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Pitchfork PANS Best Coast's crappy Urban Outfitters clothing line

Pitchfork 'unveiled' clothing items from Bethan Cosentino's Urban Outfitters collection. Unfortunately, the ratings 4 each of the looks leave us wondering if Best Coast achieved design/fashion greatness in her work.

bethany cosentino urban outfitters
3.2: "I've used better rags to wipe period blood from the bathroom floor while I did a design internship making chicken fries at Burger King during high school. This line should be recycled into scraps, and marketed as single-ply toilet paper."

best coast uo clothes
2.3: "The crop top look reminds me of a recent trip to the Brazilian capital of Rio de Janeiro, where I reached out to a street walked to purchase sex. When I got back to my hotel, it turned out that said hooker was in fact a man. However, I'll never forget the ethnic flair in her clothes, and the size of his penis, which leaves us wanting more from Cosentino's thrift store looks."

1.2: Bethany Cosentino claims that her collection was influenced by the 1990s, Clueless, and Stevie Nicks. It seems as though Cosentino is the clueless one, making a Hocus Pocus witch cape and trying to say it is reminiscent of Stevie Nicks Rumors-era. Right now, Stevie Nicks is rolling over in her grave. In fashion, one day you are in, and the next day you are out. It seems as though Best Coast was never even in attendance.

0.0: Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ was crucified. He eventually rose again after suffering, dying, and being buried. We will never know how heavy the cross He carried exactly was, though some historians claim it must have been upwards of 70 lbs, depending on the wood. However, all we can say is that the cross on this young model's neck carries more inherent shame and remorse than the cross which Jesus carried to his death. UGH. And those pockets! What are they 4?

Was P4k 'too hard' on Bethany Cosentino?
Should they just let alt tweens dress how they wanna dress?
R u excited abt seeing lamestreamers dress like Bethany?
Do u want to buy the Bobb Bruno Chill AZN Bro fashion line?
What do u think of her looks?

Best Coast


Best Coast is a fuzzy buzzy band that sings abt dank, California, boys, and kitty cats

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Urban Outfitters stock is in 'the shitter', CEO resigns. Are alt retailers dying?

Urban Outfitters is an alternative retailer that sells funnie meme tshirts, hoodies, striped shirts, flat shoes for girls, dumb blog-to-books, and colored clothes that alt tweens wear. They also sell quirky homegoods in some regions. It seems like they have 'fallen upon hard times', and their stock continues to plummet. I don't think this story means that their buzz stock is plummeting, but their actual 'money stock', however that works. This is truly a dark day for alternative retailers. U always hear that Am Appy is 'in the shitter'. What will happen if Urby Outtie goes under? Will we be forced to shop at online vintage stores and J.Crews?

It is s000 bad that even the CEO resigned because he has lost touched with the zeitgest of alt.

Urban Outfitters Inc. said that Glen T. Senk, its chief executive, has resigned and will be succeeded by co-founder and Chairman Richard Hayne.

Shares of the retail company, which operates the Anthropologie, Free People, BHLDN and Urban Outfitters brands, fell as much as 17% to $24.24 in midday trading Wednesday.

'Anthropologie actually has a lot of nice stuff.' -some cunty girl

Anyways, URBY is in CRISIS MODE. I wonder if they will start closing down stores in the widest reaches of suburbia.

Urban Outfitters has suffered from four quarters of sales declines, a problem the company has blamed on tough competition and poor fashion choices that forced markdowns to clear inventory.

Does Urby have 'poor fashion'?
Do u wear Urby?
Does Urby 'try too hard' to start trends, or does it 'adapt to trends' way too late?

Do u think the Navajos ruined Urby Outtie?

A spate of bad publicity has also added to the company's woes. Last year, a jewelry designer accused the retailer of stealing her designs, prompting shoppers to try starting a boycott. Later, the Navajo Nation demanded that Urban Outfitters remove the word "Navajo" from descriptions of its products online (the Navajo Nation holds trademarks on the word).

Does Urban Outfitters deserve 2 die?
R u worried abt #urby?
Will the formative alt retailers 'go out of business'?
How can we save alt retail?
Why did Urby 'go wrong'?
Does Urby make 'shit clothes'?
Would u rather smear ur own poo all over ur own body?
HAve u ever worked at an 'Urban'?
Is there a UO at ur local suburban mall?
Is UO 'where fashion goes to die/be worn by wannabe alt tweens'?


