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The Overground Indie Fan: A Consumer Force Driving Indie Album Sales 2 Such Great Heights

overground music
I recently read that the Decemberists have the #1 album in the United States of America, selling close to 100K copies [link]. It inspired a wave of articles with the generic 'omg I can't believe indie music has done it again', and 'indie is going s00 mainstream.'

I feel somewhat perplexed, because I feel like I scan mp3 blogs, relevant music sites, and other content sources for 'good', 'authentic' music, but I have never really been familiar with the Decemberists, and I don't know any one who would actually 'buy' their album. Furthermore, I do not feel compelled to listen 2 them. I am not interested in hearing sounds from the indie past. Who are the ppl who not only 'listen to', but 'actually purchase' albums from second-rate mainstream indie bands like the Decemberists?

Much like we don't know the people who go to Walmart to make Eminem's / Nickelback's latest album #1 (unless u are a regular at Taco Bell who talks about music with the staff), it's safe to say that the most relevant music discovery experts don't really know who belongs to the mainstream indie. Maybe our heads are 'so far down' in the lofi/relevant underground trying to sniff out the 'next big sound' that we neglect the indie music fans who exist above the ground. They aren't interested in discovering a new buzzband or curating the brand of an emerging band. The exist above ground, looking to find bands that are branded as 'indie', but don't really want to get their hands dirty with the layers of metaphorical soil from the underground, nor do they want to 'risk going to jail' by illegally downloading albums.

This consumer force is the indie overground.
The Overgrounders live above the indie soil.
The Overgrounders and the Undergrounders have minimal direct interaction with one another.
There is a difference between 'going mainstream' and just 'appealing to overground markets.'

It seems to 'make sense' why Vampire Weekend's Contra would 'debut' with 124,000 albums sold due to 'tweens wanting to be alt' and wanting to become fans of handsome young men. However, it doesn't really make sense where all of these overground old ppl come out from in order to buy a Decemberists album. Maybe our heads are 'too far underground' 2 even know they exist, when they might 'outnumber' 'us' by 100:1.

Who is this consumer force, purchasing tons of digital copies of indie buzzband debut releases?
What are they in2?
What demographics do they fall in2?
Should startup indie bands be looking to appeal to the 'relevant undergrounders' or the 'overgrounders'?

I decided to check out the Decemberists' music 4 free by streaming some mp3s while watching their videos on youtube, taking some time to analyze their brand. Maybe if I 'understood' the Decemberists, I would 'understand' the overground.

Here is some other song that sounds like it would have been meaningful during the meaningfulcore era.

While I don't know much about the Decemberists...I don't know their background... I don't know any1 who listens 2 them... I don't know how they have been critically received in the past. Overall, I can say that their music is uninteresting, but I could see how somebody would enjoy considering them a 'band', just because they have a gimmicky group appearance, a singer with a distinct voice, and a pretty inoffensive sound (nice way of saying forgettable).

It seems like a comfortable band for an overground indie fan to align their brand with.

Here are a list of common traits of the overground indie music fan that I am trying to describe, just based on my perception of the Decemberists:

  • People who listen to NPR as a news + tastemaking source
  • People who still think that 'indie music' is all about 'the live show', maybe thinking that
  • Gen X-ers who are just trying to be 'hip' and buying
  • People who still read magazines to find out about bands
  • People whose favourite albums ever were created between
  • Dudebros who retroactively got in2 Pavement because they are old.
  • Indie fans who still think 'relevant indie music' sounds meaningfulcore
  • Indie fans who still think Death Cab for Cutie is 'cutting edge rock'
  • Fans that still compare everything 'indie' to Ben Gibbard projects
  • Ppl who still kinda wish 'emo' music would 'come back'
  • Fans who are waiting for a new Jimmy Eat World album
  • Some1 who said "What is this chillwave fad music thingy scene?" for the first time in the past week
  • Ppl who think 'Seattle' is 'cool' [via the 1990s]
  • Ppl who still think 'college radio' is a good form of 'music discovery'
  • Ppl who finally stopped 'buying CDs', purchased iPhones, and enjoy organizing their iTunes + making impulse buys from the iTunes store.
  • Ppl who 'support their local record store', and even chat up the 'dude behind the counter' for some recommendations.
  • Ppl who want to be considered the 'cool dude' at their lamestream office

How do you know if some1 is an overground indie fan?

"You might be an overgrounder if..."
-Jeff Buzzworthy on the Kings of Indie Blogcomedy Tour

Potential bands that appeal to overgrounders:

Who else is potentially an overground indie band? Some1 who 'sells way more albums than you would think' but you don't really know who is 'into them.'
Have record labels and publicists put too much time and energy trying 2 'get on the good side' of relevant tastemakers? Should they just quit and focus on inspiring overgrounders 2 purchase their albums?

Who do yall h8 more: Overgrounders or Mainstreamers?
Are you more interested in being a part of the consumer cycle that 'creates' cultural relevancy, or the part that just 'purchases it'?
What are the challenges commonly associated with transitioning your brand from 'relevant indie underground buzzband' to breaking into the overground?
What's the difference between a band 'going mainstream' and a band 'going overground'?

It seems like the music that has been branded as 'innovative' usually comes from lofi chillwave diy bedroom recording Gorilla Vs. Bear Pitchfork Media Altered Zones -o-sphere, and then every1 talks abt it a lot, and all of their fans download the music illegally. 'Obviously', a 'relevant buzzband' can't really 'get paid' in buzzbucks when you appeal to the early adopter + innovator markets. It kinda makes you think, should the goal of an indie band be to 'be relevant' with a small niche of tastemakers, or introduce your brand to ppl who will actually pay 4 u 2 'make a living'?

Where do overgrounders hang out?
Do they live in suburbia or 'relevant cities'?
What websites/magazines/NPR stations do overground indie fans listen 2?
How do u know if you are an overground indie fan?
Which 'relevant buzzbands' can move into overground markets?
Ariel Pink? Animal Collective? Beach House? Best Coast?
Is NPR Music the ultimate overground tastemaker?
Is debuting your album stream at the mark of a band that desperately wants 2 go overground?
Would you rather go 'mainstream' or just go 'overground'?
Are overground bands just trying to appeal to a population of educated, but ultimately 'misguided' alternative people?
Who listens to the Decemberists?
Are older indie bands just cashing in now that their target market finally 'makes money' and can purchase their albums without having to travel to a local 'record store'?
Are overgrounders just 'super late adopters' or are they stuck in some sort of time capsule from 5-15 years ago?

I'll see u
the ground.

I am happy underground
Even if my head is in the sand/up my own ass
I know that I appreciate the ambient textures
lofi pop chillwaves
I am happy here. It really is a magical place.

Maybe u will never like the music that I 'like'
But it will get 2 u 1 day
And u might be threatened by it
U might like it
But I'm never going to live above ground
I don't want your life


This is a reaffirmation of my altness + authenticity.

The Decemberists


The Decemberists had the #1 album in America, but not rlly sure why they are relevant.

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Lana Del Rey sells MAD albums, is officially RICH, FAMOUS, and SUCCESSFUL

Lana Del Rey's album Born To Die was widely panned by the peons of the Corrupt Indie Machine. However, it seems like she 'effing killed it', using the 'tank on SNL' marketing strategy 2 cruise her way to the #2 spot in America. She sold 77k albums in the United States.

People constantly debate whether the phrase, “All publicity is good publicity,” actually has any credence, but in the case of Lana Del Rey, the saying has proven itself true.
After nearly six months of feverish online debate — her name! her lips! her backstory! — the divisive songstress, whose poorly received performance on SNL launched a thousand blog posts, lands high on this week’s chart. Her debut album Born to Die debuted at No. 2 on the Billboard 200, selling a solid 77,000 (if not spectacular, considering its marketing budget) copies.
Impressively, Del Rey accomplished this feat without a single bona fide “hit” to her name. Although her recent video for “Born to Die” has amassed over 19 million views, she has only charted one song domestically: “Video Games,” and that only reached No. 91 on the Hot 100. Understandably, 74 percent of her album sales were digital downloads.

More importantly, she sold 117k albums in the UK, which confirms that ppl from the UK 'have no taste' and will fall in <3 with any vaguely buzzed cute human if she 'looks right.' You have to tip ur hat to Lana Del Rey's marketing team for creating an internationally acclaimed artist who can sell MAD albums to lonely women who are tired of listening to Adele, needing a zanier, artsyfartsier voice in their Honda Civic stereo. She probably also appeals to 'the gays'.

