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Who was the best _______ of 2k11?

I honestly believe that 2k11 was a very _____ year--in my personal life, in music, and in ________. When it comes 2 my personal life, I accomplished a very important goal: ________________. It made me feel ________. At the same time, I didn't really improve at ____________. I feel __________ about it, but at the same time I understand that life can be _________ sometimes, and you just need to keep _____________ing if you want to make the world a _______ place.

My album of the year was ___________ by ___________. It really __________ed my vibes. Even though the popular music website gave it a _._, I believe that it was worth a ___.___ in my <3. It was the soundtrack of my life for a year, I would even listen to it at _________. I believe it is one of the greatest albums of the past _______ years.

The best song of 2k11 was obviously ___________ by ________. Don't get me wrong, _________ by ______ was a close second, but my #1 song of the year was really something special. I believe that my taste in buzz music is _____________ than every one else's.

By the way, did u see _____________, the movie in 2k11? It deserves an Oscar?

The best human meme of 2k11 was obvi ___________. He/she obviously was dedicated to producing __________. He/She 'saved' 2k11 because of their precious ________. I honestly believe that in 2k12, they will have a ___________ year.

This year I ate a lot of ________________.
I found a new ____________.
I lost my ____________.
My bf/gf turned out to be _____________.
I feel _____________ about 2k11.
I feel _____________ about 2k12.
I believe that 2k__ will be the best year in the history of ___________.

The world will end in __k__.

My vibes are ___________.

The official buzzword of 2k12 will be __________.

In 2k__, I will _____ myself.

______ ▲ __________ ▲ _▲ ______▲ __________________________ ▲▲ ___________▲▲▲▲___________ ▲▲___________ ▲▲___________ ▲ ______▲▲ ______▲ ▲ ______▲ ____________▲ ______ __________▲ ______▲ ______▲ _______▲▲▲▲▲▲__________▲ ________________▲▲▲▲__________▲▲ ______▲ ______▲▲____________▲ ______▲ ______▲ ______▲ ____________▲ ________▲_____▲ ______▲ ______▲ ___________▲ ______▲ ______▲ ______▲ ______▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲



Carles is one of the most important bloggers in the history of the blogosphere. His posts are consistently meaningful in a meme economy where memes are forgotten within hours of posting. His memes and posts digg deep into your alternative soul, and stay with you forever. It's difficult to do what Carles does--he's consistent, empathetic, and his writing transcends anything ever done by any other human. After every post, an army of entry level commenters leave comments like 'nice post' or 'this post sucks.' No other blog is critiqued like a work of art on a daily basis. HIPSTER RUNOFF is more than just a meme pooper.

As the year 2k8 winds down, we will take some time to celebrate the year behind us. We will help Carles to find out which of his posts made the biggest impact on the alternative eCommunity. While there is a sidebar full of 'memorable posts', only the readers know which posts are memorable. Help HIPSTER RUNOFF. Let HRO know which posts were memorable 2 u.

Foreward by Carles, CEO, CFO, COO, Online Editor of HIPSTER RUNOFF

What was ur favourite post of 2k8?
What was ur least favourite post of 2k8?
What does Carles need 2 change in 2k9?
Is HRO 'too formulaic now'?
Should Carles post a suicide vlog on vimeo/youtube?
Will HRO die in 2k9?
What does HRO mean 2 u?

<3 u / h8 u / miss u

Wild Nothing was the most relevant & authentic band of 2k12

In 2k12, I fell out of love with the indie music scene. My mind became clouded with the rise of the undeserving buzzbands, the broken way that blogs think they are supposed to post as much bullshit as possible, and my own drive to 'stay alive' by blogging abt shit that I don't even care about. I often think back to what 'formative spirit of indie' possessed me to even enjoy 'the scene' enough to start a blog about it. I've been trying to rediscover the elements that made it all fun.

I forgot how 2 buzz. I forgot how 2 tastemake. I forgot how 2 celebrate worthy efforts.