Some Am Appy billionaire investor sells off his shares--is Am Appy 'in the shitter'?

Urban Outfitters


Urban Outfitters is an alternative retailer that sells a bunch of clothes and knick knacks 2 alt ppl.

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Financial News: Urban Outfitters is in MAJOR FINANCIAL TROUBLE bc no1 wears skinny jeans any more

American Apparel and Urban Outfitters are the two major alt retailers from the glory days of alt, but then they had to be 'more than an alt niche brand' and become a mainstream, sustainable business. But now, it seems like both retailers 'might be effed' after the news came that Urby Outfitters stock is 'in the shitter' after a 'disastrous quarter.' I knew I shouldn't have hired an alt financial advisor who told me to invest in as many alt retailers as possible. :-(

The retailer's stock plunged nearly 17 percent yesterday after it blamed disappointing fourth-quarter earnings on flopped fashions at its namesake chain and Anthropologie stores. Shares fell $6.33 to $31.66.
The results marked the second straight lackluster quarter for the Philadelphia-based retailer, rare stumbles for what many industry insiders view as among the best-run operations of the past decade.

Do u own shares of Urby Outty, or just a few vintage tees from there?
Do u still shop at Urban Outfitters?
Have u ever been employed by Urby/Am Appy?

Apparently, skinny jeans are no longer fashionable, and having an inventory stocked with 'alt hipster trends' doesn't really help ur brand/business:

Some fashion observers fret that a multiyear craze for skinny pants is losing steam without a clear trend to pick up the slack.

An even bigger problem for Urban Outfitters may be its recent hodge-podge of clothing in drab colors that is "without a clear point of view," said analyst Jennifer Black. That's worrisome for investors as competition from other trendsetters intensifies.

"It used to be you'd walk into Urban Outfitters and it was all about the dress or it was all about military," Black said. "Now I don't know what it stands for. I just see a lot of stuff that's unflattering."

Do ppl still wear skinny jeans?
Or have alts 'gained too much weight'?

Did ppl just realize that Urban Outfitters sells 'crap' and u might as well just go 2 a vintage store if u want to dress urself in garbage?
Can Urby Outfitty 'rebound'?
Can u shop at Urban Outfitters 2 wear clothes 2 ur cubicle desk job?
Do Am Appy and Urby Outty need to 'rebrand' and sell clothes to heft lamestreamers?
Do u hope alternative retailers survive, or do they deserve 2 'go under'?
Is 'alt' dying?
What kind of jeans/pants do u wear now?
Do u just shop at WalMart and wear sweatpants?

Has Urby lost its 'point of view'?
Do u ever walk into an Urby and think "What a big pile of maltstream poo"?
Do they need to stop selling so many weird knick-knacks, crappy meme blog-to-books, and doo-dads?

Urban Outfitters


Urban Outfitters is an alternative retailer that sells a bunch of clothes and knick knacks 2 alt ppl.

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Forever 21 starts selling product called the "Coachella Tank Top" 4 alt girls

Have yall ever been 2 the relevant music festival Coachella? Have u been inspired by the QT alt girls wearing tons of free-spirited tank tops / tube tops / alternative sexi clothing? What if I told u that a shirt was designed

Not sure if this was an official collaboration with Coachella, or if Coachella is gonna 'sue the fuck' out of Forever 21 for exploiting their brand.

Knit tank features Navajo inspired print and racerback silhouette. Lightweight. Scoopneck, sleeveless.
- 23.5" approx. length from high point shoulder to hem, 32" chest, 34" waist, 9" sleeve length from shoulder ridge, 10.5" shoulder width
- Measured from Small
- 100% cotton
- Machine wash cold, tumble dry low
- Imported

Have yall ever been inspired by the Navajo people to start a Neon Indian buzzband, or design a Neon Coachella tank top?

Should I get the shirt in Neon Yellow or Neon Coral?
neon yellow coachella tank forever 21

Really feel like this shirt could maybe expose a little bit more sideboob, but maybe if you have above a c-cup, you'll be good.
Do u think Forever 21 'nailed it' with this shirt?
Is the Urban Outfitters lead product designer 'pissed' that they didn't invent this shirt? Will they respond by making a 'Lollapalooza'/'ACL'/'Bonnaroo'/'SXSW' tube top?
Can Coachella 'sue' Forever 21 because of this shirt's name?
Will it be entry-level if some alt wears a Coachella tank 2 Coachella?
Is Forever 21 just for mainstreamers and lamestreamers and hefty 20something girls looking for 'girls night out' slutwave gear at a low price?
Does Coachella fashion 'inspire u'?
Whenever u see a girl in a tank top, do u obsessively monitor the potential of their breasts/nips slipping out?