1. Adele, 21 – 122,000
2. Lana Del Rey, Born To Die – 77,000
3. Leonard Cohen, Old Ideas – 41,000
4. Various Artists, 2012 Grammy Nominees – 34,000
5. Kidz Bop Kids, Kidz Bop 21 – 30,000
6. Drake, Take Care – 30,000
7. Tim McGraw, Emotional Traffic – 29,000
8. Fred Hammond, God, Love And Romance – 26,000
9. LMFAO, Sorry For Party Rocking – 22,000
10. Rihanna, Talk That Talk – 22,000

LDR has done it. She is OFFICIALLY mnstrm.
She can officially purchase a riviera.
She is OFFICIALLY tabloid material.

We did it. We all did our part 2 get her there. This was a community effort.

Congrats, bb! We were HERE 4 U since THE BEGINNING. Plz don't forget abt us when ur richer and famouser!
Love, random blogs that posted 'Video Games' during its buzz incubation phase

Will indie blogs stop posting about LDR?
Will LDR morph into the new Lana Gaga?
Does LDR have it all?
Is she as mnstrm as it gets?
R u tired of LDR?
Did she 'beat' the Corrupt Indie Machine, utilizing the flaws in the system to actually 'overcome'/leapfrog 'the system'?
Will M.I.A. now 'sell mad albums' because of her meltdown, or does LDR 'actually made decent music'?
Does Lana Del Rey have everything and u have nothing except angry tweets on the internet?
Will there be a KIDZ BOP version of 'Video Games'?

Lana Del Rey Album Sales: 'Born to Die' projected to sell ~60k copies, will land at #2

Every1 is waiting for the OFFICIAL Lana Del Rey album sales returns. We've seen her label go on a MAJOR ADVERTISING CAMPAIGN, which has probably paid off bc she is selling mad copies on iTunes [link]. When we find out how much she sold, we will finally know if she was 'just a human meme', 'just another crappy indie artist', or a LEGITIMATE FORCE IN THE MUSIC INDUSTRY THAT WILL BE AROUND FOREVER AS A MUSICIAN AND A SEX ICON. Based on early returns, it is clear that Lana Del Rey will be a mainstay in music for the next several decades.

Apparently she is projected to sell around 60,000 albums. This can be called a MASSIVE SUCCESS 4 an artist who came out of nowhere and truly 'changed the way the internet music game was played.'

According to Hits Daily Double, opening day sales figures suggest her major label debut “Born to Die” is on track for between 55-60,000. The album won’t top Adele’s still-absurdly-strong “21″ on the charts, but it should definitely land respectably on the Billboard 200.

IS this a 'flop' because she didn't land at #1?
Or is this a HUGE SUCCESS bc of her indie roots?
Should other indie bands be PISSED at indie music websites for not turning them into memes that actually compelled mainstream interest in them?
Is the indie blogosphere set up to 'cyberbully' these days, not 'cyber-posi-hype'?

Although bands and brands pay million dollars for PR + image brand management, it seems clear that the best way to promote urself is by EFFING TANKING on a nationally televised/overvalued performance so that every1 knows who u r. Then lamestreamers will know abt u. Those are basically the ppl u have to 'win over' in order to sell, not 'a-holes on the internet' who are so obsessed with the sound of their own voice that it it unlikely that they will ever enjoy anything.

You have to appload LDR's business acumen. Today, she is on top of the world, meeting with a realtor to purchase a riviera.

Does LDR have it all?
Will these numbers prove 2 be false?
Was LDR #Born2Sell?
R u jealous of LDR?
Is this the greatest thing that the indie blogosphere will ever produce?
Did the blogosphere help her by 'bullying her'?
Should artists look to be hated by every1?
Did she finally find her home in the pop-o-sphere?
Does Lana Del Rey need to 'gain a lot of weight' so that she can ride chubwaves 2 album sales with Adele?

Lana Del Rey says 'Eff U' to all the fat, grey-haired internet critics, has '#1 album in 11 countries'

Yesterday was a 'fuckfest' for music websites and music writers with inflated egos, all looking to 'gangbang' poor little Lana Del Rey with mean words attempting to dissect her art and music. However, #LDR took to twitter in order to tell her fans 'i love yall', while at the same time telling her h8rz "Yall are paying my effing bill, bitches!" Do u think haters are paying LDR's bills, or did she just break thru 2 lamestream markets/Lady Gaga wanna-be artsyfartsy tweens?

Thank you for making the record #1 in 11 countries. Your sweet words have softened the effect of even the harshest reviews. I adore you

Her record is '#1' on iTunes in 'at least 11 countries'

UK, Germany, France, Austria, Belgium, Finland, Greece, Ireland, Luxembourg, Portugal and Switzerland are the countries where Lana del Rey is located at No. 1 on iTunes in the early hours of the new album

Many music industry insiders say that 'if you can win the hearts of the Luxembourgers, you can win the entire world.' It seems as though she has done just that, basically creating a frenzy in the country with about 500k people. Every one believed that Lana Del Rey would have MASSIVE INTERNATIONAL SUCCESS because most people in Europe have bad taste in music and her brand/aesthetic really hits their sweet spot.

Based on this 'screenshot', Lana Del Rey has the #1 album in the US iTunes store as well.
lana del rey album sales

'We love u Lana! We've been supportive of u since day 1! Don't forget us. I actually sorta need a loan. Do u have any extra buzz bucks/real money?'
-LDR's old trailer park friends calling her up

'We love u Lana! We've been supportive of u since day 1! we never wrote anything mean abt u!'
-Magazine/website editor jonesing 4 LDR [EXCLUSIVES]

Did Lana Del Rey just 'take a piss' on all the critics'?
Did LDR 'breakthru' to Middle America?
Are album sales just 'really, really, really bad' in January?
Are iTunes screenshots 'misleading'?
Is LDR 'laughing all the way to the bank'?
If Lana Del REy is successful, does that mean we get to harvest her memes 4evr?
If LDR is 'actually successful', does that mean HIPSTER RUNOFF is trapped being the Lana Del Report?
Will Lana Del Rey 'have the last laugh' [via vibing out in her own Riviera]?
lana del rey buick riviera

Billboard Charts will no longer include albums sold for under $3.49. Are indie bands 'screwed'?

It has been a widely accepted indie (especially mindie) strategy to 'sell digital albums' on the cheap for a pricepoint between $0.99 to $4.99 upon debut. It can help a buzzband pick up more sales 2 cool dads who just want to legally purchase an album at a chill price. Now it seems like Billboard, the 'Chartkeeping company' will no longer include sales of albums that cost less than $3.49 in their chart numbers.

Lady Gaga and Amazon Cloud basically ruined the game because they teamed up and sold her last album for 99 cents. Although I would rather purchase a burrito / taco / gordita crunch wrap at Taco Bell, many lamestreamers will jump at the chance to get a 'sweet ass deal' on some mp3s.

Starting next week, the publication (which tracks album sales via Nielsen SoundScan) will overhaul their sales rules. There are a handful of new rules, but the juiciest one is the fact that albums priced below $3.49 will not be included in sales tallies.

Should they have raised the pricepoint? 4.99? 6.49? 9.99? How much is an album worth, yall?

You have to think that many indie record labels are 'pissed' at this development, hoping to 'chart big' by selling albums on the cheap. Mainstream indie buzzbands who are looking to debut at #1 could be put at a disadvantage with this new development. Some indie purists are at peace with the new rule, hoping that the cost of music is priced at its critical value, not its production value.

Is Amazon being a good competitor so we don't have to buy albums off iTunes for $9.99?
Do indie bands 'cheat' by selling their albums on the cheap, or is it a good way to encourage 'mp3 window shoppers' to impulse buy their album?
Is this bad news 4 indie bands who were hoping 2 chart?
IS all music overpriced?
Should all mp3s be free?
How much would u sell ur buzz album 4?
How much is music worth 2 society/an individual consumer?
Do u miss the days when a CD cost $17.99?
Should we all just 'support our local record stores' or chill on iTunes?

Tyler the Creator charts at #5, sells 45k albums. Is this a massive flop?

Tyler the Creator's latest album GOBLIN got sooo much hype, and started sooo many riots, and so many fistfights at shows, and every1 was buzzing, but then it came out, and it was kinda a letdown, and every1 thought it was just pretty 'meh.' Anyways, he 'only' sold 45,000 copies of his album, which is probably 'decent', but we can probs go ahead and call it a 'flop' due to all of the hype, and due 2 the fact that he gets mainstream hiphop radio play.

