcheese frosting anyways? I guess maybe u would.

Every1 who talks themselves into some sort of 'seasonal pumpkin spice flavor' of anything is making a huge mistake.

Friends don't let friends make the 'seasonal pumpkin spice' choice.

I h8 pumpkin spice lattes.

I h8 pumpkin spice ice cream.
I h8 pumpkin spice frozen yogurt.
I h8 pumpkin spice gelato.
I h8 pumpkin spice custard.
I h8 pumpkin spice chocolate chip cookies.
I h8 pumpkin spice coffee.
I h8 pumpkin spice coffee latte ice cream.
I h8 pumpkin spice hamburgers.
I h8 pumpkin spice pizza.
I h8 pumpkin spice fish tacos.
I h8 pumpkin spice bath and body works products.
I h8 pumpkin spice soaps.
I h8 pumpkin spice cheesecake.
I h8 pumpkin spice Pop Tarts.
I h8 pumpkin spice Pringles.
I h8 pumpkin spice milkshakes.
I h8 pumpkin spice Wavy Lays.
I h8 pumpkin spice sodas.
I h8 pumpkin spice sorbet.
I h8 pumpkin spice humans.
I h8 pumpkin spice pumpkin spice.
I h8 pumpkin spice everything.

Pumpkin Spice who? #TeamNutmegGinger&Cinnamon

Do u h8 Pumpkin Spice seasonal gimmicks?
Why do u think ppl crave that shit 'around the holidays'?
Should it be around all year if it was 'really good'?
What if 'vanilla' and 'chocolate' were 'seasonal flavors'?
R u most into cinnamon, nutmeg, or ginger?
Do 75% of pumpkin pies suck anyways?
Do modern humans just want to feel something sweet on their ugly tastebuds?
Is pumpkin pie and the demand for pumpkin spice slowly killing America?
Is it time to 'rethink' pumpkin pie?
What is the worst 'pumpkin spice/pumpkin pie' flavored item that you have ever tasted?

Do u h8 lamestreamers who always fall for the seasonal pumpkin spice flavored gimmick?