Coachella is a music festival held in Southern California that turns into a gathering of the world's most relevant buzzbands, artists, designers, celebrities, and internet personalities.

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NYTimes writes article abt how chain franchises are 'invading' Brooklyn

Apparently Brooklyn is a 'super alt' place where 'tons of effing hipsters live' and every1 likes to be authentic, support local vendors and buy organic, but now that a bunch of poor/middle class ppl live there, they basically needs cheapness + convenience + decent quality so now Brooklyn is getting a bunch of chain restaurants/stores/everything.

Do u have chain stores in ur area?
Do u prefer the cost, convenience, and experience of a standardized franchised experience?
Do u support 'mom and pop' stores, or are they failures because they didn't have a business model to 'go national'?
Should Brooklyn get a Walmart?

For many residents it signaled that dreaded chain stores — symbols of all things corporate and uninspired — were about to breach the industrial neighborhood turned bastion of the young, do-it-yourself and arty. Bedford Avenue, which runs parallel to the waterfront for the entire length of Williamsburg, is a lively mix of the kind of retailers that have all but disappeared in Manhattan: independent coffee shops, record stores, drugstores, boutiques, jewelry stores, bookshops and even a local bank, Cross County Federal Savings Bank.

Do u think chain stores / restaurants / grocery centres / Whole Foodses are chill places 2 shop?
Have u ever moved 2 a relevant city and missed the convenience of

Now CVS is building a store in the Edge, another waterfront high-rise a block north of the Duane Reade on Kent Avenue. And it looks as if Starbucks may replace the ever-popular Bagel Store on Bedford Avenue when its lease runs out next year.

“Duane Reade is greed,” Jonathan Schmidt said after shopping at Kings Pharmacy. That store is directly across Bedford from the new two-story, 24-hour Duane Reade, which features aspirin, liquor, cosmetics, stationery, frozen food, cold cuts and produce, including three kinds of cherry tomatoes. “It’s becoming the East Village.”

Here is some Brooklyn Lady with a Baby. It seems like it is hard 2 be a parent in Brooklyn because they don't sell diapers in the bulk 4 ur baby since u r supposed to be 'green' and use cloth diapers or something

A newcomer to Williamsburg from Manhattan, Ms. Lind said she found the neighborhood to be very inconvenient. Many of the chic stores refuse to take credit cards. And, she said, the quaint gourmet coffee shops charge too much. She said she sent an e-mail to Food Emporium imploring the company to open a supermarket in Williamsburg.

“For some reason,” she said of her neighbors, “they don’t want corporate stores. They don’t want convenience.”

do yall <3 convenience, or do u want to 'stay authentic' even when ur a consumer.

Here is some guy who was quoted saying 'gentrification' just 2 try 2 sound smart:

“I guess you’d call it the gentrification of Williamsburg,” Mr. Winick said.

Wish I could be a landlord in Brooklyn who was 'getting rid' of the cheap mom-and-pop tenants and making 'big bucks' from huge corporate giants who would pay me whatever I want.

“Williamsburg used to be known for a type of idealism,” Mr. Rossillo said. “Williamsburg landlords have taken a different view. If they can squeeze blood from a rock, they will.”

His said his landlord wanted to double his rent to almost $15,000 a month when the lease is up next year. When he complained, the landlord said that Starbucks was willing to pay that much.

“I can’t pay it,” he said. “I don’t have Starbucks money. I’m a small business.”

But the landlord, Samuel Backer, said he was not trying to push out “the little guy.”

“I’ve given them every opportunity to renew the lease at fair market rents,” he said.

Do u think small shop owners think they deserve 'special rights' 2 keep them from having to pay 'tons of money' even though that is the current market rate?