Maybe he'll have tons more success in the future once he stops 'being indie' and goes Eminem-horrorcore-mainstream... But as for now, he lost to Adele, Lonely Island, Now 38, and Christina Perri.

Behind her is Tyler the Creator’s solo set “Goblin,” at No. 5 with 45,000. The rapper is part of larger hip-hop collective Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All.

In related indie news, the Fleet Foxes sold 34k copies last week at #8, dropping 62% and four spots.

Did u expect him 2 sell more albums?
Is this 'actually really good' 4 a debut?
Will he ever sell more albums than Vampy Weeks and Arcade Fires?
Will he ever sell more albums than Eminem and Taylor Swift?
Was this a FLOP both critically and commercially?
Will Tyler the Creator be 'the next Conway West'?
Is Goblin 4 lamestreamers/overhypers?
Because of his poor showing, can we go from calling Tyler the Creator 'overhyped' to 'overrated'?
How do u envision his career playing out?

Tyler, The Creator

Alternative Celebrity

Tyler is a teenage producer, rapper, and the leader of an experimental lofi shock-rap crew called Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All.

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The Strokes album sales numbers are hella disappointing... They even lost 2 Chris Brown...

The Strokes Angles album cycle is officially over, and it seems like we can officially call it a 'flop' both critically and commercially. Most successful mainstream indie bands sell about 120-200k albums on their debut week, even if they use Amazon + Best Buy low pricing gimmicks. However, the Strokes 'only' sold 94k albums, which means that they didn't really take their brand 2 such great heights. They got their 'asses kicked' by Chris Brown even though he 'beat the shit out of Rihanna.'

U kinda gotta feel bad for the Strokes... They got every1 'pumped up' that they 'rediscovered their old sound', but they kinda lied, and every1 is just pretty 'meh' about their album. Tons of critics are comparing them to MGMT, calling them 'the MGMT of 2k11.' It's just kinda a bummer 2 think that maybe The Strokes just 'don't have it any more' and might need to undergo buzzband euthanasia [via putting them 2 sleep].

Is this a 'solid number' by the Strokes, or would u expect more from them?
How do u feel 2 live in a world where Vampire Weekend is more popular than The Strokes?
Have the Strokes 'let us down' or are they just tired of being a buzzband?
Are the Strokes 'past their prime'?
Is Chris Brown 'back'?
Would any indie band have lost this week?
Do the Strokes care abt being successful or making music that ppl like?


The Strokes


The Strokes may have been the first buzzband of the 21st century.

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Chris Brown has the #1 Album in America. I HATE THE WORLD

by the UlTiMaTe LaMeStReAmER!!!



THIS IS HORRIBLE. I AM SRSLY THROWING UP IN MY MOUTH (no, not bulimic, I am just sick to my stomach about this news)



This SERIOUSLY ruins my day. I am not claiming to be the best person in the world, but I DO BELIEVE that Chris Brown should be IN JAIL for what he did to Rihanna. #effHim

I am seriously gonna leave work early today bc I can't even handle this.

Chris Brown is a PIG and every1 who bought this album should be ASHAMED of themselves.

Rebecca Black is a millionaire via iTunes and Youtube money!!! U g0 grrl!

by the UlTiMaTe LaMeStReAmER!!!

I love love love Rebecca Black's song "FRIDAY" (no, not the black ppl movie)... It went viral, and every1 was making fun of it, but Rebecca BB is laughing all the way 2 the bank!

I was reading a blog that said Rebecca Black is likely a MILLIONAIRE based on her sales numbers. U did it, bb!

It would seem that the investment paid off, many times over. Although the YouTube/Google party line on video ad revenue is vague (“There are no guarantees under the YouTube Partner agreement about how much you will be paid.”) some digging turns up speculation on potential profits. TechCrunch’s Erick Schonfeld reported today on Google and YouTube’s revenue figures. Looking at 2010’s actual numbers, the site makes about $1 per thousand page views. For videos running ads as part of the revenue sharing program, that revenue is then split between YouTube and the content creator. Content creators, or partners, take 68% of the profit. At 30,000,000 views, that lands Black and Ark Music Factory $20,000 – a 1000% return on investment. That number matches the figure reported by Damian Kulash Jr., the lead singer of indie pop band OK Go, who have made a name for themselves via viral videos.

The revenue doesn’t stop there, though. Where Google has had a notoriously tough time monetizing YouTube content, Apple’s iTunes has had significantly fewer problems. Since hitting the online music store last Monday, “Friday” has amassed a staggering number of downloads, reportedly topping 2 million; the song currently sits at #45 on the iTunes Top Singles chart. According to 101 Distribution, an independent music distributor, iTunes pays out $.70 per single download in the United States. That’s a much juicier check for Black and Ark Music Factory; even if the numbers are exaggerated, the intake from “Friday” could top $1 million. What’s more, Black is planning to release an acoustic version of the song to disprove speculation that her voice is reliant on AutoTune. Cha-ching!

OMG... I hope I meet Becca and she takes me on a Forever21 shopping spree :-)

Becca is an amazing artist, and u have to give her props for following her dreams, neglecting all the h8rs, and BEING HERSELF... Ur a strong young woman and I wish I had role models like her when I was growing up because my mom was never that supportive and I ended up doing the exact same job as her.


Let's meet up for a burger some time, bb! You can treat me :-) (I gotta find a way to go viral).

Important Infographics that illustrate the state of the Music Industry

album sales music graph
It seems like the internet is on the search for the perfect infographic that depicts the state of our current music industry, and what it used 2 look like so that we can predict what it will look like in the future. They can't just write "Totally Effed. Digital Singles on iTunes" on a .jpg because that is not interesting. Above is some infographic that says ppl don't buy vinyl, cassette, and CDs any more.

Do u think INFOGRAPHICS will help us 2 solve the problems of 2morrow/2day?

The music industry 'still makes the majority of their money' from full length albums.

This infographic demonstrates the sharp decline in ppl 'buying real albums'. (Confused)

Here are some trends in 'how the industry is making money' via random crap like ringtones, subscriptions, and streaming radio.

Downloaded albums & singles have grown nicely, but we’ve already established that is not nearly enough to offset the loss of the physical equivalents.

Mobile, which includes “Master Ringtunes, Ringbacks, Music Videos, Full Length Downloads, and Other Mobile”, hit its peak in 2007 and has actually been in decline the past 2 years. Looks like the death of the ringtone - and possibly the birth of the iPhone?

Subscriptions – presumably Rhapsody, Zune Pass, and the like — have also drifted downward the past 2 years.

Here is a graph that says 'digital singles are s0 hot right now.'

I feel like after looking at these infographics for the past 5 minutes, I feel like I finally 'get' the state of the Music Industry, like I went to a specialized college that gave me a 'Music Business Degree.' Maybe I'll come up with a new webservice that 'saves' the industry, delivers revenue to the artists, and helps users to discover new buzzbands based on their listening history.

Do yall <3 infographics?
Can we save the music industry now that we have these sweet infographics?
Is the music industry 'effed'?
R u tired of reading abt how 'effed' the music industry is?
Did u learn anything interesting from these infographics?
Do yall believe that there are only 'lies, damn lies, statistics, and 'infographics'?

INFOGRAPHIC: Album Sales are going down the shitter

Did yall know that 'the music industry' is 'going down the shitter'? Ya. Obvi. It doesn't really matter 2 me because most of the bands I listen 2 are just lofi buzzbands that know their shit is gonna get leaked or else they won't have any fans/buzz. Anyways, here is some graph that shows album sales from 1973-2010. "What an alarming trend!" [via graphical analysis]

Sorta wish I coulda been a buzzband from 1993-2000. Even if we were a 'one hit wonder', we probably still woulda made more bank than we would have made now. Would yall rather be a 'crappy alt rock band who had a hit that sold 3 million albums' or a modern buzzband getting 'tons of buzz'?

Good news though, yall. Here is a graph of 'singles' sales. As yall can see, the 'digital single' is selling 'like hot cakes.'

"Vinyl is totally back, yall!" -some indie cool dad

I guess it's a good thing that we can buy mp3s 'a la carte' instead of having to go 2 Blockbuster Music/Sam Goody/Suncoast 2 purchase an $18.99 CD full of crappy songs.