These are three indie values that we can use in order to 'get back on track' in the face of this Broken Indie Machine.
1) Indie is most fun when we are positively celebrating a band that is 'making a leap', when you feel like a band is actualizing their potential. When in doubt, always 'hype' newer products, instead of leaning on existing buzzband brands which make the scene feel 'stale.'
2) We enjoy celebrating the diy-vibed efforts of people who opt to carve their own paths instead of just 'trying too hard' to 'play by the rules' and exploit established press mechanisms
3) The buzzband that makes the most bloggable mp3s is ultimately the most valuable. (AKA- bands that can write entire albums with solid MP3s should be considered the most valuable bands)

There is one album that soothed my vibes since its release in late August. It helped me 2 rediscover my <3. It helped me 2 re-understand why I even listen 2 music. It took me to an offline place where I no longer thought abt it in terms of the internet indie machine. It helped me understand my past, and gave me hope 4 the future.

Wild Nothing's "Nocturne" is the most relevant/authentic/organically_buzzworthy album of 2k12.

"Nocturne" is one of the only albums that is interesting to listen to 'start to finish' of the year. While so many other over-branded (and overrated) buzzbands just got to replicate their sound on an album that 'of course' critics were supposed to love, Wild Nothing was album to 'grow into their potential.' The idea of a band 'organically' reaching their potential is not something that the current indiesphere has the tools to recognize anymore. Right now it's all about the model of taking a 'new' buzz product and forcing them down your throat as 'the next great thing.'

Wild Nothing's "Paradise" is the greatest song that Cut Copy never wrote.

There's more to Wild Nothing than understanding why Nocturne was the perfect-est album of 2k12. Digging to the core of Wild Nothing requires multiple listens to their 2010 album Gemini. It's weird to revisit that album now because Gemini was almost imperfectly wedged between the chillwave movement and the buzzy fuzzy movement. Both genres have somewhat 'faded'/'evolved', but the 2k8-2k10 fuzzybuzzychillwave era was probably the last time that indie buzz was 'organically produced'. It was definitely a phase of music that represented the 'potential' of something great, and many of those bands didn't even produce 'what we though they were capable of.' In a way, I think Wild Nothing is actually the band that has actualized the spirit of the 'hypothetical potential' from 2k9-2k12.

"Chinatown" is probably one of the top 5 songs of the post-2k9 indie bubble burst era. In a way, it was actually the purest chillwave song ever written.

A song like "Summer Holiday" off Gemini resides on the fuzzybuzzy side of the spectrum.

Remember fuzzybuzzy, back when the idea of 'vintage garage guitar rock' with distorted vocals was 'pure'?
Remember chillwave, back when we used to celebrate the bleepbloops and chill synths with distorted vocals was organic?

Wild Nothing - "Golden Haze"

Of course it was pretty mediocre (besides the singles), but I think it was somewhat impossible for all of those bands to maintain the spirit of DIY that attracted us to them. That 'DIY spirit' of people making music outside of our 'expectations for how we should interact with music' is basically gone. Fortunately, Wild Nothing didn't really get caught up in the press cycle (except their dumb music video for "Paradise" that they let Michelle Williams ruin by directing & reading some stupid M83-ish poem over it).

Wild Nothing's Nocturne is the most relevant/authentic buzzband & buzz album of 2k12.

Will 2k13 produce more relevancy?
Can we get back to this kind of purity, or will we just keep hyping 'bull shit'?
Can we get back 2 the formative spirit of indie?
Did "Nocturne" teach us how 2 <3 again?
Did Wild Nothing teach us how 2 ride chillwave again?
Did Wild Nothing 'escape' the grasp of the Corrupt Indie Machine?
Is Wild Nothing the greatest chillwave band that nvr existed?
If a chillwave band/the Arcade Fire/existing buzzband wrote this album, would it be hyped as best of the year?
Is Wild Nothing's "Nocturne" just the same ol' indie nostalgic 80s aesthetic that became so tired, or did they actually 'perfect' it?

Should Wild Nothing frontman Jack Tatum be celebrated more as a relevant indie celeb?

Should HIPSTER RUNOFF hype him as a 'Hottie McHotHot Hunk'?

What was ur #1 album of 2k12?
R u 1 of those lamestreamers who picked a 'rap album'?
R u 1 of those indiestreamers who picked a 'name brand' indie band?
Do websites that make year-end best-of lists even 'care' about the music, or are they just trying 2 get hits?
Is 'indie' almost dead [via the core fan base getting older] or will there be 1 last Renaissance b4 it all dies?

Here are a few more songz 2 vibe on.

Wild Nothing - "Nocture" (title track)

Wild Nothing - Only Heather

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