Is Brooklyn the new suburbia?
Is it no longer 'alt' 2 want to move 2 Brooklyn bc there are just a bunch of chain restaurants?
Will this make Brooklyn 'more affordable'?
Do u hope Times Square moves 2 Brooklyn?
Now that Brooklyn is 'gentrified' / retailed-out, will there be a new alt city?
Does Portland let gimmicky franchises in2 their city?
Should I just move to Houston, TX and embrace The_Suburbs?
Is WalMart a new relevant alt hangout?
Do u think this is what Brooklyn will look like in 5 years?

Does this look like 'utopia' 2 u?

Weezer sells 'naming rights' to their album, rights acquired by popular alt sk8r brand HURLEY

From what I understand, Weezer is all about being a band in the modern world, so they are down 2 make money 'however the fuck they can.' It seems like they entered into a partnership with the popular alt lifestyle clothing brand HURLEY. They named their new album "Hurley" but promised to release a limited edition clothing line with the brand. The clothes will only be sold at ur local PACSUN. Not sure who shops at PACSUN, but probably tweens, and cool dads who are 'trying 2 be young forever.'

As mentioned, PacSun and Hurley (the clothing company) are teaming up to sell Hurley (the Weezer album) ahead of its September 13 release. According to PacSun, you and your best friends can buy the album inside PacSun starting this Friday. Also on sale? Limited edition Weezer clothing, as part of their partnership with Hurley (the clothing company).

Wonder if Am Appy shoulda 'thrown big bucks' at Weezer to save their company. Should I name my next album "American Apparel", "American Eagle", or "Forever and Ever, 21"?

Kute WEEZEResque vest. 'What Would Rivers Wear?'

Here is a sweet plaid shirt. Might wear it to my next high school dance/on a date after my marriage falls apart.

Kewl lil beanie.

3/4 baseball tee or something

Something for 'the bitches'. A lil slit down the middle to show off ur titties.

Is this a unique branding experience provided by Weezer?
Should more bands sell the naming rights to their albums?
Should the next _______ album be called "Mountain Dew"?
Should I name my album "$5 Footlong [via Subway]"?
Should the next AnCo album be called "Costco: A place 2 buy food + products for your family"?
Should the next Vampy Weeks album be called "All proceeds go to Kirsten Kennis"?
Do u h8 the modern world where everything is about 'making money'?
Is Weezer 'still relevant'?
Is Weezer 'mad innovative'?
Do u wear HURLEY clothes, or is it for skater brois?
Who shops 4 Hurley clothes / goes 2 Pac Sun?



Weezer is some band of cool dads that still releases albums.

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INFOGRAPHIC: Old Navy lies abt the waist sizes of their jeans 2 make fat ppl feel skinny

It's soooo hard 2 find a pair of jeans that fits me because I am a woman who is transforming into a pear-shaped body/because I am a bro who is 'starting to drink tons of brewskies every night.' I used to wear Levis skinny jeans, but now I am 'fat as hell' and just searching for something that fits comfily around my big ol belly/rapidly expanding midsection. Pants that can comfortably help me waddle my 'fat ass' 2 my fourth meal on time.

Glad I found this chart so that I can buy jeans that have a small LISTED waist size, even though my ACTUAL waist size is 'out of control.' Really just helps me [psychologically] to know that my waist size is pretty chill, and that I am 'almost healthy.' Feeling good about myself based on the 'clothes that fit me.' Really hope that by the time I am old, the t-shirt size "XL" is recalibrated and called "S" just to make sure I feel healthy and beautiful.

Really just want to be overweight/obese, but still feel 'skinny' according to my jean size.

Are yall obese or skinny/healthy?
What is the most authentic brand of jeans?
Do u prefer jeans that make sure that there is 'no way in hell' that fatties can fit into their brand?
Are you more chill with brands that help 'fatties'
R u wearing Old Navy Jeans right now, feeling 'fat and ashamed'?

Should I go to Old Navy 4 the rest of my life? Is Old Navy the chillest brand on the planet 4 helping out our image?

What is ur waist size?
According to alternative society, are you 'obese' if ur waist size is over 29/30/32/34/50/80 inches?
What brand of jeans do u wear?
What types of jeans are for fat people?
R u obese, and do u prefer to just wear pants with an elastic band?
Is Old Navy for fat Americans?
Do u prefer jeans that are 'accurately sized' or ones that err on the side of skinniness?
What jean brands 'lie' about their size? Which 1s are accurate?
Do u think alternative retailers should help their target market to 'feel skinny' for the rest of their lives'?