Have digital singles 'ruined' the music industry?
R u sad abt 'the death of the album' or is it a good thing 4 consumers?
R u sad that the music industry is 'dying'?
Would yall rather be a modern indie buzzband or get a standard 9-5 job?
Do consumers on the internet have more power than evr b4?
Do yall miss the 1990s?
Do yall h8 product placement/co-branding as the final attempt 2 'monetize' music?
Do u think tweens with iTunes gift cards 'fuel' the music industry?

Some cool dad folkwave indie band called the Decemberists have the #1 album in America

I have never listened to the Decemberists because they always seemed like some sort of band for people who like 'folky' sounding indie or something. Like cool dads or girls who doodle pictures of unicorns and like bands that have a dude with a really 'distinct' voice that sounds kinda like a joke. I'm sure some people would say they are 'brilliant', but they would probably also say Sufjan Stevens, Architecture in Helsinki, Of Montreal, and Iron and Wine are their favourite indie bands.

Anyways, they some how have the #1 album in America. Have no idea who likes this band/who listens 2 this band, but I feel like there is some huge grid of people who still 'read Rolling Stone and listen to NPR'. No idea who these ppl are. Does this mean the Novemberists are 'hella relevant'? Or are they just a honky ass Kings of Leon-wave indie band?

The Decemberists' sixth album The King is Dead debuted at the top of Billboard's album chart this week, scoring not only the band's first Number One album but also the best first-week sales performance of their career. Their previous high water mark for sales was the opening week for their previous album The Hazards of Love, which peaked at Number 14 with approximately 19,000 units sold. The King is Dead performed significantly better, selling 93,567 copies last week.

Have yall heard the Decemberists?
Are they 'relevant'?
Did they 'cheat' 2 win the #1 album by selling steeply discounted digital albums?

Much of the album's retail success was online, with digital sales accounting for 65 percent of all units sold. The breakdown of the digital sales figures by retail outlet (iTunes, Amazon, etc.) is unknown, though it's worth noting that The King is Dead was sold at a deep discount — $3.99 — in Amazon's MP3 store.

Can indie bands ever win a #1 record without 'cheating' and selling their album at a discount 4 the first week?
Should I check out the Decemberists?
What do they sound like?
Is Collin Malloy 'hotter' than Win Butler/Ezra Koenig?
Is this another 'victory' 4 indie, or just further evidence of the mainstreamification of indie?

Ke$ha's "Tik Tok" was the #1 selling song in the world in 2k10

Ke$ha is a slutwave songstress who specializes in writing songs about partying, banging dudes, and even releasing sexy photos of herself multiple times [cum on her tummie pix] + [getting her pussie eaten out pix]. Apparently Ke$ha's hit slutwave anthem "Tik Tok" was the #1 selling single 'in the world' in 2k10. Does this 'blow u away'? Is Ke$ha the most famous/successful female singer in the world right now?

Ke$ha had the best selling digital single of 2010 with Tik Tok, which sold 12.8 million units globally according to the IFPI’s new Digital Music Report 2011.


1. Ke$ha – Tik Tok (12.8m)
2. Lady Gaga – Bad Romance (9.7m)
3. Eminem ft Rihanna – Love The Way You Lie (9.3m)
4. Lady Gaga ft. Beyonce – Telephone (7.4m)
5. Usher ft – OMG (6.9m)
6. Katy Perry – California Gurls (6.7m)
7. Train – Hey, Soul Sister (6.6m)
8. Justin Bieber – Baby (6.4m)
9. Black Eyed Peas – I Gotta Feeling (6.1m)
10. Paramore – crushcrushcrush (6.1m)

R u surprised at this list?
What felt like the #1 song of 2k10 (Based on hearing the song 2 much)"?
R u surprised that Train is more popular than Justin Bieber?
I feel like Katy Perry + Black Eyed Peas were 'everywhere', but never could really ascertain the full pop/cultural/global appeal of "Tik Tok."

Do u think 'Tik Tok' is the #! slutwave anthem of all time?

Is slutwave ruining the industry?
Do u wish Train had won the #1 selling song of the year?
Is this John Travolta's most successful 'career comeback' since Pulp Fiction?

Does this make Ke$ha the #1 slutwaver in the worl right now?
Has Ke$ha reached 'Gaga' / 'U2' / Madonna status?
Which slutwaver will have the longest career?
Who is the most talented slutwaver?


Alternative Celebrity, Buzzband

Ke$ha is a slutwave autotune rapper who takes pix of men cumming on her.

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UNCOVERED: A complete list of 2010 indie album sales

I have always wondered if there is a discrepancy in 'the number of blog posts an indie artist can generate' and 'the number of albums that they can actually sell.' It seems like some random bro with a blogspot somehow did 'investigative research and uncovered the number of units sold by various indie ass + relevant buzzbands.' No idea if these sales are 'accurate', but 'whatever', seems reasonable.

Feel like u can really use this list 2 generate tons of theories abt the state of indie music and use this information 2 learn which artists 2 blog abt due to popularity+interest+appealing to consumers who 'actually have money' instead of just altbros who download tons of leaked lofi albums.

I went ahead and sorted it/filtered out the relevant buzzbands that u actually care about, then grouped all of the 'rappers' / 'African American artists' 2gether:

James Blake – The Bells Sketch EP / CMYK EP / Klavierwerke EP (511/4,091/na)
Twin Shadow – Forget (10,985)
Girls – Broken Dreams Club EP (10,266)
No Age – Everything In Between (13,802)
Wavves – King of the Beach (18,563)
Robyn – Body Talk (23,869)
Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti – Before Today (25,942)
Hot Chip – One Life Stand (~30k)
Caribou – Swim (33,803)
The Walkmen – Lisbon (39,159)
Crystal CastlesCrystal Castles (39,368)
Best Coast – Crazy For You (48,296)
Joanna Newsom – Have One on Me (48,754)
Deerhunter – Halcyon Digest (59,879)
Sleigh Bells Treats (94,478)
Sufjan Stevens – The Age of Adz (100,405)
Beach House – Teen Dream (104,217)
LCD Soundsystem – This Is Happening (126,288)
The National – High Violet (211,615)
Gorillaz – Plastic Beach (385,454)
Vampire Weekend – Contra (454,914)
Arcade Fire – The Suburbs (459,083)

African American Artists/Rappers

Janelle Monae – The ArchAndroid (129,152)
Erykah Badu – New Amerykah Part Two: Return of the Ankh (~300k)
Rick Ross – Teflon Don (541,299)
Kanye West – My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy (915,391)
Drake – Thank Me Later (1,219,473)


  • African American artists are more popular/have more fans than indie artists, so it makes sense that Pitchfork is 'negrofying'
  • The Arcade Fire is 'really popular'
  • Vampire Weekend will soon be 'more popular' than the Arcade Fire
  • Regine should go solo
  • Bradford Cox should spend more time on the Deerhunter brand than the Atlas Sound Brand
  • James Murphy will not retire due 2 his band's popularity
  • Ariel Pink's next album should sell close to 100k copies
  • Drake is more popular than Kanye West
  • Sleigh Bells is 'really successful' for a 'debut indie band.' Might start blogging abt them if they really have 'that many fans.' Wonder how they can make their sound go 'more mainstream' or something
  • Hot Chip 'flopped'
  • Sufjan Stevens sells tons of albums 2 cool dads.
  • The National has a 'strong brand' with ppl who buy albums
  • Best Coast basically deserves the same amount of respect as Joanna Newsom (based on album sales)
  • WAVVES should be jealous of Best Coast because of her krazie album sales

What trends 'jump out at u?
Are all of these successful indie bands 4 lamestreamers?

