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Did youtube 'go too far' just 2 get a laugh? [via April Foolz!]

Was trying to go on youtube, but everything was flipped upside down. Thought my computer was fucked up. Took it into an Apple Store for a Genius(TM) to look at. It took him a while 2 figure it out, but apparently youtube is playing some sort of joke because it is April the 1st. I wasn't actually born in the USA, so I didn't know that today is a day that u play jokes on people.

Feel kinda sad that youtube went so far 'just to get a laugh' without realizing how they could alter the reality of millions of people for days and days. Kinda feel sad about seeing important video memes, historical events, and miscellaneous videos that 'mean' something to me/the world/Americans/every1 upside down. Kinda feel like they 'are trying to say something' about society [via metaphor].

sad that youtube made me feel like an idiot. made me waste gas money going to my local Apple Store. every1 there laughed at me. felt like a real loser.

Had 2 watch a bunch of different videos upside down. Gave me a new perspective, but I would appreciate any help yall could give me to fix my Macbook. Can I press 'alt'+F4 and fix everything?

Had 2 watch Justice's "DANCE" upside down

More zany vids I watched upside down after the jump

Seen any possibly inappropriate costumes lately?


Every one remembers the day the towers came down. On that day, every one in the world felt more American than they had ever felt. Whether you were a kid who lived in suburbia, or some one from the North Eastern United States, you will never forget September 11, 2001.

We all have a personal story, and a connection with 9-11. We all have our own coping mechanism which helps us move forward. Some people 'make 9-11 towers falling jokes' to hide their pain, and others are more directly vulnerable in a traditional way.

But did u ever think u'd see alts 'gettin they drank on' in cardboard replicas of the World Trade Center in the year 2k8?

's000 buzzed'

Progressively Mourning or just 'being inappropriate'?

[Photos by takeovertokyo]

Do alts in cardboard World Trade Center replicas just need attention, or are they 'the future' of learning how to cope with global tragedy?
How does this make u feel?
How do u deal with tragedies on a personal and global scale?
Is it difficult for you to 'mourn' because of the 'mainstream way that u r supposed to be sad about stuff'?
Is it difficult for you to mourn because it makes u feel less unique if u r as sad/shaken as some1 who isn't as smart & interesting as u?
Who is the real person inside of u?

<3 Let's get vulnerable: Coming this week <3

Ariel Pink releases 9/11 memorial song. Is he exploiting a national tragedy?


This is a new song/music video by Ariel Pink that is 16 minutes long. I skipped around the song, it seemed like one of those 'epic journey' mp3s that would have been more meaningful 2 decades ago, but now it is just like 'Why doesnt this sound more like the pumped up sneakers song?' Apparently the gimmick behind this song is that it is a 'tribute 2 9-11.' Since it is the 10 year anniversary of 9-11, many artists, content farms, and news media outlets have been 'reflecting' on the tragic events.

The video seems to try to be some sort of metaphor abt consuming media, but I'm not exactly sure what the song has to do with 9-11, other than the alleged statement that he started recording this song on 9-11-01.

According 2 p4k:

Today, 4AD has released a one-off, iTunes-exclusive single for the Ariel Pink track "Witch Hunt Suite for World III". It's a sprawling, multi-part, 16-minute-plus epic that Pink began writing and recording ten years ago today, while the events of September 11, 2001 began to unfold.

I'm not sure how I feel abt this song/Ariel's strategy. He really wants me to get heavy, but we all have a very personal 9-11 story. Most of us were watching from our suburban classrooms. A lot of 'post-millenials' don't even remember 9-11. 9-11 still harshes my vibes. I sorta just want Ariel Pink to sing songs abt 'waiting 4 kate', menopause men, and 'Round and Round.' But I guess maybe he is just trying to reflect on 9-11, but I just hear his deep voice saying stuff, and I assume it is abt weird stuff. Maybe I should give it a chance.

I'm still spooked by terror. I get scared on flights. I get sorta scared whenever I travel to major cities. I just want to beat terrorism.

Is Ariel the most important artist of our time?
Is he 'exploiting' the 9-11 meme?
Did 9-11 resonate 'more' or 'less' in the national psyche bc it happened before the proliferation of social media?
What do you think abt being 10 years removed from 9-11?
Are u relieved that Obama killed Bin Laden?
Is this song Ariel Pink's 'finest work', or should it have stayed a 'b-side that only Ariel's most dedicated fans listened to in their parents' basements while smoking dank'?

Ariel Pink

Alternative Celebrity, Buzzband

Ariel Pink is a 'lofi genius/wizard/mastermind' who has transitioned his brand to 'relevant indie buzzband status' in 2k10.

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