An Am Appy employee is ‘found dead’ at their corporate HQ

Just read on Gawker, the official 'let's put Am Appy out of business by exposing their unchill ways' blog, that a bro died while working at Am Appy. Not sure what happened.

American Apparel just can't catch a break. An employee was found dead at the company's downtown Los Angeles headquarters yesterday, adding yet another misfortune to the clothing retailer's ever-growing list of public relations woes.

County coroner officials identified the deceased as Danarichie Lyndon Sindo,

At this point, was kinda confused about the name. Figured that since it was 'ethnic', it was probably just a factory worker, and was wondering why the death wasn't 'covered up', but then kept reading:

County coroner officials identified the deceased as Danarichie Lyndon Sindo, a 44-year-old native of the Philippines whose Facebook page says he worked as a data analyst for the company since 2008.

Details are still scarce, but LAPD spokesman Lt. Andrew Neiman confirmed to Gawker that Sindo reported feeling sick and vomiting before leaving to "get some air" on the roof. He "then went back inside and eventually went either into the bathroom or locker room and later was discovered deceased." According to a source, the body was discovered around 5 p.m. in one of the building's fifth-floor restrooms.

Not sure what happened. Do u think it was toxic t-shirt fumes?
Do u think it was 'totally unrelated 2 work conditions' cause of death and blogs are just gonna 'assume it was from sex/drugs/corruption/enslavement of Mexican workers' because that is the Am Appy brand?

R u worried abt Am Appy?
Have yall ever seen one of their employees 'die' at 1 of their retail stores?
Do u wish u knew what the bro looked like? Can we assume he was an Am Appy model, and that every1 who works there has a hot, alt aesthetic?

Is it ur 'dream job' to work in 'corporate' for Am Appy?

R u worried that Am Appy is 'gonna go under'?
R u sad for this bro?
Does God h8 Am appy?
Do u hope they write a Law & Order / CSI about a 'death at a retail factory'?
Should am appy outsource their operations to an AZN country so that we don't have to find out abt it when some1 dies while they are working, and their body can just be 'put in the furnace' and their families will be compensated fairly with $250 (50% of their expected lifetime income).

3 Bros go to an Am Eaggy at their local mall, purchase BRO HATS

The BRO HAT is a hat designed by American Eagle Apparel Outfitters [link]. The hat is designed to showcase that you are a bro, and if you are wearing the bro hat within a larger network of bros, you seem like hella chill authentic bros. Other bros will see ur network, and want to join ur network of bros.

It seems like this group of three bros were like, 'hey, we're bros. let's go ahead and get some bro hats.' They went to their local mall in suburbia, and purchased 3 hats, wearing them out of the store--no need for a bag for authentic bros. These bros are serious about being bros

Do they seem 'chill'?
What kind of bros are these bros?
Will u and ur bros get bro hats?
Do u think they got a soft pretzel while they were at the mall? Maybe some Dippin Dots or froyo? Maybe a cookie cake?
Has Am Eaggy officially replaced Am Appy?

Really need a bro hat pretty bad

Do true bros wear bro hats?
Is the bro hat trying to 'consumerize' the spirit of bro?
Do true bros all dress alike/wear uniforms?
Should I invest in Am Eaggy stock?

American Eagle releases the official BRO HAT for all kinds of bros

American Eagle is a popular mainstream genre of 'clothes 4 tweens who are trying to look cool, and adults who are trying to stay young.' Sorta a weird vibe with a lot of cargos, polo shirts, and overpriced shirts with animals/retro logos on them. In a really tough market with Abercrombie and Fitch, Hollister, and probably a bunch of other crappy stores.

N e ways, it seems like all of these mainstream brands are gonna go after the American Apparel market share since Am Appy is about to 'go under.' In order to go after the bro market, American Eagle (aka Am Eaggy), created the BRO HAT. It seems like something that is meant to appeal to bros who just want to be bros. It will really help u brand urself as a browave bro.

Might purchase it, seems like a solid 'price point.'