This iteration of the list is ordered in 'Pitchfork album of the year contest ratings'

50 Wavves – King of the Beach (18,563)
49 Wild Nothing – Gemini (8,773)
44 Kylesa – Spiral Shadow (7,778)
43 Tame Impala – Innerspeaker (15,101)
42 Drake – Thank Me Later (1,219,473)
39 Best Coast – Crazy For You (48,296)
38 Rick Ross – Teflon Don (541,299)
35 Gorillaz – Plastic Beach (385,454)
34 Crystal CastlesCrystal Castles (39,368)
33 The Tallest Man on Earth – The Wild Hunt (35,524)
29 The Fresh & Onlys – Play It Strange (3,633)
28 The National – High Violet (211,615)
27 Four Tet – There Is Love in You (22,228)
26 Twin Shadow – Forget (10,985)
25 Sufjan Stevens – The Age of Adz (100,405)
24 Hot Chip – One Life Stand (~30k)
22 Girls – Broken Dreams Club EP (10,266)
21 The Walkmen – Lisbon (39,159)
18 Erykah Badu – New Amerykah Part Two: Return of the Ankh (~300k)
17 Caribou – Swim (33,803)
16 Sleigh Bells Treats (94,478)
15 Robyn – Body Talk (23,869)
14 Flying Lotus – Cosmogramma (33,574)
13 No Age – Everything In Between (13,802)
12 Janelle Monae – The ArchAndroid (129,152)
11 Arcade Fire – The Suburbs (459,083)
10 Titus Andronicus – The Monitor (26,090)
09 Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti – Before Today (25,942)
08 James Blake – The Bells Sketch EP / CMYK EP / Klavierwerke EP (511/4,091/na)
07 Joanna Newsom – Have One on Me (48,754)
06 Vampire Weekend – Contra (454,914)
05 Beach House – Teen Dream (104,217)
04 Big Boi – Sir Lucious Left Foot: The Son of Chico Dusty (208,747)
03 Deerhunter – Halcyon Digest (59,879)
02 LCD Soundsystem – This Is Happening (126,288)
01 Kanye West – My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy (915,391)

What did u learn from this list?
Is this information 'legitimate' or just 'lies'?
Are indie bands 'more relevant than evr' in a mainstream kind of way?
If u could invest in an indie buzzband, which 1 would u buy stock in?

Daft Punk's new crappy soundtrack album is their most commercially successful ever [via Disney]

Just found out that Daft Punk's new album called THE TRON LEGACY SOUNDTRACK cracked 'the billboard top 10.' Kinda makes me sad bc the album was 'such a big letdown', but ppl are still buying it. Must be because Disney 'marketed the shit out of it.' Rlly wonder who 'bought this album' and what they expected out of it. Maybe they wanted to 'have a party' in their car, or potentially they

Daft Punk’s Tron: Legacy soundtrack debuts at #10. It’s the week’s highest-charting soundtrack to a theatrically-released movie...

I remember 'Discovery.' Seemed like a huge hit because every relevant indie electro fan 'knows abt it.' But I guess no1 bought it when it actually came out, because ppl were 2 young, and every1 was probs like 'WTF is this techno?' back b4 French Robots were totally 'kewl.'

This is the highest-charting album ever by the electronica-dance duo, which first charted in 1997. The duo’s highest-charting album before this was 2001’s Discovery, which reached #44.

Do u think this is 'bullshit'?
Does Daft Punk deserver 'commercial success' 4 this 'piece of poop'?
Did u see 'Tron: Legacy'? Is it 'bullshit'?
Do u think Disney can make 'any album' a hit [via the Jonas Brothers/Hannah Montana]?

Daft Punk

DJ, Buzzband

Daft Punk is a French House band that 'peaked' with discovery.

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Sufjan Stevens has the #7 album of America even though it was a weak effort

Sufjan Stevens' album "The Age of Adz" was received with mixed reviews because he didn't stick to his folk formula. A lot of ppl tried to say that it was good, but most ppl were like 'Cmon brah--let's hear some banjo and symphony sounding shit.'

Anyways, it looks like he still 'went mnstrm' and ended up at #7 on the Billboard charts, which are a mainstream set of charts that mainstream ppl usually win. Sufjy sold 36k album sales (most of which were probably $3.99 amazon discount sales [via indie price down strategy]. Totes got his 'ass whooped' by Lil Wayne who sold 118k albums.

Feel like Sufjan should be 'mildly proud', but should see this as a missed opportunity. If he had 'killed it' and wrote the album that every1 wanted him to write, bro woulda been on mainstream radio, rockin and rolling, but instead he just released this bleepy bloopy thing that is going to fall off the charts mad hard.

Who is the most commercially successful indie band of the year?
Kings of Leon?
Vampy Weeks?
Arcade Fire?
TayTay Swift?

R u pissed at Sufjan 4 'being successful' but at the same time 'failing to maximize his commercial opportunity?
Do u think all of the mainstreamers who bought this were disappointed that it didn't sound more like the Little Miss Sunshine song?


All things go...
all things go, yall...

INFOGRAPHIC: How much do indie bands get paid per live gig?

From what I have heard, 'touring' is the only way for a band to make money because no1 buys albums any more, and when they do, retailers basically take all of the money. U have to 'tour hard' and hope u sell a lot of t-shirts so that ur band makes money. It seems like some website made an INFOGRAPHIC abt how much money acts make per gig. Feel 'jealous' of most of these acts, because they are making so much money.

Here is the mainstream version of the 'graphic', which tells us boring stuff.

White people honky bands make mad bank
-Tween sensations make more than u will make over the next 3-5 years per night
-Hootie bro from Hooting at the Blowfish still makes mad bank
-People will still pay to see rock n roll bans that dress up as clowns
-U should start a Christian band

Anyways, that is boring. H8 white people music. Coulda at least thrown some rappers in there (besides Darius Rucker).

So I decided to make an INFOGRAPHIC that illustrates how which indie artists makes the most buzz dollars per gig. Not sure if this is based on any sort of real fact / analytic, but it seems 'kewl.' If I had to guess, 'buzz dollars' are some sort of unit that measures the amount of tweets, blog buzz, and high resolution photos that are generated at your shows, along with attendance numbers + t-shirt sales.

Seems like some bands make 'tons of buzz bucks'. What bands were omitted, and how many buzz bucks do yall think they make? Does Phoenix make more buzzbucks than any1 in the world?

Do yall think this buzz chart makes sense?
Do indie bands even make money?
Does it suck 2 be a modern indie band?
Do bands deserve to make money?
Should bands make more money off album sales?
Would yall rather be a mainstream band or an indie band who is trying to earn 'buzz bucks'?
Do yall know much a top tier indie band makes per show?
Is it a 'solid' figure, or 'depressing'?
R u sad that J Bieb makes more money in a year than u might make in ur lifetime?
Would u rather be a billionaire in 'real money' or with 'buzz dollars'?

Sufjan Stevens is pissed @ amazon 4 selling his album 4 mad cheap always does this thing where they will 'discount' relevant indie albums [via the digital store] upon their first week of release. A lot of theorists claimed that the record labels were chill with this, because it allows indie bands to 'sell more units' and perform on the mainstream charts. Sufjan Stevens is like 'aw hell naw', though, and is mad pissed that amazon is 'devaluing his work.'

Feel like this is probably an admission that his album won't perform 'commercially' and has a negligible chance to appeal to a mass market, so he is just scraping at all of the $$$ he can get. Really sad to realize that Sufjan isn't chasing mainstream dollars, and instead will just try to acquire a high percentage of his core fan base's money.

With a new album, 'The Age of Adz,' ready to be released in October, the singer-songwriter's record label, Asthmatic Kitty Records, has issued an e-mail to fans claiming that Amazon's bulk discount scheme is devaluing the work of artists.

Seems kinda weird for a record label to discourage fans from buying an album at a low price. I guess that record label h8s their fans or something. Just wish record labels would 'override' their artists' artistic spirits, and get them ready to 'take to market'/make the most amount of money + reach the most ppl.

The e-mail said, "We have mixed feelings about discounted pricing. Like we said, we love getting good music into the hands of good people, and when a price is low, more people buy. A low price will introduce a lot of people to Sufjan's music and to this wonderful album. For that, we're grateful."

It added, "But we also feel like the work that our artists produce is worth more than a cost of a latte. We value the skill, love, and time they've put into making their records. And we feel that our work too, in promotion and distribution, is also valuable and worthwhile."

Wonder if they are still 'rolling' in Little Miss Sunshine soundtrack dollars. Wonder if Sufjy even has to 'write another song' ever again. Sorta just wish he only wrote Chicago-style bangers.


Glad we are in the post-MGMT era, and we hold it against bands when they don't stick 2 a formula that 'works'/makes a lot of people rlly happy.

What do u think is the 'fair price' for an album? $100?
Should we add up the price of Sufjan's childhood banjo lessons and add some sort of 'depreciated'/'adjusted for inflation' costs?
Is discounting 'the only way in hell' u would even consider purchasing an album?
Should we all just 'buy shit off iTunes' and eff over
Is iTunes 'losing popularity' or will it be around 4evr because ppl have iPhones and Poddies?