What type of bro do u think this hat is for?
a) bro bros
b) altbros
c) dudebros
d) sk8rbros
e) fratbros
f) girlbros
g) dykebros
h) tweenbros
i) sportsbros
j) baseball_team_bros
k) gaybros
l) hipsterwavebros
m) legitimate Xmas gift for ur biological brother
n) cool dad bros
o) American Eagle bros who will buy anything as long as there is a sweet eagle logo on it.
p) festival bros
q) UnChill AZN bros
r) AZN bros who want to be white
s) black bros who want to be white
t) lesbians who look like hornie teenage boys
u) construction workers
v) Choose.Ur.Own.Bro

R u gonna buy this hat?
R u worried that this hat is 'fitted' and they might not have the right size for ur huge bro head?
Do u wear 'baseball caps'?
Will the Bro Hat win 'Fashion Week' / Project Runway?
If u see some1 wearing this hat, will they be an authentic bro or a 'poser-wave' bro?

Will Am Eaggy replace Am Appy in 2k11?

Tacky mainstream female brand FOREVER 21 starts Maternity Line 4 Pregnant Teens

From what I understand, Forever 21 is a 'tacky ass wholesale brand' where mainstream women can buy tacky ass generic 'going out' and/or 'cutesy clothes.' It is kinda like the mainstream Urban Outfitters, except with a way high slut rate and a junk per capita rate. Many Forever 21 designs are seen on full display at tacky clubs all across the country, because poorer people think it is a 'classy store.' Feel like young girls also think the clothes there might be 'high end' or something. Maybe like 'the Old Navy 4 female tween skanks and poor 18-35 year olds who need to get their swerve on in a club.

N e ways, they 'controversially' launched a new maternity line, and it is only being carried in stages with massive teen pregnancy epidemics (not sure if u r genetically predisposed to teen pregnancy or if it is created by society):

currently, the line is available in five states: Arizona, Alaska, California, Utah, and Texas. Why those places? It could be random. But it is interesting to note that three of those five states – Arizona, California, and Texas – are on the list of states with the highest percentages of teen pregnancy in the country.

Do yall live in these states?
Are there tons of girls who are pregnant?
Should Am Appy respond by offering more maternity options in size XS?

Do yall feel happy for pregnant teens who now get to 'look fresh and fashionable' even though they have a huge belly with a child forming in it? Should they be forced to wear big baggy Walmart men's clothes in shame?

Glad I can still wear my leggings even after I get pregnant.

Do pregnant teens deserve 'higher self esteem', particularly for baby shower events? Worried that pregnant girls who shouldn't be pregnant might 'get pregnant again' while they are pregnant if they look too sexie/start hitting up clubs again.

Worried that our planet is becoming 2 crowded... Worried that the Chinese will eat all of our food.
Does the USA need to put an upperlimit on how many children parents are allowed to have? Should Africans start adopting American babies that won't have a good life?

What kind of brand is Forever 21?
Have u ever shopped in a Forever 21?
What kind of girls/women wear Forever 21 clothes?
Is Forever 21 bad 4 society?

Video: Am Appy Factory Worker thanks Dov Charney for being Greatest CEO alive bc he is chill with immigration


Recently, there has been 'a huge uproar' abt how Arizona passed some law that is totally messed up cuz they are asking asking brown people if they live in the United States. I feel confused on the issue, because I pay taxes, and from what I have heard, millions of 'illegals' are taking the jobs of Americans + overloading our medical system. But I also understand that the USA is 'mad legit' and every1 should wanna live here. I guess some people want to 'shut down our borders' so that 'filthy foreigners' stop stealing our American Rights.

American Apparel has branded itself as a very 'pro-legalization' company. Not really sure about the specifics, but think they apparently pay above market wages + opportunities for citizenship/legalization for their employees. Seems like this worker Maria is 'mad pumped' that Dov Charney is such a chill bro who values immigrants as 'humans' instead of just 'cheap labor mules.'

May 06, 2010 — Maria, a sewer at factory HQ, thanks Dov for his continued support of the workers. LEGALIZE LA! Find out more about Dov at

Is Am Appy about 'more than just alternative sluts in tight clothing'? Is Am Appy the greatest modern American Company?

Is Dov Charney the greatest American CEO?
Did u march for immigrant rights on Cinco De Mayo in ur local community?
Does ur local community h8 immigrants & brown people?
Should I block the Alt Report for readers in Arizona to 'protest' their immigration act?
Do people who don't live in the USA deserve to live in the USA?
R u unemployed, and h8 that immigrants have stolen job opportunities from u?
Is Arizona 'full of white ass holes'?
Is it more important to 'legalize gay' or 'legalize immigration'?