Where is a good place to buy albums so that the artist gets all the cash?
Should I just wait to purchase

To this end, Asthmatic Kitty have recommended that check out alternative retailers and distributors such as Bandcamp which allows artists to sell directly to fans.

Will a service like 'bandcamp' ever be taken seriously, or does it need to 'rebrand'?
Will a new music service that 'helps artists monetize' take over the indie scene?
Does 'the lack of innovation' in album distribution hurt artists?
Or is it a 'good thing' that retailers like iTunes,, and ur local Best Buy exist to give mainstream markets an opportunity to acquire ur product?
Is Sufjan 'right', or does he need to 'shut the eff up' and write better albums 2 inspire ppl 2 buy them?
Do u respect Vampire Weekend and the Arcade Fire 4 letting amazon 'liquidate' their album, or should all albums cost $17.99?
R u sad that Sufjy is 'begging' 4 money/discouraging ppl from buying his album?

Amazon MP3


So far unsuccessful effort to compete with iTunes by cutting prices. Some artists & labels accuse Amazon MP3 for hastening the destruction of the music industry. Kinda sad to have your new album sold for $3.99. Others claim that super cheap albums distort the billboard/charting process.

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Arcade Fire ‘charts’ at #1, are they still ‘indie’ or now ‘dude-bro butt-buddy rock’?

Not sure if this is really news, or if it really 'warrants analysis' since it was inevitable, but Arcade Fire 'debuted at #1' and sold 156K American copies. Do u remember the first time u heard/saw the Arcade Fire, and they 'pumped u up', feeling way more meaningfulcore than even the best Deathcab 4 Cutie song? Seems like they found a sweet way to monetize that, inspiring bros and dudes and lil entry level bitches to 'wake up where the wild things r chillin @ the super bowl.'

Wonder if they are still gonna give $1 million to Haiti, or if they are just gonna flake out on that since the headline is already 'done' and they are 'rolling around' in money.

Do u think 156K is a 'success' or a 'flop'?

The Suburbs sold 156,000 copies its first week out, better than M.I.A. (28K), The National (51K), and LCD Soundsystem (31K) combined

Seems like those 3 artists should be 'ashamed of their performances, and blogs should be required to delete 75% of their blog posts about them.

Back on the albums chart, "The Suburbs" gives Arcade Fire its first No. 1, surpassing the Montreal band's previous high of No. 2 when 2007's "Neon Bible" arrived with 92,000.

"Suburbs" reaped the benefits of a week-long sale in Amazon's MP3 store, where it was priced at $3.99. Apple's iTunes Store offered the set for a standard $9.99. While SoundScan's data does not reveal how many were sold only through Amazon's MP3 store, downloads from all retailers made up 62% of the album's first week (97,000 downloads out of 156,000 total sales). Comparably, "Neon Bible" saw 30% of its first week come from digital sales (27,000 of its 92,000 opening frame).

Is the Arcade Fire 'authentic'?
Is the Suburbs the greatest indie album of all time, just based on sales?
Are they gonna hold on 2 #1, or fall hard?
Is Arcade Fire for authentic indie fans, or just 'dude bros' who are 'butt buddies' with 1 another?
R u tired of Arcade Fire since this meme was 'effing inevitable'?
Is this the crowning moment of meaningfulcore music?

Is Win Butler gonna have hot, sweet 'celebration sex' with Regine (the Arcade Fire's accordion player + his wife)?

Or is he regretting dating her/letting her in the band/not being able to pound sweet indie alt ass?
Really feel like he would be 'dating a celeb' right now if he didn't commit so early. Maybe like Kate Hudson or a member of the Gossip Galz cast.

Arcade Fire


The Arcade Fire is a 2k0s indie band that went mainstream because their songs sound like meaningful anthems. They pretend to be Canadian but Win Butler (lead singer) is actually from Houston, TX.

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Best Coast album charts at #36, sells 10K records. Is this 'a success'?

Just checking some 'album sales numbers', seeing how popular indie bands are this week. It seems like Best Coast's new hit album "Crazy For Yall" 'charted' at #36, selling 10K 'units.'

new indie buzz act Best Coast sail into the #36 spot with Crazy for You (10,000).

Can't really tell if this is a success for a small indie label / indie band, demostrating the power of blogs and buzzbands, or if this is a 'disappointment' because she coulda sold way more. Still think Vampire Weekend is 'the golden indie standard', selling 124k copies in their first week. Arcade Fire is 'due to top that' but feel like they might be even more streamstream than Vampy Weeks.

R u surprised Best Coast 'charted'?
Do u think a bunch of cool dads bought this shit on iTunes / iTunes vinyl store?
Will Best Coast see a 'sales bump' and see sales continue to trickle in for the rest of the year?
Do you think over 10k bros who obsessively read blogs downloaded the Best Coast rapidshare leak?
Will Best Coast go on Fallon, or is she not buzzbandy enough?
Will indie buzzband debuts ever build up enough hype to chart at #1, or will alt rock bros + black rappers + wigger rappers + tweens +slutwavers always 'chart' at #1?
Will Best Coast attract 'major labels', and should she sign with them in exchange for several trashbags full of marijuana?

Best Coast


Best Coast is a fuzzy buzzy band that sings abt dank, California, boys, and kitty cats

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Is the Arcade Fire ‘cheating’ by selling their album for $3.99?

In our modern world, indie bands must do 'whatever it takes' to compete with mainstream bands. Indie bands are in a battle with alt rockers to become 'the best selling guitar rock bros in the world.' Not sure if it will happen in our lifetime, but mindie bands like Vampire Weekend and Arcade Fire are doing their best to sell mad units at discounted prices.

Is this an 'ethical' way to sell albums, or is there no such thing as an 'ethical way' to sell anything?
Do u think the $3.99 discount price 'appeals' to random cool dads who want to vibe out legally to buzzband jams?
What is a more powerful impulse purchasing tactic: the $3.99 digital sale or the $9.99 physical copy sale?
If u were a mainstream bro, would u be 'pumped' to see an album 'on sale' for such a low price?

Will the Arcade Fire 'chart' at #1?
Will they 'blow the competition out of the water'?
Is this a 'great accomplishment' or have they 'cooked the books'?
Will Lady Gaga sell her album for $1.99 to set Billboard chart records?
Are people who buy complete albums for 9.99 'fucking chumps'?
Will iTunes file a 'lawsuit' against Amazon for reverse price gouging?
Did the Arcade Fire steal their cover art from suburbia?
Do we know that indie bands are 'seeking amazing first week album sales numbers' when they sell their album on the cheap?
Which band will be next to use the $3.99 amazon sales technique?
How much is an album 'actually worth'? $17.99? 9.99? 3.99? ~.99 per mp3?
Do u prefer bands who accidentally 'give away their albums for free' [via leaked rapidshare file]?

Arcade Fire


The Arcade Fire is a 2k0s indie band that went mainstream because their songs sound like meaningful anthems. They pretend to be Canadian but Win Butler (lead singer) is actually from Houston, TX.

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Amazon MP3


So far unsuccessful effort to compete with iTunes by cutting prices. Some artists & labels accuse Amazon MP3 for hastening the destruction of the music industry. Kinda sad to have your new album sold for $3.99. Others claim that super cheap albums distort the billboard/charting process.

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M.I.A.’s album ‘charts’ at #9, loses to Eminem, Korn & Biebro

M.I.A. has had 'a huge target on her back' since all she ever does is 'talk mad shit' about other artists, the government, and every1 who she can 'mudsling' 2 get hits. N e ways, it seems like her album sold 28000 copies. I can't really tell if that is good or bad. All I know is that Vampire Weekend's album debuted with 124,000 copies sold, so that is sorta the 'indie gold standard.'

Feel like this might be a 'huge disappointment', maybe. Like they were hoping she could ride the slutwave and be one of the most important female artists, but since album sales are 'tanking' across the industry, saying ur #9 sounds like u 'did a good job' or something. Not sure if I am supposed to make this post say that she 'disappointed' or if I am supposed to say 'she performed above expectations.' Wonder what demographic of humans/consumers purchased her album.

Eminem has notched a fourth week at No. 1 on the Billboard album chart, beating out new albums by Korn, Newsboys, Sting and M.I.A. Eminem’s “Recovery” (Aftermath/Interscope) sold another 196,000 copies in the United States last week, Nielsen SoundScan reported.

Korn’s “Korn III: Remember Who You Are” (Roadrunner) is the highest charting new release, opening at No. 2 with 63,000 sales. Other new albums include “Born Again” (Inpop) by the Christian rock band Newsboys, which reached No. 4 with 45,000 sales; Sting’s “Symphonicities” (Deutsche Grammophon/Cherry Tree), with orchestrations of his hits, which opened at No. 6 with 36,000; the country singer Jerrod Niemann’s “Judge Jerrod & the Hung Jury” (Arista Nashville), at No. 7 with 34,000; and “Stampede” (Epic) by the metal band Hellyeah, at No. 8 with 28,000. M.I.A.’s “/\/\/\Y/\” (released by N.E.E.T./XL/Interscope, and also known simply as “Maya”) opened at No. 9 with a tiny bit less than “Stampede.” (The numbers are rounded.)

Feel sad that she lost to the horrorcore/hardcore rapper bros Eminem and Korn. Feel like maybe it is 'refreshing' that Korn still has a solid tribe of followers. Just some bros who want to a.d.i.d.a.s. [via all day I dream about sex]. Kinda seems like bands that existed in the 90s will 'always find a way to sell records' [via people who haven't made the transition to the modern world].

Just wish I could be a mainstream band / Christian band / rapper / tween sensation. Not sure if there is that much money in 'indie music.' Guess we all can't be Vampy Weekends. Sad that they might lose all their money. Just want to be the next Kings of Leon or something. Wanna sell tons of units and 'not worry about authenticity.' Just want to

Did M.I.A.'s album 'tank'?
Did she sell more units than u thought she would?
What type of people bought her albums? Edgy Twilight fans? Cool dads who 'love ethnic girls'?
Is this the beginning of the end of M.I.A.'s career?
Should she just ride chillwaves with billionaire dollars?
Did M.I.A. 'peak' both artistically and commercially with "Paper Planes"?


Buzzband, Alternative Celebrity

M.I.A. is known for thinking that the American government is out 2 get her.

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Pie Chart Meme Graphic: How artists, record labels, & retailers split album sales

Have always wanted to start a buzzband, but didn't really know if it was 'worth it' cuz of the state of the modern music industry. Feel like there is some sort of 'effed up' system where bands don't even get paid, and even if u go mainstream, tons of entities are 'stealing ur money' cuz they market + distribute ur music. Mad bummed. Thought being a rock star would get u mad rich, but feel like this chart illustrates that bands 'don't make that much money.'

Feel like if I had a band, I wouldn't have a manager, bass player, or lead guitarist. I would avoid signing to a record label, and would try really hard not to use a distributor. Might outsource an 'album sales website' to a web design firm in India. Just gotta maintain all my profits, avoiding 'legal counsel' and even a 'producer.' So weird that bands have to spend money on all of this stuff.

'Solo project' without any sort of band / marketing infrastructure seems ideal. Wonder if chillwave/lofi/being Radiohead is the best possible band business model, since you can minimize 'bullshit costs' and really focus on exploiting your tribe.

Really just want to keep all of the profits, knowing that my art belongs to me, and no1 can use it without my consent.
H8 how the music industry is so effed up, and it doesn't even allow us to make art any more. Even Larry Gaga is a 'slave' to the horizontally integrated corporate structure.

Do artist 'make money' from album sales?
What type of band would yall be in?
What staff would u have if you had a band?
What are some good ways to 'cut corners' and save ur band budget?
Will I make more money in my life if I have a mediocre 9-5 job for 35 yea, or if I have a buzzband that has 2 albums that sell moderately well?
Does this mean I'm never going to be a rock star / blog star?
Is the music industry 'swirling down the shitter'?
Do musicians deserve Health Insurance?
Do record labels 'steal' tons of money from artists, or are bands 'worthless' without relevant record labels?
Do musicians/bands waste tons of money on goods and services that they don't need?

Ariel Pink’s album debuts as the 163rd most popular album in the country. Has lofi gone mnstrm?

Ariel Pink's "Before Today" was one of the most anticipated leaks of 2k10, but no1 really expected people to buy it. It seems like 'all sales expectations were shattered' and the album peaked at #163 on the mainstream Billboard charts. This is huge news for the lofi genre, proving that 'lofi is going mainstream', and lofi releases with enough indie internet buzz can 'shatter the charts.'

Simply put, lofi wave indie is now a commercial mainstream force which will evolve into some of the most popular music in the USA. In the alternative lofi universe, #163 is the same as #1.

The album outperformed MGMT (out for 9 weeks, peak at #2) and She & Him (out for 12 weeks, peak at #6).

It seems like pitchfork 'panned' MGMT now that it is a commercially safe move, and spoke on the commercial lofi success of Ariel Pink :

As predicted, MGMT's oddball album isn't exactly tearing up the charts-- it currently sits at number 166 on Billboard's Top 200, three spots behind Ariel Pink's Before Today. Weird times.

Can't believe Ariel Pink is 'so mainstream.' Wonder if he is 'popping bottles' celebrating this accomplishment.
R u proud of Ariel Pink?
Is Ariel Pink mainstream indie?
Will there be 'tons of pressure' on Ariel Pink to make a new album that lands in the top 10?
Is Ariel Pink 'the great lofi hope'?
Will Ariel Pink's album continue to climb, or will it fall off the charts?
Has lofi 'gone mainstream'?

Ariel Pink

Alternative Celebrity, Buzzband

Ariel Pink is a 'lofi genius/wizard/mastermind' who has transitioned his brand to 'relevant indie buzzband status' in 2k10.

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The XX ‘liquidates’ their album, puts on sale for $2.99

Not sure what the popular 2k9 buzzband is 'trying 2 do.' They are selling their album for $2.99 when the popular price point is $9.99 for a digital album. I feel like the market rate for an actual CD is $17.99 [via Virgin Megastore/Blockbuster Music circa 1997]. Really unsure what I'm paying for when I purchase music--maybe it is just the jewel case, album art, and shipping costs. Making music seems really easy these days, so feel like it should be free.

I feel like I am on the 'frontline' of tastemaking, so I usually deserve a free copy of every album for 'evaluation purposes' [via rapidshare leak]. Really difficult for me to wrap my head around what is going down in the music industry in the digital age.

Does n e 1 know what the strategy is when these album prices drop? Do they sell more albums? Does the band get any of the proceeds of this sale? Who determines what the price is supposed to be? The band management, or the retailer?

Is amazon the only chill bro service that reduces album prices?
Can some1 explain the digital sales revenue model for me?
Can u 'liquidate' mp3 inventory, or is there an infinite amount of disc space in our modern world?
Should all indie buzzbands 'sell' their albums at a low price in the first week of their release to 'cheat' on the charts? Can we assign a name to this common practice, like 'Vampire Weekending' or something like that?
Who buys mp3s from amazon/itunes?
What is 'worth paying 4' in the music industry? Concerts? Festivals? Digital albums? Physical albums? Vinyl?
Does the XX make money off album sales, or are they 'stuck touring 4 the rest of their lives'?

LCD Soundsystem has the #10 album in America, sells 31K ‘units.’ Flop or success?

LCD Soundsystem recently released their album This Is Happening for people to buy and download. It was the #10 selling album in its debut week. Not sure what that means, really. Feel like Vampire Weekend is still the 'golden standard' for Week 1 sales numbers, having sold 124K units.

The final debut in the top 10, at #10, is the second effort from indie-dance punks LCD Soundsystem, This Is Happening, which moved 31,000 copies.

Really unsure how to 'evaluate' this news. Not sure if the record industry is still doing well. Is 'indie music' bigger than ever, or is it just easier to do well since indie bands are internet-centric and tons of rich cool dads 'impulse buy' mp3s from Amazon and iTunes?

Did LCD Soundsystem do 'super well'?
Did the album 'flop'?
Will their next album do even better?
Will James Murphy really 'retire' or is there too much opportunity with his band brand?
Do they deserve to 'pop bottles' over this result, or will their major label be pissed that it didn't sell at least 50K albums?
Is LCD Soundsystem the perfect mainstream + alt product?
Was their performance negatively impacted by illegal downloads?
R u proud of James Murphy for being a cool old dude?

This was the worst week for album sales since 1991. Is this why indie bands ‘chart’ in the top 10?

Apparently no1 is buying albums any more, and artists aren't even really bothering 2 release new albums.

Combine the downward trend of album sales with a week of no major releases and what do you get? The fewest number of total album sales, 5.3 million, in a single week since Nielsen SoundScan started its tracking in 1991.