Disabled Alt poses in risque photos for anti-American Apparel themed art project

All Photos by Holly Norris

Some artist / photographer made a 'think piece' art project that attempts to demonstrate the fact that American Apparel company branding experts are 'misleading consumers' by trying to make it seem like their models are 'every day women.' I feel like it worked. Basically, the artist had her disabled friend pose in fake advertisements that were supposed to mirror 'legitimate' Am Appy campaigns.

Does this send a message? Do u think she looks the same as most Am Appy models?

Official Project Description:

'American Able' intends to, through spoof, reveal the ways in which women with disabilities are invisibilized in advertising and mass media. I chose American Apparel not just for their notable style, but also for their claims that many of their models are just ‘every day’ women who are employees, friends and fans of the company. However, these women fit particular body types. Their campaigns are highly sexualized and feature women who are generally thin, and who appear to be able-bodied. Women with disabilities go unrepresented, not only in American Apparel advertising, but also in most of popular culture. Rarely, if ever, are women with disabilities portrayed in anything other than an asexual manner, for ‘disabled’ bodies are largely perceived as ‘undesirable.’ In a society where sexuality is created and performed over and over within popular culture, the invisibility of women with disabilities in many ways denies them the right to sexuality, particularly within a public context.

Too often, the pervasive influence of imagery in mass media goes unexamined, consumed en masse by the public. However, this imagery has real, oppressive effects on people who are continuously ‘othered’ by society. The model, Jes Sachse, and I intend to reveal these stories by placing her in a position where women with disabilities are typically excluded.

This work is part of a group exhibit for CONTACT 2010 and will be showing on over 270 digital screens in 50 Toronto Transit Commission stations on May 6, 11, 22 and 31.

Do u think American Apparel models are supposed to 'look a certain way' or is every1 free to be an Am Appy model?

Is this 'shocking'? Do you think you would buy from American Apparel if they had disabled / less-attractive models? What makes a model 'attractive'?

Is being alternative an 'equal opportunity' subculture? Do u discriminate against race, religion, mental + physical disabilities + other random ass criteria? Sorta feel threatened by this, like my world has been turned upside down, now I have to question my reality where I just 'followed my erect peen' towards truth. Maybe there's more to life/humans than sexual attraction + marketing.

Do u think this was a 'legit project' or is it just a well-executed meme that taps into the Am Appy zeitgeist?

Should American Apparel offer the disabled model a contract, just to generate blog buzz?
If brands don't have 'hot models' showcasing their clothes, will the brands be irrelevant?
Will handicapped / disabled people ever have the same rights as normal humans?
Are 'alt models' the new 'mainstream models'?
Is the 'hipster porn' strategy the best way to reach alt markets?
Did this 'progressive art project' send a message, or was it the same as any sort of low level American Apparel criticism / mockery meme that involves poorly utilized Helvetica + sexy model humor?
Would this have been more relevant 2 years ago?
Should every1 be equal, or is that an unreasonable expectation, and we all sorta just need 2 accept our faults/natural selection and moveo n?

Lindsay Lohan continues to try to sell leggings, build her 'sophisticated lifestyle brand.'

Lindsay Lohan has some sort of 'clothing line' that specializes in leggings. I am not sure what her goal is, probably to be picked up by Walmart, Target, Forever 21, or some other mainstream retailer that will guarantee her several months worth of party-life income. I am not sure if leggings are a high-margin product. Not sure if Lindsay is the CEO of her company, or if she is just a model.

Feel sad reading this blurb on her website about her 'lifestyle brand.' Are all lifestyle brands for women the same? Do they all want to convince women that they are 'strong individuals'?

Feel scared that most women don't really have an identity.

Does Lindsay look hot in these leggings? Should she get naked to create more buzz for her brand?

Seems like a solid graphic design firm with sick photoshop skills made this sweet background.

R u gonna buy some Lindsay Lohan leggings, or just stick to Am Appy?
Is Lindsay Lohan one of the most influential / inspiring women on the planet?
Is Lindsay Lohan still a lesbian?
Can any one who is mildly famous build a lifestyle brand?