I am not sure what this means. I feel like you could either say 'music is worse than ever', or that 'people just download music illegally now.' Maybe people finally realize that 'mainstream artists release crappy records that aren't worth buying.' I feel like the indie band chillwave buzzosphere is 'strong', but I don't always know how that translates into album sales. Older mainstream indie bands seem to have the most success.

I read that the indie band The National 'charted' at #2 with their debut. I think they are one of those generic guitar bands with a singer bro who has a deep voice.

The top new album was “High Violet” (4AD) from the National, selling 51,000 copies, good enough for No. 3. Other new releases in the top 10 were Dead Weather’s “Sea of Cowards” ( Warner Bros. ), and Charice’s self-titled album (Reprise). “The Oracle” (Universal Republic), by the metal band Godsmack, dropped from its top spot last week down to No. 9, with sales of 43,000, 63 percent less than the week before.

Feel confused about 2k10 being the year of 'mainstream indie bands' charting with their efforts, even when the albums are mediocre. Maybe the people buying the albums aren't influenced by 'reviews' and just trust magazines that say everything is cool. I don't really feel like 'indie' bands can outsell the most popular rock & hip hop acts, but it does feel like indie band fans have grown into middle aged professionals and are willing to buy songs for their iPhones in order to reconnect with their past. There seems to be a demographic of 'wannabe indie bros/cool dads' who don't know how to download leaks for free.

Everytime u download a leak, are you taking a loaf of bread out of a band's mouths?
Why do u think 'indie bands' are charting so high now?
Less mainstream competition?
The rest of the world 'finally understands indie music'?
Do indie musicians have more marketing dollars than ever?
Is it important to 'support indie bands' so that they get more resources by selling tons of iTunes albums/digital singles?
Is Middle America is starting to have 'refined taste'?
Are older indie bands forced to dumb down their sound in order to write an album for the entire country/world?
Will MGMT's flop make mainstreamers more reluctant to purchase indie band albums that are marketed down their throats?
Whenever there is a headline about an indie band 'coming in at #1-20 on the billboard charts', should we take it with a 'grain of salt' because it really isn't that hard to sell that many records if you are moderately covered by 40% of the biggest music blogs in the world?

MGMT album sales drop 74% in Week 2. Fall from #2 to #18 on the Charts.

MGMT sold just over 18000 copies of their new album Congratulations in week 2, down 74% from their week 1 total of 66,000 albums. They 'free fall'-ed to #18 on the Billboard charts, losing to many mainstream acts like Justin Bieber, Lady Gaga, Ke$ha, The Black Eyed Peas, and the Soundtracks to Glee and Iron Man 2. Does n e 1 who is a music industry insider know if this type of free fall is natural for indie bands, or is this 'a huge disgrace'?

Wonder if 'heads are gonna roll.' Maybe MGMT will be dropped from their label, and they will rebrand themselves as 'authentic independent artists making music 4 the right reasons.'

Is a huge decrease in album sales to be expected for indie bands?
Are you pardoned from a free fall in sales if your album charts at #1?
Is MGMT 'the biggest flop' of 2k10 since they got a lukewarm Pitchfork score, didn't go mainstream, and were chauffeured through a series of hollow profile pieces about 'the challenges of a sophomore album', etc?
Did MGMT 'blow their opportunity' to become the next Coldplay / the Killers?
What are your predictions for MGMT album 3?
How many albums is the Arcade Fire / LCD Soundsystem / Crystal Castles going 2 sell?

MGMT has #2 album in America, loses to Justin Bieber

MGMT apparently sold 66,000 copies of Congratulations in its first week. I don't think that is 'very many' copies compared to Vampire Weekend's debut with 124,000 copies sold. Wonder if this is a 'huge loss' for indie music. MGMT was another chance for us to debut at #1 with one of our recommended artists, except they choked, and didn't 'represent.'

Is this album officially a 'flop' or is it more of a 'lukewarm success'?
Would other indie bands 'kill' to sell 66K albums in 1 week?
Is Justin Bieber's album better than MGMT's album?
Did MGMT fail to write the album that every1 expected them 2 write, both commercially + critically?
Does 2nd place = 1st loser? [via advice from an unloving, over-competitive dad]

Debuting at No. 2 this week is MGMT's sophomore album "Congratulations" with 66,000. It's the best week ever for the alternative act, as its first set, 2007's "Oracular Spectacular," never sold more than 17,000 in a week and topped out at No. 38 on the chart. So far, that effort has sold 606,000.

"Oracular" has been a consistent seller since January of 2008, and has continued to perform well into 2010 -- selling at least 2,000 copies per week. The album's long shelf life has been no doubt helped by its hit singles "Kids" and "Time to Pretend." They reached Nos. 9 and 23 on the Alternative Songs radio airplay chart, respectively, and were heard in in TV shows like "Gossip Girl" and films such as "21" and "Whip It."

Meanwhile, "Congratulations'" first single, "Flash Delirium," has yet to chart on any of Billboard's radio airplay tallies.

Damn. MGMT getting no mainstream radio 'love', therefore, they will probably just 'die out' and sell a very small amount of albums for the rest of time. Wonder if their mnstrm label will be pissed at them for not writing a radio friendly hit that at least could have made them some iTunes dollars.

In addition, Ke$ha seems to have received a sales bounce after her performance on SNL [link].

Ke$ha's "Animal" roars, as it climbs from No. 16 to No. 8 with 31,000 (up 39%). The album was featured in Best Buy's circular advertisement last week and discounted in iTunes' Music Store for $7.99. Additionally, she performed on NBC's "Saturday Night Live" on April 17, perhaps spurring a late-in-the-week sales bump.

Is the MGMT album cycle officially over?
How do u feel about the journey?
Do u have enough energy/time to watch them on a few late night shows?
Will MGMT's third album sell more or less albums than their second album?
Should MGMT be proud of themselves, or disappointed?
Will more record labels stop taking risks with indie artists who seem 'too crazy/artistic' to deliver a commercial hit?
Is Justin Bieber the ultimate musician / marketable human?

New Joanna Newsom Album ‘tanks’ and/or ‘flops’, sells only 7000 albums in first week

Despite winning worldwide critical acclaim from music criticism bros, the latest Joanna Newsom album has 'completely flopped' in the open market. It was 'such a failure' that it will most likely inspire tons of internet journalism pieces that attempt to demonstrate the challenges behind converting blog buzz + internet acclaim into album sales. Many question her decision to have a 2.2 hour album that meanders around without a defined structure. Experts say should could have very easily crossed over into the post-Feist indie woman niche, but we can only imagine that she believed the whole 'harp + piano vibe' would catch on. Industry insiders are shocked + worried about the future of the alt Ren Fair music economy.

Via the LA Times:

Joanna Newsom, the week's most-talked-about release, lands further down at No. 75. The long-awaited, highly-ambitious three-CD Drag City set "Have One on Me" sold more than 7,000 copies in its first week, and gives the critically beloved Newsom a new high on the big chart. Her 2006 effort, "Ys," debuted and peaked at No. 134.

Apparently Sade had the #1 selling album of the week, selling 126,000 copies in its 3rd week in the open market.
In January, Vampire Weekend's "Contra" debuted at #1 with 124,000 copies sold, setting the new standard for a successful mainstream indie band, especially because they were only on their second album.
Do yall think over 100K people downloaded the Joanna Newsom leak?
Is her record label going to 'drop' her?
Did she mismanage her PR campaign?
Could she have done more to push album sales?
Is this a 'flop', or
Just because u get internet critical acclaim, does it mean u will sell mad albums?
Fortunately, Newsom will be able to sell out live shows since bros are 'horny' 2 see her live?

Is Andy Samberg a more success musician than his GF [via mad youtube views] + Lonely Island album sales?

Will he have to 'console her' and still encourage her to stay true to her art, or will he 'get real' with her, and ask her to bring some bank to the relationship?
Did the window of opportunity 2 'cross over' into the mainstream just close on Joanna Newsom?
I feel kinda bad for her, like as if the internet lied to her and told her she was awesome, but then she metaphorically 'only applied to Ivy League schools' and got mad rejected from all of them, and now has to go to community college.
U did ur best, JoJo. U did ur best.

Joanna Newsom

Alternative Celebrity

Joanna Newsom is some indie songstress who plays the harp and writes weirdo songs that some ppl say are 'amazing.'

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