Walmart now selling fixed gear bikes

Fixed gear bikes are often associated with hipster / alt subculture. I think this is because they are mildly unfunctional or maybe even hyperfunctional or something. Apparently Wal Mart is now selling fixed gear bikes. Wal Mart is known as the master of moving low cost goods at low prices, so it makes sense that they would opt to carry a single gear bike instead of a multi-gear off roading bike. Poor people and minorities simply don't have the budget or the rugged terrain that requires multiple gears + sick shock protection.

Wal Mart seems like it is really morphing into a 'green company' that really helps the environment by selling organic products + non-fossil-fuel-emitting vehicles. Wonder why there is such a backlash against Wal Mart. Feel like people who are capable of 'backlashing' are rich and white, so they are probably just taking out their hatred on poors and minorities when they rally against Wal Mart. Just wish Wal Mart and Whole Foods and an Outdoor Store would be purchased by the government and we could get everything we need for free.

Will WalMart start to carry Am Appy after having to 'bail them out' in 2k15, or will they stick with 'the cheap shit' from Asia?
Are fixed gear bikes good for the environment?
Is WalMart a chil place 2 shop?
Should I write an article about 'hipsters are everywhere' or 'hipsters are dead' based on this hipster meme?
Is Walmart the future of America?

New 'it girl' model confined to wheel chair

Recently, the new trend of handicapped models started 2 take over retail brochures / fashion runways everywhere. Apparently, some brand in the UK hired a handicapped model, and it is intended to help 'crossover' into new markets.

The disabled model, Shannon Murray, seems like she might be the next big 'it girl'. Fashion/branding is just a contest to get the most people 'talking', so it is only a matter of time before the biggest designers in the world 'book' her to wheel down their runway.

British department store Debenhams is set to become the first UK high street retailer to feature a disabled model in its campaign. Shannon Murray shines in front of the camera in the latest fashions from Debenhams.

Photographed alongside with two other models of varying size, the three models showcase the department store’s latest gear.

Beside this progressive campaign, Debenhams was also one the first to have plus sized mannequins and because of this, it has proven to be more than fashion forward, but forward-thinking as well.

Do u feel like u will buy clothes from designers who are chill with disabled ppl?

Will designers 'book' this model, or will she just be used in Target clothing line campaigns?
Is Shannon Murray the next big 'it girl'?
Is Shannon Murray the new Cory Kennedy / Agyness Deyn / Cindy Crawford / Heidi Klum?
Will Am Appy hire a disabled sexie model?
Does beauty have no size / shape / color / defined limit physical abilities?

Urban Outfitters will launch wedding brand by 2011

In order to tap into emerging markets of consumer alts who are growing up and getting married, Urban Outfitters plans to launch a wedding + bridal brand by Valentine's Day 2k11. Feels like alternative people all over the world are growing older, and we are watching brands evolve to meet the growing/changing needs of their customers. Worried. Like people won't be able to wear form fitting v-necks and skinny jeans 4evr.

Can't believe Urby Outty is such a mega company that makes 'billions of dollars' off the consumer alt aesthetic. Apparently they made $1.9 billion in sales and $220 million in profit in 2009. Seems like a lucrative industry:

Retailer Urban Outfitters is planning to launch a wedding brand after posting a record profit in 2009.

Officials at Urban Outfitters Inc. said during a conference call Thursday that the company will open a new bridal business in time for Valentine's Day 2011.

Chief Executive Officer Glen Senk says the brand will focus on gowns, accessories, decor and gifts.

Senk says the Philadelphia-based company's Urban Outfitters and Anthropologie stores frequently sell to brides and bridal parties, so a foray into the wedding industry makes sense. The new brand is yet to be named.

Company research indicates the average wedding costs about $45,000 and brides spend $4,500 on clothing and accessories.

R u gonna spend 'a shitload of money' on ur wedding?

Is Urban Outfitters an authentic place to shop, or is it a place for tweens trying 2 be alt?

Do yall want to marry a girl who wants a wedding dress from Urban Outfitters, Anthropologie, a boutique designer, or a mainstream high end department store?

Will American Apparel go after the 'Generation Y growing up and getting married' demographic by releasing a minimal bro wedding tuxedo, or will they continue to focus on t-shirts / leggings / underwear?

What kind of wedding dress represents ur personal brand?

Will Urban Outfitters wedding dresses be 'fashionable' or will they be made from cheap materials/fall apart?

Urban Outfitters


Urban Outfitters is an alternative retailer that sells a bunch of clothes and knick knacks 2 alt ppl.

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